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OLYMPIC GAMES IN LONDON Выполнила: Илюшина Анна МКОУ СОШ 14, 7Б класс Учитель: Беловолова Татьяна Васильевна.

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1 OLYMPIC GAMES IN LONDON Выполнила: Илюшина Анна МКОУ СОШ 14, 7Б класс Учитель: Беловолова Татьяна Васильевна

2 OLYMPIC GAMES IN LONDON Summer Olympic Games in 2012 (born 2012 Summer Olympics, officially called the XXX Olympic Games) - thirty Summer Olympics, held in London, capital of Britain, from July 27 to August 12, 2012 year. London became the first city to the Games for the third time (before they went there in 1908 and 1948). Games mascots – We Russian team won 82 awards in London - 24 gold, 26 silver and 32 bronze. Russians took fourth place in the unofficial team standings, behin Achievements of athletes, of course, filled the hearts of millions of fans in our country with pride for their country, for our athletes, she conquered the most difficult heights. They inspired millions of our fans, and not only those involved in sport, and those who just love sports and enjoy watching the sporting achievements of our athletes.d the U.S., China and the UK.nlock and Mandeville.

3 Russian Ilya Zakharov at the Games in London became the Olympic champion in diving with three-meter springboard. In the finals, he surpassed the Chinese Qin Kai and Chung Ho doing a fantastic leap to estimate 104.5 and won Russia's first for the last 32 years, gold in this type of program.

4 Aliya Mustafina In preparation for the summer Olympic Games Aaliya participated in the European Championship, as well as in the championship and Cup of Russia. At the Olympic Games in London Aliya Mustafina qualified for the finals in individual events (all-around, as well as exercises on uneven bars and floor exercise), and as part of the Russian team in the team competition. Together with countrywomen Aliya won silver in the team all-around. Her partner in the team were: Victoria Komova, Anastasia Grishina, Ksenia Afanasyeva and Mary Apiary. In the final, the team improved its all-around a qualifying result. Alia also in the hard struggle won a bronze medal in the individual all-around. When is the same number of points, the Russian has won third place in an additional parameter - the amount of points in the three disciplines of the four, not including points for the worst shell. Alia did not do that element, because of which was injured - "screw Yurchenko 2.5." The competition on the uneven bars Aliya won the gold medal, gaining 16.133 points. In the XXI century, it was Russia's first "gold" at the Olympics in the sport. Olympic champion congratulated President Vladimir Putin, the sports minister Vitaly Mutko and President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. Svetlana Khorkina, whose record repeated Aliya in 2010, it is nice that the gymnast won a gold medal in her favorite shell. British media, although they hoped to get the Olympic gold medal in this discipline, acknowledged the superiority of the Russian athletes over Elizabeth Tweddle. In floor exercise Alia took the bronze medal. Having the same number of points with Vanessa Ferrari, Russian has been higher due to the higher estimate for the performance. As a result of the Olympics was the most frequently mentioned Alia athlete in Russian social networks, as well as the most titled Russian woman at the Games in London.

5 Alia Mustafina

6 Judo Man's Russian national team on the judo, conducted by the Italian expert Ezio Gamboy, perfectly acted on the Olympic Games. In an asset of Russians three awards of the highest advantage, and also two more medals of tournament - silver and bronze. The team of Gamby blocked the medal plan on the gold, established by Federation of judo of Russia in anticipation of the Olympic Games three times. Arsene Galstyan acting in weight category to 60 kg, didn't carry to number of favourites of tournament. However it in decisive fights on a way to the ending consistently broke resistance of opponents from South Korea (Gvan Tsoy in a quarterfinal) and Uzbekistan (world champion Rishod Sobirova in a semi-final). And in Galstyan's final duel I inflicted defeat over the representative of ancestors of judo to Japanese Hiroaki Hiraok. Galstyan's success installed confidence in his team mate: Russians still won gold medals twice. Resident of Chelyabinsk Mansur Isayev (73) brought to Russian national team the second gold medal, and the representative of Samara and St. Petersburg Tagir Haybulayev (90), having won the ending of the champion of Beijing of Mongol Naydan Tuvshinbayara, - the third highest award. Haybulayev achieved success in presence of the president of Russia Vladimir Putin who arrived for one day to London with informal visit and has visited competitions on judo. Two Russian athletes were close to repetition of a sports feat of companions, but rose by other steps of a podium. Ivan Nifontov (81) became the bronze prize-winner of the Olympic Games, and Alexander Mikhaylin (+100) - silver. Russians, unlike a men's team, in London acted extremely unsuccessfully. The task to win one bronze medal was set for Anatoly Rakhlin's presented on the Olympic Games in five weight categories from seven, the team. But Natalia Kondratyev (48), Natalia Kuzyutina (52) and Vera Moskalyuk (78) who was taking part already in the third Olympic Games, suffered defeats in starting duels. Irina Zabludina had the greatest chances of bronze (57) and numerous world champion Elena Ivaschenko (+78), but they lost in quarterfinal fights and couldn't break through on a podium.

