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Cash Flow 101 Instructions

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1 Cash Flow 101 Instructions

2 Cashflow is Divided into Two Parts.
The Rat Race And The Fast Track

3 The Rat Race The Rat Race is where most of us are trapped day-in-day-out. Your goal is to get out of the Rat Race and on to the Fast Track. To get out of the Rat Race you must buy investments which gives you passive income, so that your income is greater than your expenses.

4 The Fast Track The “Fast Track” is where the Rich People play the game of money. Once you’ve moved from the Rat Race to the Fast Track your goal is to: Buy Your Dream or, 2. Increase Your Monthly Cash Flow

5 You Win If 1. You are the first player to Buy your chosen dream. Or
2. You are the first on the fast track to: accumulate $50, passive income on the fast track by buying Fast Track businesses (green squares).

6 Spaces on the Rat Race Pay Check Opportunity The Market Doodads
Charity Baby Downsized

7 Pay Check Each time you land on or pass Pay Check you receive the amount of your Monthly Cash Flow from the bank, or if it is negative (minus) you pay the bank. The period between pay checks is one month. Your pay check is added to your cash on hand.

8 Opportunity Big Deal or Small Deal?
Small Deals cost from $0 to $5,000.00 Big Deals start from $ up-wards. Some opportunities can be sold to other players for a price negotiated between the players. Note: Down payment & Cost go to Assets. Mortgage to liabilities and CashFlow to Income.

9 The Market The Market card is where you will find buyers for your investments. It also includes economic events that may affect your financial position. Note: Everyone who has the exact assets as you may sell at the specified price. The number and cost of stocks go to Assets

10 Doodads Doodads are the unexpected and often unnecessary items on which we spend our money. You will have the opportunity to pay by Cash or Credit. Note: You may borrow from the bank to pay a Doodad bill.

11 Charity Just as in life Charity is OPTIONAL.
You may choose to give 10% of your total income to charity, in exchange for the use of 2 dice instead of one. You will have this option on each of your next 3 turns.

12 A new arrival to the family.
Baby A new arrival to the family. The maximum number of children allowed on the game is 3 per Player. Expenses per child is automatically calculated by the game upon choosing your profession. The cost per child goes to your expense column.

13 Downsized Landing on downsized means that you have temporarily lost your job! You will have to pay the total amount of your expenses and lose 2 turns. Note: this also ends the effect of charity.

14 Bank Loans You may borrow from the bank, unless you are declared bankrupt. Loans and payments must be in multiples of $1,000.00, and 10% interest rate per month. Loans are added to the balance sheet under Liabilities.

15 Bank Loans Continued On your turn you may choose to pay off debt to reduce your total expenses. You must pay off the entire debt, except for bank loans which can be paid $ at a time Note: Taxes, Expenses and child expenses, cannot be paid off, as they are cost of living. You send the interest on bank loans to expenses.

16 Bankruptcy If your cash flow is negative at any pay check, and you don’t have enough cash on hand to pay the amount due, you are bankrupt. Sell the assets you have for 1/2 the down payment to the bank and use the funds to pay off the debts, and lose 3 turns. If your cash flow is still negative you are out of the game.

17 THE FAST TRACK Once you enter the Fast Track you will receive 100 times your passive income. This is your beginning Cash flow Day amount. This is the amount you will receive each time you land on or pass Cashflow Day. Note: You cannot borrow from the bank on The Fast Track

18 Spaces on the Fast Track
Cashflow Day Business Investments Dreams Charity Tax Audit Divorce Lawsuit

19 CashFlow Day Each time you land on or pass Cashflow Day, you will receive your cashflow day income automatically.

20 Business Investments There are green squares on the fast track. You may purchase any investment you choose, by landing on the space and paying the down payment required. Once purchased, that investment is no longer available to other players.

21 Dreams If you are the first player to land on your dream and have the money to purchase it, you win the game. If you land on another players dream, you will increase their cost by 100% You can buy it if you want to but you would not own it and it is really of no benefit!

22 Just as in life Charity is OPTIONAL.
You may choose to give 10% of your total income to charity, in exchange for the chance to roll 1,2 or 3 dice. You will have the option to choose before every turn for the rest of the game.

23 Tax Audit Divorce Lawsuit
When you land on Tax Audit you will have to pay out ½ of your cash on hand. Divorce When you land on Divorce you will lose all your cash on hand. Lawsuit This will cost you ½ of your cash on hand.


25 Last screen of the game

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