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MULTIPLYING GREATER NUMBERS 4 TH GRADE. Review What You Know multiple product factors round 1.One way to estimate with numbers is to ___________ each.

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2 Review What You Know multiple product factors round 1.One way to estimate with numbers is to ___________ each number. 2.A ____________ is the answer to a multiplication problem. 3.In the equation 9 x 5 = 45, the 9 and 5 are both ___________.

3 Rounding Round each number to the place of the highlighted digit. 8646,51834,826 9,8514,513,617749,248 5,376,45799,999191,111,111

4 Multiplication Find each product. 13 x 925 x 1643 x x 9457 x 445 x x 1299 x 255 x 55

5 Suzi went to a craft fair and bought 3 quilts for $45 each and 3 sun- catchers for $12 each. How much did she spend?

6 How do you multiply 3-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers? Last month a bakery sold 389 trays of bagels. How many bagels did the store sell last month? 12 bagels per tray

7 Do You Know How ? x x x x x x 1 3

8 Do You Know How ? x x x x x x 4 3

9 6 1 2 x , 8 4

10 1 3 2 x x x x 5 6

11 The Mrs. Bells fourth-grade class at Orange Street Elementary sold more bags of popcorn than any other class. They ordered 17 cases of popcorn. Each case had 242 bags. How many bags of popcorn did the class sell?

12 The Theater in Daytona Beach can seat 540 people at one time. How many tickets can be sold if the theater sells out every seat for one 30-day month?

13 It takes Mars 687 Earth days to revolve around the Sun. How many Earth days does it take Mars to revolve 24 times around the Sun?

14 A nursery sells plants by the flat. There are 6 plants in each tray. Each flat has 6 trays. The nursery sold 16 flats on Saturday and 21 flats on Sunday. How many plants did the nursery sell in all?

15 The length of the Nile River in Africa is about 14 times the length of Lake Michigan. About how many miles long is the Nile River? Lake Michigan 300 Miles Long

16 Multiply with zeros to see if your answer is reasonable. An antique steam train makes one sight-seeing tour each day. If every seat is filled for each trip, how many passengers can it carry for 31 tours? The Train has a total of 208 seats.

17 Multiply by zeros to estimate. Then solve. Suppose an average of only 103 seats are filled for each train tour. What is a reasonable estimate for the number of passengers the train can carry in 28 tours?

18 Estimate – then solve x x x x x x x x 3 4

19 Estimate – then solve x x x x x x x x 9 3

20 Jimmy orders 108 loaves of bread each day from the bakery for his dads Deli. He gets a variety of white, wheat, and rye. Each loaf costs $2. How much does Jimmy spend daily for bread?

21 A flight departs at 8:45 a.m. It arrives 2 hours and 15 minutes later. What time does the flight arrive?

22 There are 5 adult skeletons on display in an exhibit in a science museum. How many bones are there in all? An adult has 206 bones.

23 There are more bones in a childs body because some of a childs bones fuse together as they grow. How many more bones are in a childs body than in an adults body? A child has 300 bones.

24 Explorers from Spain first came to Florida in After 308 years, Spain gave up control of Florida to the United States. In what year did this change happen?

25 What figure has eight sides and eight angles? What would a net look like to build this geometric solid?

26 Find each product x x x x x x x x 2 3 1

27 Construction paper comes in packs of 275 sheets. How many sheets of construction paper are in 2 gross? Hint: 1 gross = 12 dozen or 144

28 Lauren was captain of 168 full flights on the J-119 last fall. How many passengers did she have on her flights last fall? JETLINERSEATS J J J

29 Fidos dog food gives him 975 calories of energy a day. How many calories does he get from his food in 7 days?

30 Renting a boat at a marina costs $289 a day. In one month, the marina rented boats 124 times. How much money did they earn from the rentals?

31 Laura and Ryan both got new sun glasses. Lauras sunglasses cost $275. Ryans sunglasses cost $80 less. How much did they pay for their sunglasses all together?

32 A class is building a model of their community. They have 12 complete sets of building blocks. How many building blocks can the class use to build the model? 1,025 blocks per set

33 1,9 5 6 x 2 7 4, x 8 3 3, x 6 7 2, x 7 2 3, x 1 2 1, x 4 1 1, x 3 5 6, x 2 4

34 Seminole leader Osceola died in A Florida county was named in his honor 49 years later. In what year did Osceola County get its name?

35 There were 4,017 fans at the rodeo championship. Each fan paid $5 for admission. How much money was collected in all?

36 On average, each American produces 1,657 pounds of trash in one year. About how much trash does each American produce in 10 years?

37 Maggie walks dogs and delivers papers to earn money. This month, she earned $54 delivering papers and $41 walking dogs. She spent $12 on a new watch. How much money does Maggie have left this month?

