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Know Your Soil Conditioners They Are Not All the Same.

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2 Know Your Soil Conditioners They Are Not All the Same

3 To Build Winning Fields, You Need the Right Soil Conditioner

4 For Both Infield and Turf Applications, Pros Choice® Offers Unparalleled Quality

5 Presentation Highlights Examine thermally optimized clay from a scientific view point… Compare thermally optimized clay to other materials …so that you can… understand how they are different and what to expect from proper usage

6 What is Thermally Optimized Clay? Any Clay Which Has Been Heated and Dried at temperatures of °F Best for Sports Turf Application Examples: Pros Choice ® Red infield conditioner and Pros Choice ® Select Topdressing Thermally Optimized Montmorillonite Clay is processed to Maximize Hardness and Stability without Degrading Valuable Porosity

7 Pros Choice Red Pros Choice Red is a Thermally Optimized Montmorillonite Clay that Improves Soil Structure and Controls Excess Moisture

8 Why Thermally Optimized Clay Works Best: Attributes of the Clay Cost Color Water Retention Stability Dust Hardness

9 High Heat Produces Hard Red Granules Optimum Color and Stability are Best Achieved with Montmorillonite Clay that has Been Thermally Optimized

10 Know the Mineral… Know the Manufacturing Process! To Chose a Product That is Optimized for Your Particular Sports Turf Application

11 Competitor Process vs. Pros Choice Pros Choice Competitive Thermally Optimized Products GRIND ADVANTAGES OF PROS CHOICE PROCESS MINESIZE / DRYCALCINEMINESIZE / DRY Thermal Optimization GRIND De-DUST Grinding before heat treatment yields more uniform thermal processing Post de-dusting unique Oil-Dri process - less dust!

12 Keep In Mind That... Thermally Optimized Montmorillonite Clays Are Only One Type of Construction Material… But There Are Others Each Has Its Own Particular Attribute For Construction and Maintenance of Athletic Fields

13 Comparing Competitive Products to Pros Choice ® infield conditioner Infield Mix80% clay, 20% sand - unprocessed Vitrified ClayQuartz and feldspar - mixed blend subjected to super-heating Brick ChipsCrushed by-product of brick manufacturing Crushed GraniteMined and crushed granite

14 Test Methods We Subjected These Products to a Battery of Tests Which Are Related to Their Performance On A Baseball Field We Need To Understand the Test Methods We Can Use the Test Methods to Differentiate Between Various Baseball Field Amendments

15 Sizing Determined by Sieve Analysis Used to Characterize the Particle Size Distribution A Bell-shaped Distribution Is the Best! Uniformity Index: 1.0 = All Granules Same Size (the closer to the better…)

16 Particle Size Distribution Particle Size Distribution for Baseball Field Amendments pan Sieve Size (Mesh) Wt% of Size Fraction Pros Choice Vitrified Clay Brick Chips (dusty) Crushed Granite (dusty) Infield Mix (dusty) Coarse granulesDust UI = 0.22 UI = 0.07 UI = 0.01

17 Hardness of Granules Resistance to Attrition Dry Agitation Of Steel Balls Against Granules Related to Physical Abrasion as Would Happen in Top inches of Playing Surface Equivalent to Heavy Traffic of People and Equipment This Is One Measure of Stability

18 Hardness Granules Left After Test (%) Vitrified ClayBrick ChipsCrushed Granite Thermally Optimized Montmorillonite Clay Hardness, % Resistance to Attrition All products exhibited excellent hardness

19 Internal Pore Volume More Porosity = More Absorption High Porosity Correlates With Low Density Pore Volume (cc/g) Infield MixVitrified ClayBrick ChipsCrushed Granite Thermally Optimized Montmorillonite Clay Internal Pore Volume (cc/g) Over 3X the porosity of the other amendments!

20 Density Pounds per cubic foot Pound For Pound, thermally optimized Montmorillonite Clay is More Absorptive Because of Its Lower Density Density (lbs/ft³) Infield MixVitrified ClayBrick ChipsCrushed Granite Thermally Optimized Montmorillonite Clay Density, lbs/ft³ Remember: Low density equals more absorption!

21 Benefits of Low Density Pound for Pound - Low Density Products Cover More Surface Area! Covers 38% more surface area than next closest competitor! Surface Area (ft.²) Infield MixVitrified Clay Brick ChipsCrushed Granite Thermally Optimized Montmorillonite Clay Surface Area Covered to Depth of 1 Inch/100 lbs Product

22 Liquid Holding Capacity Amount of Water Held Internally; Granules Still Free Flowing Provides for Moisture and Dust Control LHC (%) Infield MixVitrified ClayBrick ChipsCrushed Granite Thermally Optimized Montmorillonite Clay Liquid Holding Capacity (%) times more liquid holding capacity than the other amendments!

23 Water Absorption Capacity Measures Total Water Held, Including Outside of Granule The #1 Attribute of thermally optimized Montmorillonite Clay! Total Liquid Capacity (%) Infield MixVitrified Clay Brick ChipsCrushed Granite Thermally Optimized Montmorillonite Clay Water Absorption Capacity (%) Double the absorptive capacity of the other amendments!

24 Physical Properties of Baseball Field Amendments TestPros Choice RedTurface MVP Diamond Pro Calcined Diamond Pro Vitrified Clay FlexiclayPlayball Fielders Choice Bulk density – Ohaus(lb.ft 3 ) Absorption – water(ml/g) Liquid Holding Capacity(%) Free Moisture(wt%) pH(5% slurry) Dust Index (better lower) Hardness(%) RtoA N/A99.7 CEC(meq/100g of clay)19137N/A61021 Origin Thermally optimized Montmorillonite Ripley MS, Mounds IL Calcined Montmorillonite Blue Mt. MS Calcined Clay, TN Vitrified Clay Iowa Calcined DE Reno NV Vitrified Clay Texas Color, ShapeRed, Irregular Granules Tan, Irregular Granules Tan & Gray Irregular Granules Rust Wet Irregular Granules Purple Spherical Granules Lite Beige Irregular Granules Dark Gray Irregular Granules

25 Thermally Optimized Montmorillonite Clay (Pros Choice Red infield conditioner)

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