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Giving for Life. Four words…. Discipleship Mission Lifestyle Generosity.

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1 Giving for Life

2 Four words…. Discipleship Mission Lifestyle Generosity

3 Giving for Life Should we talk about money during a recession? YES! helping Christians apply their faith to the issues of life – discipleship What about talking about giving? YES! otherwise we imply that giving is from surplus, or is only for the wealthy.

4 Giving for Life Some statistics 9,700 planned givers in the diocese. a higher percentage of church members than national. (71% of ASA) Each giving an average of £8.54 per week (13.5% increase 2007 to 2008) compares very favourably with giving to other charities. but lower than the average diocese. Giving an average of 3.35% of income slightly less than 3.57% average but significantly less than 5% target. Meeting national average generates an extra £194,000 for mission each year. Reaching 5% would give £2.1 million more!

5 Giving for Life Where are we now? Is our giving reluctant? Do we give cheerfully, and experience joy in the giving? Is our giving decided by our heart, or by something else? Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. (2 Cor 9:7)

6 Giving for Life

7 Giving for Life seeks to….. Transform giving by nurturing habitually generous disciples. Nurture an holistic view of money and lifestyle that expects to be impacted by our giving. Encourage parishes in some simple acts of good practice that can be applied everywhere. Develop church members’ understanding that our giving resources God’s mission in the world.

8 Giving for Life General Synod received 2 reports….

9 Giving for Life General Synod was asked to… Affirm positioning of giving and generosity within the context of discipleship, lifestyle and mission. Re-affirm the initial target of 5% of after-tax income for giving to and through the church, and clarify a previously implicit 5% to other causes and charities. Commend the PCC resources to parishes.

10 Giving for Life Resources for parishes….

11 Giving for Life Strategy….

12 Giving for Life Four Key Tasks : 1 Preaching & Teaching Within a context of discipleship; Holistically on money, not just giving. Lots of opportunities in lectionary. Learning, not just teaching : breadth of styles required. Preaching Experience Discussion Reflection

13 Giving for Life Four Key Tasks : 1 Preaching & Teaching

14 Giving for Life Four Key Tasks : 2 Linking with Mission/Vision Why give to the Church? Opportunities …… –The Annual Report –Annual thank you letter –APCM –Budget setting & communication Express outcomes not just cost areas. Link with giving of time, gifts and resources.

15 Giving for Life Four Key Tasks : 3 Annual Review Covenants gave four year review. Annual review much better : –It’s the way most of our finances work –Maintains momentum –Better link with mission plans & budget Variety essential! –Larger programme once every 3 or 4 years –Smaller activity in between.

16 Giving for Life Four Key Tasks : 4 Saying Thank You! Decide who does it! Write and say “thank you” every year. Have a specific time each year Template letters available

17 Giving for Life What next? Diocesan Synod to debate giving. Diocesan Synod to debate the motion. Encourage every parish to discuss this – to transform our giving, and how we see it. Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Luke 12:34)

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