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IM Xtreme Games National Age Group Championship Dream the Xtreme.

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1 IM Xtreme Games National Age Group Championship Dream the Xtreme

2 What are the IMX Games? An Age Group National Championship Builds upon the USA Swimmings IMX Challenge Promotes versatility in age group swimming Advocates greater participation and development across a range of events Enables long-term success in swimming

3 Challenges in Age Group Swimming Perception of pushing age group swimmers too early Retaining 11-12 to 16 yr. olds in the sport Better developing high school age boys in the sport Junior Nationals identifies approx. 500 boys in the country More choices for children in youth sports Trend for activities to go year round

4 Why do it? Create an anchor or tool to target club level programs Changes the approach of communication from pushing the coaches for information to pulling them to an identifiable target

5 Goals and Objectives Target 11-15 Girls Target 12-16 Boys Make the Meet an Event Develop the complete meet Create regional locations Re-shape Goal Setting Award single age groups Promote overall development Dream the Xtreme

6 Meet Structure Meet Events IMX Events Scoring Power Points Length of Meet 3 – 2.5 – 2 Days? Meet Format Timed Finals – P/F Facility Two 25y Pools Travel Distance

7 Meet Concepts Selection Process Qualifying minimum IMX score Qualification period Develop Median score to qualify for all four zones (see spreadsheets) Single age groups Sites – 4 Zones

8 Selection Process Qualification Period: Previous SC and LC Season Standards for SCY & LCM based off of current 100 th IMX place score in the 4 zones SCY Qualifying standards: Girls 11-12 2800 pts 13 + 3100 pts Boys 11-12: 2600 pts 13 + 2900 pts

9 Competition: Potential Dates Where does it fit best? Is it feasible for to schedule as not to interfere with LSC championship meets OctoberNovemberDecemberJanuary

10 Target Date, USA Swimming Support, Market Create a budget to present 2008 Market at LSC Levels 2008 Finalize Funding – seek meet hosts 2008 Unveil project 2009 Refine format 2007 Gather Feedback 2007 Present the concept 2007 at USAS

11 FAQs How does an athlete qualify who has age up in mid-season? Add answer here….. When is the last date for age ups? How will this affect the 10 & Under athlete? Will parents push to hard for their athletes to qualify for this event? There are too many championship meets already. Where do we put it? Why should kids travel?

12 FAQs Is there a need for a national championship for Age Group Swimming? Who is in charge of this meet? How is this going to be funded? Is there a stipend for meet hosts to help with expenses? Not enough of my team qualifies for the meet. Why should we go? Will the meet size be adjusted in the 4 Zones?

13 FAQs What happens if my swimmers qualifies in SC & LC. Is there a preference?

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