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Ken Zawalykut | Phone: What Young.

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1 Ken Zawalykut | Email: Phone: What Young Couples Need To Financial Planning Know About

2 Its All About Assets and Liabilities You need to protect the things you have: Your home Your belongings Your income Your future

3 Your Home If you have bought a house, is the mortgage protected? Does your homeowners insurance protect you against all reasonable risks? Will you be able to manage if one of you is injured and your income reduced or eliminated? Do you have a realistic plan to reduce your interest costs by paying down the principle?

4 Your Belongings Does your insurance policy cover the cost of car rental if you are in an accident? Are you protected from loss by fire, theft, water damage or wind damage? Do you have important family papers or documents that are irreplaceable? How much would it cost you to replace your belongings if they were lost to a fire? Have you documented what you own?

5 What Happens if You Lose Your Income? Do you have coverage if one partner or the other were to be injured or suffer from a long term illness? What would happen if one partner were to pass away? Do you have plans for one partner to stop working to care for children? Do you have money safely invested to cover one partner losing their job for 3-6 months?

6 What Does Your Future Hold? If you are planning for children, should you open a Registered Education Savings Plan Did you know that savings in your Tax Free Savings Account can be transferred into an RRSP in the future? Should you be planning for that? Do you understand how to take advantage of your RRSP and the Home Buyers Plan Do you have an RRSP, and does it make sense for you to have one now, or are there other things you should be doing with your money?

7 What Are Your Liabilities? 1.Mortgage on home 2.Mortgage on cottage cottage 3.Personal debt Credit card Automobile loans Line of credit 4.On-going expenses for dependant child or parent care

8 Your Needs Are Different As a young couple, your needs are different now than they will be in 30 years. The advice you are getting others may reflect their understanding of THEIR situations more than it does their understanding of YOURS. Planning professionals receive training in a broad range of circumstances, They also get to personally assist clients across a wide spectrum of situations. You can not be expected to think of everything yourself. That is why it makes financial and tax sense to sit down and go over your financial plans with a trained and trusted advisor. You are looking forward to a long and happy life together. Make sure you understand what you need to meet your financial needs, now and in the future!

9 ….Call or email today Ken Zawalykut Financial Advisor IPC Securities Corporation 24 Covert Street, Suit 201 Cobourg, ON K9A 2L6 Phone: 905.372.0800 Email: Website: www.kenzawalykut.c a For a Comprehensive Look at Your Financial Planning Needs… Trademarks owned by Investment Planning Counsel Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations. Investment Planning Counsel, is a fully integrated Wealth Management Company. Mortgage broker services provided by IPC Save Inc. (Ontario Lic. #10227). Mutual Funds available through IPC Investment Corporation and IPC Securities Corporation. Securities available through IPC Securities Corporation, a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. Insurance products available through IPC Estate Services Inc.

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