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Portland, OregonJuly 2009 Haworth Association of America www. Immigrant George Haworth, Who came to Pennsylvania in 1699.

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1 Portland, OregonJuly 2009 Haworth Association of America www. Immigrant George Haworth, Who came to Pennsylvania in 1699

2 Haworth Internet Profiles

3 Haworth Family Coat of Arms

4 Where was the 1 st Haworth Reunion held which was the 200 th Anniversary ? Next photo references by Lowell Scarborough Virginia Schneider Rev Richard Haworth

5 1 st reunion 1899 Plainfield, Indiana -1899

6 The Haworth Press, Inc. is an US publisher of several scholarly and professional books and academic journals. What city did the company founder name the Haworth Press after?

7 Township of Haworth, England Haworth Press name was taken from the township of Haworth in England.

8 Township of Haworth, England


10 Sarah Scarborough married George Haworth in 1710. How many children did she have?

11 Sarah Scarborough Sarah had 7 children by George Haworth. Stephanus Absalom Rachael John James Mary George

12 Sarah Scarborough After Georges death in 1724, she remarried in 1731 to Mathew Hall and had 4 more children David Hall Mather or Mahon Hall Margery Hall Sarah Hall.

13 What company based in Portland, Oregon provides family rides throughout the Pacific Northwest enjoyed by the young and old alike?

14 Haworth Family Shows 3 Generation Business Eldwight Haworth founded the business Currently managed by Douglas and Maurice Haworth

15 Warrenton, Virginia is a typical American town with a civil war history background, where Haworths still pursue the good life. Home and Nursery Business of Stan Haworth

16 Alan J. G. Haworth played for what NHL Hockey teams between 1979 and 1987?

17 Buffalo Sabres Washington Capitals Quebec Nordics

18 What 60 year old company with roots in Holland, Michigan currently sells office furniture in 120 countries? Founder : G.W. Haworth 1911-2006

19 Haworth Furniture Co. Mathew Haworth Chairman of the Board Dick Haworth Chairman Emeritus April 2009 2 nd largest furniture maker in U.S.

20 What Spokane, WA and Medford, OR youngster attended University of Oregon in 1968 studying music ? He later toured 4 decades as a key member in Brothers Four and The Kinston Trio? He was featured on the cover of Jazz Banjo Magazine; Fall 2007

21 Bob Haworth Entertainer and Song writer Produced 42 Record Albums

22 What great actor performed on several Broadway stage productions in the late 1800s?

23 Joseph Haworth, Actor 1855-1903 In February 1885, Joseph Haworth made his first appearance in a benefit performance of As You Like It He later became a Broadway Star.

24 What person won the Nobel Prize in 1937 for his work on 3-demensionsal structure of carbohydrates and the structure of Vitamin C ?

25 3-dimensional structure work

26 Nobel Prize 1937 Vitamin C

27 How is former 31 th president of the U.S. and U.S. Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover Related to the Haworths?

28 1738 - Stephanus and Absalom Haworth & Robert Scarborough lived in Virginia near the Hopewell Meeting House. 1739 John and James Haworth joined the relatives above in Virginia. John Haworth lived in Virginia for 11 years and returned to Bucks County, Pennsylvania and married there. Herbert Hoover was from the lineage of John Haworth.

29 What young man in Richmond, Indiana; writes political blogs of current politicians and may be a future leader?

30 Jason Haworth

31 Who co-designed the album cover for the Beetles, Lonely Hearts Club Band?

32 Jann Haworth 1967 Grammy Award Winner American Artist and Sculptor

33 A view of the unusual ! Who is the internationally-known body modification artist hailed as the originator and foremost pioneer of 3-D Body art and Human Evolution Artist?

34 A view of the unusual ! Steve Haworth

35 Who was a master builder of research facilities and foremost scientific administrator?

36 Leland John Haworth 1904-1979 Administrator at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Radiation Laboratory Administrator at Brookhaven National Laboratory Commissioner of the Atomic Energy Commission Director of National Science Foundation

37 What person is an outstanding weight lifter and was a medal winner at the Olympics?

38 Cheryl Haworth Olympic Team Member 2000 + 2004 + 2008

39 Cheryl Haworth Olympic Bronze Medalist 2000

40 Cheryl Haworth Junior World Champion 2001 + 2002 Silver medalist in Junior World Championship 1999 Pan Am Games Champion 1999 Goodwill Games Champion 2001 Senior National Champion 1998-2008

41 Who was a prolific writer most of his life from West Newton, Marion County, Indiana ?

42 Paul Leland Haworth 1876-1938 Author of several non-fiction and short fiction stories Taught at Columbia University in New York, Indiana University and Butler University 1921 served in Indiana House of Representatives

43 Who was a regular performer for ABC-TVs country music show Ozark Jubilee from 1955-1960? The show had a weekly audience of 25 million people.