7 Cycling: Olga Zabelinskaya won two bronze on the Olympic Games-2012, and these medals became the only achievement of Russian national team in all disciplines of cycling on these Games. On a bicycle track and in a mountain bike Russians remained without awards, and in discipline of BMX at all didn't participate. In the second medal day Zabelinsky under a pouring rain I won a bronze award in group race, and still in a day in its moneybox there was a medal of similar advantage for race with separate start. The Russian could rise above on a podium, but that fact that she began "cutting" before all competitors, deprived of it opportunity to be guided on their time. In only four disciplines of cycling in London 18 sets of awards were played, and nearly a half of gold medals was won by owners of Games. British became owners of eight gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze awards, having won 7 titles in cycling on a track. On two gold won the Laura Trott, Jason Kenny and Chris Hui, become the sixfold Olympic champion.

8 Swimming The Russian swimmers won four medals on Olympic Games in London, however couldn't win one of types of the program. On a hundred-meter race butterfly stroke silver was won by Evgeny Korotyshkin, the medal of the same advantage was taken by Anastasia Zuyev on a distance of 200 meters on a back, Julius Yefimov's breast-stroke swimmer became the bronze prize-winner also on a 200- metrovka. In krolevy relay of 4x100 meters bronze medals won Andrey Grechin, Sergey Fesikov, Daniel Izotov, Vladimir Morozov and Nikita Lobintsev, bypassed acting world champions of Australians. Performance opened the new page in the history of the Olympic sports of American Michael Phelps which surpassed the held-on nearly 50 years a record of the Soviet gymnast Larissa Latynina in number of the Olympic awards - 18 became the main thing and the most expected event in competitions of swimmers. Phelps in which asset before OI-2012 14 gold and 2 bronze medals were registered, took away 6 awards among which there were 4 gold and 2 silver from London. The American swimmers, as well as in Beijing, won a victory in an all-team competition, having put in a moneybox 31 medals, however in London quality of awards considerably improved - instead of 12 gold swimmers from the USA is won 16. Powerful contribution, besides Phelps and Ryan Lokhte, 17-year-old Missie Franklin brought two individual gold in success of Americans, on which account (on distances of 100 and 200 meters on a back), two - in relays. The Olympic Games in London have to be remembered by triumph : the 16-year-old Chinese woman of E Shiven took gold medals in swimming by a complex on distances of 200 and 400 meters, the 15-year-old Lithuanian the Rue to Meylyutita - on a 100-metrovka a breast stroke. The result of the Chinese woman, not only established a world record on a distance of 400 meters a complex, but also floated the last stage quicker, than made it to Lahta, was put under doubts by many experts who have accused her of the use of a dope. The only Russian award of the highest test in swimming on the Olympic Games in Beijing was got by Larissa Ilchenko in a marathon (10 km), however Anna Gusev couldn't repeat success of the compatriot in London, having finished the tenth. In a man's marathon Sergey Bolshakov and Vladimir Dyatchin became the sixth and the seventh respectively.

9 Free-style wrestling The Russian fighters of freestyle ambiguously acted on the Olympic Games: the man's part of team didn't manage to hold a high level in three gold medals, established four years ago in Beijing while women made noticeable break, having won two medals, and Natalia Vorobyeva's award - the highest advantage. Men won one gold, one silver and two bronze while the medal plan provided two gold, one silver and one bronze medals in London. In 2008 fighters of freestyle brought to a national team three gold, one silver and two bronze medals. The champion of OI-2012 Dzhamalo Tarsultanov consistently won against a number of serious rivals and in the ending inflicted defeat over the representative of Georgia Vladimir Hinchegashvili. Three Russian athletes were considered as obvious favourites of tournament as in recent years nine times won in the World Cups. Besik Kudukhov (60) four times won world championships, Bilyal Makhov (120) - three, and Denis Tsargush (74) - two. However any of obvious applicants for a victory didn't manage to achieve success in London. Kudukhov's (66) failure, the bronze prize-winner of the Beijing Olympic Games who has won four in succession of the World Cup became most distressing, perhaps. The Russian on a way to the ending broke resistance of strong rivals from Puerto Rico, India and Iran, but in decisive fight conceded to Azerbaijanian Togrul Asgarova. Denis Tsargush (74) was close to an exit in the ending, but in a semi-final the way to it was blocked by the world champion American Jordan Barrows to whom the Russian last year conceded and on a world championship in Istanbul. The soldier managed to gather and won fight for bronze.


11 Diving The Russian national team on a diving, having won one victory, I won two medals on Olympic Games in London. Both medals were won by Russians on a three-meter springboard. Ilya Zakharov won individual competitions, and also became the silver prize-winner in synchronous jumps together with Evgeny Kuznetsov.

12 The end. Thank you!

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