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Introducing…. Less than 10% of high school students are taught about money before they graduate More students are filing for bankruptcy than graduating.

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1 Introducing…


3 Less than 10% of high school students are taught about money before they graduate More students are filing for bankruptcy than graduating from college Consumer debt is more than $1.5 trillion Number one reason for divorce is over money issues Because NOT teaching to our children should be criminal!

4 I'm a college student who's being 'pursued' by credit card debt. I have no income, no assets and am living in my mothers basement--though I will be moving to the house of a friend in a month. As of now I only have my college loan money to pay my bills, and not nearly enough to take care of the credit card bills... my mother is being harassed by phone calls whenever I'm not home. I've been dealing with it well the past month since I attempted suicide in June (on my 21st birthday, of all days) after a breakdown over money, but I'm starting to get to that point again. I can't afford a lawyer, my parents are going through a divorce so they are unable to help, I have no other family members with income, and I'm taking care of my partner who's been unable to find work for 2 years. I had a job for a while, until I was being told to work a day though my classes or I would be fired-- like an idiot, I quit. I can't quit school without then adding my college loan payments into the equation. How the hell do I get through this without another suicide attempt? A disturbing post on a website in August 2007 from a college student in debt: Because no one else is! Why do we need to teach our kids about money?

5 Many people feel like this when they think about money:

6 We want your kids to come out of our programs feeling like this: With the right education about money, anything is possible.

7 And some people think this is what kids will look like when theyre done with our programs…

8 cards.businesses.compound interest.managing funds.return on and mortgages.real estate.passive income.taxes.inflation.paychecks. advisors.diversification.debit cards.small-cap stocks.large-cap stocks.leverage.budgets.assets.liabilities and so much more stuff we couldnt list it on on this one page! But what we REALLY teach your kids in our programs is... (Theyll have a lot of fun doing it, too, but dont tell them.)

9 Financial Freedom is a choice, not a dream. Anyone can be financially free. You choose how your life is going to look and youre responsible for making it happen. No one is going to do it for you. You are the CEO of your own life, financial freedom is not only your choice, it is your responsibility.

10 There are two kinds of habits -- habits that you do and habits that you dont do. You are either in the habit of brushing your teeth every morning or you are in the habit of NOT brushing your teeth every morning. You are either in the habit of saving and investing or you are in the habit of NOT saving and investing. You choose.

11 This is the one of the most powerful habits all wealthy people do on a regular basis. Most people pay everyone else first -- their landlords, their credit card companies, their car payments, thenif they have any money left over, theyll save it. (Usually they dont have any money left over.) Millionaires ALWAYS pay themselves FIRST.

12 Money and stuff are not the keys to happiness. Being happy is the key to happiness. Money is simply a tool to reach your dreams. Every dream we have, every aspiration, every goal takes money to achieve. Money is not the end result, it is the tool we use to reach our dreams and goals. AND do a lot of good in the world!

13 Our thoughts are powerful things and how we think and feel about money plays a major role in our ability to make it and keep it. Even if our conscious mind says we want to be rich, if our subconscious is telling us money is evil, and we dont want to be evil, unconsciously we often do everything in our power to keep money out of our hands.

14 If you are greedy and poor, money will give you the opportunity to be more greedy. If you are generous and poor, money will only give you the opportunity to be more generous. Money does not define you as a person, it only accentuates who you already are as a person.

15 Wealthy people have given away more money and aid to those in need than any government ever has. Everyone likes to help people, whether youre 8 or 80. When you have more than enough money than you need to live your chosen lifestyle, you can choose to give it away to those in need.

16 (In other word…the WHY as much as the HOW.)

17 Eight (8) local summer camps Eight (8) Train-the Trainer-camps Coming up... Books, games and more. International Camps New all-boys camps in addition to our existing all-girls camps New teens program, Moving Out! Wealth Rules! Financial Wisdom for Youth (and their parents) Six (6) Creative Wealth for Women events



20 For more information please visit: Email us! Call us! 800-928-1932 Fax us things! 805-957-0125 Say hello! 135 Chapala St. Santa Barbara, CA 93101


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