44 Hershel Speedy Haworth 1922-2008

45 Who helps supervisors, managers and leaders get the very best from their people?

46 Martin Haworth

47 While trying to discover ice on the south pole of the moon, what crater was photographed for the 1 st time in Nov. 2008? This crater is one of the coldest spots on the moon. The crater is permanently shadowed from the earth and sun.

48 Haworth Crater – Moon

49 Who has operated a flower shop for 4 generations since 1905?

50 Haworth Flower Shop Farmington Valley Connecticut

51 What mid 17 th century person was an English dissenter and founder of the Quakers or Friends?

52 George Fox 1624-1691

53 In 1916, what person started the Orange Belt Stages that is currently operating in California?

54 Cyril C. Haworth - in 1916 Transportation business was continued in 1943 by Thoburn S. Haworth and Bryan W. Haworth

55 What Southern California based photographer specializes in seeing the world around us, primarily photographing landscapes and people?

56 Dave Haworth

57 What are some educational institutions founded by Quakers?

58 Some Quaker founded institutions Azusa Pacific UniversityAzusa, CA Friends UniversityWitchita, KS George Fox UniversityNewberg, OR John Hopkins UniversityBaltimore, MD Whitier CollegeWhitier, CA William Penn UniversityOskaloosa, IA Wilmington CollegeWilmington, OH Guilford CollegeGreensboro, NC Swathmore CollegeSwathmore, PA

59 Newberg, Oregon

60 Who is currently an Aviation Human Factors specialist and test pilot at the FAA? Who was a military research engineering psychologist and NASA experimental test pilot? A Vietnam war veteran in the US Army?

61 Loran Haworth

62 In 2008, who published Dining Out Without Wheat and Dairy?

63 Meg Haworth

64 What are the top states with the last name Haworth?

65 Top states with the last name Haworth? 1. California 575 listings 2. Washington234 listings 3. Florida231 listings 4. Oklahoma215 listings 5. Indiana195 listings

66 Who is a distinguished artist who is dedicated to depicting rural landscapes in North America?

67 Mark Haworth Texas Art Gallery

68 What cities in the U.S. are named Haworth?

69 Haworth, New Jersey Zip 07641

70 Haworth, Oklahoma Zip 74740

71 Who is a world renowned as a leader, innovator, and expert surgeon in the field of plastic surgery?

72 Dr. Randall Haworth Beverly Hills Surgeon

73 Was the underground railroad a tunnel that was built in the mid 1800s?

74 Underground Railroad It was an informal network of secret routes & safe houses used by 19 th Century black slaves in the U.S. to escape to free states & Canada.

75 Underground Railroad Several Quakers sympathetic to the cause of the underground railroad were called Abolitionists.

76 Who promotes the enjoyment & rewarding benefits of indoor gardening?

77 Dale & Kay Haworth Central Oklahoma Bonsai Society

78 Who started her stage career at age 6 and became one of the Greatest Stars of all time?

79 She was also the 1940s era top musical star ! She performed in movies from 1930-1970s with several of Hollywoods top stars. She became a defining sex symbol in the movie Gilda

80 Rita Haworth 1918 - 1987

81 What Haworth was MIA during the Korean War?. Wilber A Haworth, JR Two other Haworths were KIA

82 Other Haworths who honorably served our Country. 1 Haworth KIA during the Civil War 2 Haworths KIA during WW II 4 Haworths were prisoners of war during WW II 1 Haworth KIA during the Viet Nam War

83 What Indiana person in July 2008, was selected as Vice President : Champions of Character: National Assn. Interscholastic Athletics (NAIA) ?

84 Dr. Robert Haworth Athlete Educator Coach Teacher School Superintendant

85 In 1773, the sons of James Haworth and Sarah Wood joined what famous, spirited and adventurous American to explore Kentucky?

86 Daniel Boone Daniel Boone and five other families made the 1773 exploration to Kentucky. During this journey, 6 men of the party were killed by Indians, including one of Daniel Boones son.

87 What world class long distance runner that currently resides in Portland, Oregon; is a University of Colorado Psychology graduate? She is featured in the May 2009 magazine --Runners World. She finished 3 rd in the 2009 Boston Marathon, and was the fastest American runner.

88 Kara (Haworth) Goucher Was Bronze Medalist at 2007 World Champions in Osaka, Japan Qualified for the 2008 Beijing Olympic trials Grew up near Duluth, Minn.

89 Photos By Dale Haworth Keller Mt Hood

90 Mt Hood

91 Astoria Bridge Connecting Washington & Oregon –Columbia River

92 17762009

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