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1500m and 3000m Races Sheniel Daley GCF102921 ICT March 3, 2014.

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2 1500m and 3000m Races Sheniel Daley GCF102921 ICT March 3, 2014

3 1500m Race The 1500 metres or 1,500-metre run (approximately 0.93 miles) is the foremost middle distance track in athletics. The 1500-metre run became a standard racing distance in Europe in the late 19th century.

4 1500m Race The distance has been contested at the Summer Olympics since 1896 and the World Championship in Athletics since 1983. The 1500 metre race is predominantly aerobic, but anaerobic conditioning is also required. 1,500 metres is three and three-quarter laps around a 400-metre track

5 Rules for the 1500m Runners are prohibited from running on the inner line of the track. Any sprinter who commits two consecutive false starts is barred from taking part in the race. Any runner found guilty of obstructing the race is disqualified.

6 Rules for the 1500m Any sprinter who steps out of the track faces instant disqualification. If the participants are too many, preliminary heats are organized. Top twelve winners of the preliminaries participate in the final round. All the athletes have to participate in the preliminaries.

7 3000m Race Bothe 1500m and 3000m are run by male and female. The 3000 metres or 3000-meter run is a track running event (colloquially known as "3k") 7.5 laps are completed around an outdoor 400 m track or 15 laps around a 200 m indoor track.

8 3000m Race The 3000 m requires some anaerobic conditioning and an elite athlete needs to develop a high tolerance to lactic acid, as does the 1500 m. The 3000 m demands a balance of aerobic endurance in the 5000 m and lactic acid tolerance in the 1500 m.

9 3000m In men's athletics, 3000 metres has been an Olympic discipline only as a team race at the 1912, 1920 and 1924 Summer Olympics. It is often featured in indoor track and field programmes and is the longest distance event present at the IAAF World Championship Indoor.

10 3000m In women's 3000 metres was a standard event in the Olympic Games (1984 to 1992) and World Championships (1980 to 1993). The event was discontinued at World Championship and Olympic level after the 1993 World Championship. It was replaced by 5000 metres, with other IAAF-organized championships following suit. Boys and Girls Champs here athletics, I come

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