38 A rectangular flag has a length of 209 feet and a width of 110 feet. What is the perimeter? P = 2L + 2W What is the area? A = L x W

39 In 2007, Floridas population was estimated at 18,680,367. Which digit is in the ten millions place?

40 An electronic word-search puzzle game is programmed with 1,225 word-search puzzles. How many letters were needed to create all of the puzzles for the games? Each puzzle uses 144 letters.

41 Each puzzle has 15 hidden words. If you complete 174 puzzles, how many words will you have found?

42 Find each product by estimating the range. 89 x x 100 = x 200 = RANGE 8000 to x 7, x x 2, x x x x 809

43 Estimates show that an average family in America uses about 350 gallons of water per day. At this rate, how much water would a family use in 365 days?

44 The earth is always rotating even though you cannot feel it. A point on the equator travels about 1,038 miles every hour. How far would the point travel over 12 hours?

45 A recycling center recycles about 1,250 aluminum cans each day. At that rate, how many cans would be recycled in 31 days?

46 The official distance of a modern marathon is 26 miles, plus 1,155 feet. There are 5,280 feet in one mile. How many feet are in a marathon?

47 Lake Okeechobee is Floridas largest lake. A 110-mile trail loops around its shore. Melanie has biked 73 miles of the trail so far. How many miles does she have left in order to complete the whole trail?

48 On average, it takes about 2,500 pearls to decorate a gown. If a dress shop expects to sell 200 beaded gowns, about how many pearls will be needed?

49 Flight 719 carries 39 passengers. Each passenger brings 2 suitcases. The airplane can safely carry 5,000 pounds of luggage. Is an exact answer needed or is an estimate enough to decide if the luggage for this flight is under the weight limit? Average weight 36 pounds per suitcase

50 There are 44 adults that want to take a group tour of Mexico City. The cost of each ticket is $12. Is an exact answer needed or is an estimate enough to find the total cost of the tickets?

51 Norma bought two Tee-shirts for $14 each and a pair of shorts for $18. She paid with a 50-dollar bill. How much change did she get back?

52 At a craft fair, Sandra sold 13 bracelets, 24 pairs of earrings, and 7 necklaces. How much did she make in all? $18 $23

53 Andy wants to make at least $2000 at the craft fair. She sold 18 necklaces, 28 pairs of earrings, and 16 bracelets. Did she sell enough to meet her goal? ANDYS JEWELRY EARRINGS$19 BRACELETS$17 NECKLACES$28

54 Carlas highest score on a video game is 398,540 points. Connor has a high score of 407,735 points. What is the difference between both scores? Is an exact answer needed or is an estimate good enough?

55 A sports store sold 536 baseball caps during a clearance sale. The goal was to sell at least 700 caps. How many more caps did the store need to sell to reach their goal?

56 A 10-pound bag of puppy food has about 8,130 pieces of food. How many pieces of food are in 25 bags of puppy food?

57 The pet store sold 28 bags of kitty litter during the first day of the sale. How much money did the store earn on these bags? KITTY LITTER ON SALE TODAY Each 50 pound bag only $14 PUPPY FOOD Each 10-pound bag on $19

58 Band members at one school plan to practice 6 hours a week for 21weeks to prepare for competition. Which equation shows how to find how much time the band members will practice? 20 x 10 = x 7 = x 6 = x 5 = 100

59 A one-month city bus pass costs $39. Which of the following expressions could you use to find the cost of the bus pass in dollars for one year? or 12 x 39 or or 52 x 39

60 Britton Hill, Florida, is the location of the highest point in the state. It is 345 feet above sea level. About how many sabal palms on top of each other would equal the height of the highest point? TREE: SABAL PALM - AVERAGE HEIGHT IS 50 FEET

61 What is the difference between the greatest and least number of eggs that a female largemouth bass may lay? Life Span: up to 16 years FLORIDA LARGEMOUTH BASS NUMBER OF EGGS BETWEEN 2,000 AND 145,000

62 If a female largemouth bass lays an average of 4,000 eggs each year, how many eggs might she lay in her lifetime? Life Span: up to 16 years

63 Find the Product. 54 x x x x x x x x 871

64 Find the Product. 34 x x x x x x x x 807

65 Find the Product x x x x 8 7 6

66 Find each product. 67 x 4,15221 x 3, x x 842 2,056 x 6389,345 x 8717,777 x 8882,948 x 502

67 Remember that an estimate may be all you need to solve a problem when the words about and almost are used in the question. Tell whether an exact answer is needed or an estimate is enough. Then solve.

68 Mrs. Hodges is making name tags for the members of the Garden Club. She must make tags for 18 girls and 13 boys. How many name tags must she make?

69 On Tuesday, a snack bar sold 309 big pretzels, 286 boxes of popcorn, and 78 bags of peanuts. About how many snacks did the snack bar sell?

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