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高中英语第二册第二十六课 当涂一中 王海 裴庆彬.

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1 高中英语第二册第二十六课 当涂一中 王海 裴庆彬

2 Canada

3 Canada is in northern North America Neighbors
Region Canada is in northern North America Neighbors The Beaufort Sea and the Arctic Ocean are to Canada’s north. Baffin Bay and Davis Strait are on the northeast, separating Canada from Greenland. The Atlantic Ocean borders Canada on the east, while the United States lies to the south. The Pacific Ocean is to the west, and Alaska borders the country on the northwest. Area Canada is the world's second largest country, after Russia. The total area is 9,970,610 sq km (3,849,674 sq mi).

4 Languages: English (official), French (official),
The capital : Ottawa Population:29million Languages: English (official), French (official), German, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, indigenous languages

5 weather Canada's weather is different from area to area, and it ranges from the extreme cold of the Arctic regions to the moderate temperatures of the south.

6 Time areas The world is divided into twenty-four
time areas. Canada covers six of them.


8 French-speaking province

9 Ottawa

10 Toronto

11 Water resources Canada has one third of the world’s supply of fresh water. It has more lakes and inland waters than any other country in the world. In addition to the Great Lakes on the U.S.-Canadian border, Canada has 31 lakes or reservoirs of more than 1,300 square kilometers (more than 500 square miles) in area. Ocean waters, lakes, and rivers support a large commercial fishing industry.

12 forests Forests cover 26 percent of the land; only 5 percent is farmed. Forest products provide a significant part of Canadian exports. Canada leads the world in newsprint production.It is the world’s biggest producer of the kind of paper,which is used for newspapers.

13 Read for more information
What is Canada rich in? Canada is a major exporter of fishing products and is a world leader in mineral exports, producing crude oil, natural gas, metals, and coal. Manufacturing, construction, and mining employ 25 percent of Canada's workers. Leading manufactures are transportation equipment, food products, paper products, chemicals, metals and metal products, refined oil and coal products, wood, and printed materials. Canada is rich in minerals, oil, and natural gas and these are all exploited for energy.

14 Read for the background knowledge:
Q:Did the explorers find the waterway across the American Continent? The first people to arrive in the region that is now Canada probably came from Asia across the Bering Strait during the close of the last of the Ice Ages. By AD 1600 more than 250,000 of their descendants lived in the region. The first Europeans to come to North America were probably the Icelandic colonizers of Greenland, who, according to Icelandic stories, reached the North Atlantic coast about AD The 1497 voyage to Newfoundland of John Cabot, a Venetian in English service, inspired a series of further explorations. During the 1530s and 1540s the French explorer Jacques Cartier sailed up the Saint Lawrence River seeking a Northwest Passage, a waterway across the American continent. English explorers Sir Martin Frobisher in the 1570s and Henry Hudson (in Dutch service) in 1610 and 1611 continued the fruitless search.

15 Use the following numbers to describe Canada in about 100 words
second two one third Canada is larger than China.It is largest country in the world.It has a population of million.the distance from west to east is more than kilometres and it covers of the world’s time areas.The first English settlers reached Canada in while the first French travellers arrived in English and French are the official languages. Canada has a great deal of coal,oil,natural gas and of the world’s supply of fresh water. second 29 5500 6 24 1497 1534 two one third

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