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Collegiate Shooting Victoria Croft National Manager

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1 Collegiate Shooting Victoria Croft National Manager
Collegiate & Schools Program NRA Competitive Shooting Division

2 Basic Questions Why shoot in college?
What are the chances of shooting on a college team? Are there scholarships? What is an NRA All-American? What school do I choose? What if the college I choose does not have a shooting team? What are the college shooting disciplines? Who governs college shooting? How do I prepare to shoot in college?

3 Why Shoot in College? CHALLENGE For the challenge!
Some of the best competitive shooting in the U.S. takes place during your college years Travel opportunities Meet new friends

4 College Championships & Rewards
NCAA Rifle Championship ACUI Clay Target Championship NRA Intercollegiate Pistol Championship NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Club Championship NRA All-American

5 What are the Chances of Shooting on a College Team?
About 100% Recreational Competitive Create a team! Check out the NRA Collegiate website for details!

6 Are There Scholarships Available?
Many scholarships are available About 30 NCAA schools have scholarship money Many schools have privately funded scholarships Ask! NRA College Coaches & Athletic Directors Scholarships remain unclaimed each year because nobody knew to ask!

7 NRA All-American Program
The All-American award was created in 1936 to honor top collegiate rifle shooters. The award is now attainable, though elusive and challenging, for all three disciplines of collegiate shooting. Selection criteria: average score for the season, minimum number of shots fired, number of matches fired, specific matches required, high and low scores, GPA, and coaches recommendations.

8 NRA All-American Program (cont.)
You must be a full-time student to become an NRA All- American. You must compete in an NRA Intercollegiate Sectional. NRA All-Americans are exceptional men and women recognized for their commitment and contributions as leaders in the shooting sports community and beyond. All Americans are presented annually at the various Collegiate Championships.

9 What School Do I Choose? Don’t wait for them to call you!
ACADEMICS FIRST! Location/Opportunities Refer to the directory and the internet Call the coaches Don’t wait for them to call you! You are not violating NCAA rules- the coaches know the NCAA rules

10 What if the College I Choose Does Not Have A Shooting Team?
You can compete independently! You can still compete and become an All-American You can compete in the National Collegiate Indoor Championship (Sectionals) You can still qualify for the NRA & ACUI championships You can try-out for the US Development/National Teams You can create a new program at your school!

11 Creating a Program At Your School
Get the new book titled “Developing a Scholastic Shooting Program” Offers 10 chapters of useful information including: Choosing a type of program Writing the proposal Creating a budget Becoming a Coach or Instructor History of collegiate shooting Download the book here: hoot/docs/shooting_program _scholastic

12 What are the College Shooting Disciplines?
Pistol Air Free Standard Women’s Air Women’s Sport Rifle Smallbore Shotgun Int’l Trap Int’l Skeet American Trap American Skeet Five Stand Sporting Clays

13 Who Governs College Shooting?
Pistol NRA NCAA Rifle National Collegiate Athletic Association Club Rifle Shotgun Association of College Unions International (ACUI)

14 NRA Pistol Championships
Qualify through the NRA Intercollegiate Sectionals About competitors compete The 33rd Annual Championships will be hosted by the USAMU at Fort Benning, March 17-22, 2013

15 NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Club Championships
Qualify through the NRA Intercollegiate Sectionals Over 60 student athletes participated in 2012 The 4th annual championships will be held at Fort Benning, March 22-25, 2013

16 NCAA Rifle Championships
48 participants compete in the rifle championships Participants qualify through the NCAA “Qualifiers” The 2013 championships will take place at The Ohio State University, March 8-10, 2013

17 ACUI Shotgun Championships
Anyone who participates in a college shotgun program can participate in this championship The 2013 competition will take place at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio, March 26-April1, 2013 In 2012, over 500 shooters attended the championship

18 How Do I Prepare to Shoot in College?
Be active in your junior club Shoot as many of the following as possible: Open Tournaments Junior Tournaments Sectionals, Regionals, Postals, Leagues Shoot NRA Junior Indoor Championships Compete in the following National Championships: National Matches- Camp Perry Junior Air Gun Championships & Training Summit Junior Olympics (Coaches use the bulletins to compare and validate your shooting potential)

19 NCAA Clearinghouse NCAA Clearinghouse allows you to play Division I or II sports You must submit transcripts and standardized test scores (SAT, ACT) You can get forms from your school guidance counselor You can also register online with the NCAA at:

20 Online:
NCAA Contact Information The National Collegiate Athletic Association 700 W. Washington Street P.O. Box Indianapolis, Indiana Phone: (317) Fax: (317) Online:

21 ACUI Contact Information Michelle Smith One City Centre, Suite W. Seventh St. Bloomington, IN Phone: (812) Online:

22 NRA Contact Information Victoria Croft National Rifle Association Waples Mill Rd. Fairfax, VA Phone: (703) Fax: (703) Online:

23 Future Increased potential for new championships
More JROTC & ROTC clinics in upcoming years Coaches clinics & shooters clinics are being planned You are the future of collegiate shooting! So, Keep Shooting!

24 Thank you College Coaches!
For your support of today’s young adults! For your support of the shooting sports! For your time, energy, strength, and passion! For supporting the NRA Collegiate Program! But most of all, THANK YOU for being here today - to help us grow and strengthen our collegiate shooting community!

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