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PX volt / 330 amp Alternator

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1 PX-833 28 volt / 330 amp Alternator

2 The air-cooled PX-833 upgrades the oil-cooled 50DN, eliminating hazardous waste

3 PX-833 Hardware Components

4 The PX-833 uses the existing wiring.

5 The PX-833 is designed for use with 50VR style regulators.

6 Mounts in the standard saddle bracket and uses the same pulley as the 50DN.

7 Tapped holes in the front housing allow for ground cable and/or other connections.

8 Oil line caps/plugs are supplied to seal off oil lines at the engine block.

9 After upgrading to the PX-833, common front seal leaks are eliminated.

10 The best 50DN upgrade available for tough transit bus applications.

11 PX-833 Benefits Uses similar electrical components as the 50DN, but produces 60 amps more output; 28 volts / 330 5,000 RPM. The higher output is based on a superior fan design, optimized cooling slots, higher diode rating & increased heatsink surface area, which improves heat dissipation. High temp bearings and seals maximize performance in high heat environments. No oil or heat transfer between the engine and alternator; no hazardous waste. Alternator life cycle costs are reduced.

12 PX-833 torque/output curves
Ambient Temperature: 72 degrees, Alternator Temperature: 200 degrees

13 PX-833 air-cooled alternator

14 PennTex PX-833 Ad:

15 PX-8 Brace kits for proper output cable support are available.

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