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United States International Muzzle Loading Team

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1 United States International Muzzle Loading Team
A Standard to Maintain

2 Who We Are The U.S. International Muzzle Loading Committee is a non-profit corporation created in 1976 to recruit the best shooters possible from our country’s muzzle loading community to become members of the USIMLT and compete in the MLAIC World Championship events.

3 Goals of the USIMLT Encourage muzzle loading shooting to develop a high proficiency in the use of antique firearms; Develop public interest in antique arms by using them in in competitions as closely as possible to original conditions and style; Prevent alterations that would spoil the historical value of the firearms and promote sensitive repairs to preserve them; Develop historical research on antique firearms and shooting methods.

4 Goals of the USIMLT Field a U.S. team that will go abroad, compete, and bring home the gold!

5 Goals of the USIMLT Encourage youth and women shooters in the sport.

6 Funding for the USIMLT The U.S. team relies solely on donations from shooting organizations and clubs, industry and private contributors.

7 A Standard to Maintain Team members are selected through a qualification process over a two-year cycle. World competition involves a World Championship every other year and a Zone Championship in the alternate year.

8 The Competitions Individual competitions are held in eight rifle, four pistol and two shotgun events. There are also a number of team events.

9 The Competitions Firearms are classified by original or reproduction blackpowder muzzle loaders and divided into sub-classes according to their ignition system: matchlock, flintlock or percussion cap.

10 The Competitions Women can compete in all competitions.
The Walkyrie is a women-only individual event.

11 The Competitions 50 meter offhand events are shot with a variety of firearms from percussion target rifles to 16th century matchlock long guns.

12 The Competitions Pistol matches are shot at 25 and 50 meters

13 The Competitions Shotgun competitors compete with flintlock shotguns or blackpowder percussion shotguns.

14 The Competitions Long-range team events are shot at 1000, 900, 600, 500, 300 meters. Long-range matches are generally held at a different venue than the short range competition.

15 Visit the United States International Muzzle Loading Team website at
A Standard to Maintain

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