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The Money Message John Preston National Stewardship Officer, Church of England.

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1 The Money Message John Preston National Stewardship Officer, Church of England

2 Weather Forecast Will you a jersey? Will you need an umbrella?


4 Motivations for giving….. LOVE

5 Motivations for giving….. THANKSGIVING

6 Motivations for giving….. FOR A PURPOSE

7 Church Giving Why do people give to Church?

8 Breadth of audience Incredibly diverse range of motives for giving, for coming to church; & wide range of understanding of the churchs mission and needs.


10 Becoming a generous people Growing a culture of generosity Dod yn bobl hael Meithrin diwylliant o haelioni

11 Communicating in three dimensions…..

12 The first dimension…..

13 What happens if we dont preach & teach…..

14 grace truth truth without grace grace without truth grace and truth

15 Why preach about money in church….. Not primarily to increase the offering! To aid Christians in their discipleship To explain the scriptural context Within a regular diet of preaching & teaching To develop holistic and healthy habits To develop generous livestyles Faithraising not Fundraising!

16 The second dimension…..

17 To answer the question…..


19 Particular need is to help parishes link generous giving with mission & ministry outcomes and the parishs vision

20 Need to communicate The outcomes of giving to the Church. The costs and financial situation of our churches. The vision and purpose of our churches.

21 Communication to our givers…. Say Thank You annually

22 The third dimension…..

23 How does your church model generosity?

24 Money in mission and ministry…. What we dont say can be more powerful than what we do say! Money ministry can reach out in a practical way to help people struggling in our communities.

25 Sometimes our communications can get tangled!

26 Issues…. We have some fantastic stories of changed lives, ministry and mission, yet we dont tell them. Charities are in competition with the Church. Culture – feels like blowing our own trumpet Talking about cost can reinforce subscription mindset Costs can limit giving, yet some information is helpful to challenge myths Many communication possibilities, can be confusing

27 Lots of opportunities Parish Magazine Website Facebook / Twitter Weekly/monthly e-mail list APCM & Reports Testimony in services Building up the foundation of understanding.

28 So that we get….. The generosity of disciples giving to Gods work. Whose stewardship is aided by clear communication as to the impact of our giving Through churches who model generosity And who communicate clearly and consistently.


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