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Выполнила работу ученица 7 класса « б » МКОУ СОШ школы 14 Аванесян Сабина УЧИТЕЛЬ : БЕЛОВОЛОВА ТАТЬЯНА ВАСИЛЬЕВНА.

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1 Выполнила работу ученица 7 класса « б » МКОУ СОШ школы 14 Аванесян Сабина УЧИТЕЛЬ : БЕЛОВОЛОВА ТАТЬЯНА ВАСИЛЬЕВНА

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3 One of the brightest "stars" of the Russian national team in gymnastics Maria V. Apiary was born July 19, 1995 in Moskva.Uzhe the age of six she quite deliberately made her choice and asked my mother to take her to gymnastics section. She had seen on the TV movie gymnastics club "Dynamo", which dealt with the recruitment of children. The first training took place in the evenings three times a week, then coach Vyacheslav S. Silifanov drew attention to Mary and asked her mother to drive the girl on the afternoon workout. With this in life Apiaries started the sport. 2 2

4 Artistic gymnastics is almost completely pushed in school. Mary did not go to class, she only carried out in the evening job, followed by her mother every morning went to the teachers, and the next morning was running to the gym, and my mother was carrying and handed over a notebook for review. She had to transfer to different schools three times in connection with the transfer of gyms for athletes mom did not have to travel far for a job for the daughter. Originally it was a school near the sports hall "Dynamo", then in the "Olympic" and the finishing school is near Maria Hall CSKA. Mary never regretted the fact that all children and young years she spent in the gym. Looking at age, playing in the evenings, smoking and drinking beer, it only convinced of the correctness of his choice. 3 3

5 Once in her sporting life was a conflict with the coach Dina Kamalova because of what Mary even temporarily left the gymnastics and acrobatics passed on. At first, she adamantly refused to go back, but after a couple of months she was bored in this sport, and she came back, changing the coach - it was Maria G. Ulyankina with which Mary is training so far. Besides Ulyankina in preparing athletes are actively involved and head coaches of the Russian national team in gymnastics - Valentina and Andrew F. Rodionenko. Maria Apiary perfectly performed at the London Olympics, winning a bronze medal in the vault and the silver in the team competition. But most of her part in the Olympics was controversial until recently. It so happened that in the past, in 2011, she suffered a highly complex operations on both heels, long time recovering from this, in January 2012 she again went to the hospital because of problems with his foot, and then followed by a long rehabilitation. After her, Maria There was little time to prepare for the Olympics, but due to the astounding diligence and perseverance, in just three short months, she was able to make two difficult jumps, and that earned her the bronze. 4 4

6 The most "fruitful" for the medals for the year 2010 was the apiaries. Then, in the championship of Russia, she won just four gold medals in the team competition, all- around, and jump on the parallel bars, a silver medal in the floor exercise and a bronze on the balance beam. In the same year, but already at the European Championships Maria won the silver medal in the vault and the team champion. Most of the competition in 2011 athlete missed due to surgery and won a bronze medal in the vault at the Cup of Russia. Soon after, she again injured leg. After rehabilitation in 2012, Mary decided to test their strength by taking part in the championship of Moscow, and brilliantly won a gold medal on it. Then she won the silver medal at the international competition in gymnastics for the prize of Olympic champion Antonina Pouch. Later in March in Riga at the annual international tournament «Tigerena kauss 2012" it has proven its superiority and the right to participate in the Olympic Games, becoming a triple gold medalist. 5 5

7 Masha tries as much as possible to be with his family. All weekend and the holiday she spends with her parents, loves hanging out with my mom, going to the movies. Most importantly her passion - is driving. With fifteen years, Mary leads the scooter and dreaming about the car. It should be noted that the car she was presented with a medal in the Olympics, she decided to give parents. In 2012, a young athlete went to college. After finishing his sports career she wants to open his gym and gymnastics coach for the new team Russia. 6 6

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9 Maria had three coaches Ulyankina MG, Ul'yankin VN, Savosina IA 8 8

10 Maria Bee Farm was the bronze medalist Russia on the vault. Another award to the highest standard Maria won a championship team, speaking in the national team in Moscow. Russia coach Andrej Rodionenko shortly before the start of the championship said that the national championship is a preparation for the European Championships, as the format and rules of these tournaments is almost identical to the Olympic Games. In the team championship won by the Moscow team typing - 171.234 points, the second place team of the Central District - 166.934, and in the third place team of the North-West District - 151.999. Performed by the Moscow team consisting of: Maria Bee Farm, Aliya Mustafina, Anna Myzdrikova, Syrnikova Elena, Maria and Anastasia Grishina Chibiskova. According to the results of the Championship athletes were selected for the Olympic team of Russia. [edit] Awards 9 9

11 Active and ambitious athlete has proved many times that can be proud of their victories and achievements in sport. On March in Riga An annual international tournament «Tigerena kauss 2012". The tournament was attended by athletes, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Belarus. It is worth noting that the Riga School of Gymnastics celebrates this year its 50 th anniversary since the founding. Russian Maria Bee Farm has expanded their trophies, having won just three gold medals, vault, parallel bars and floor exercise. "At competitions in Latvia, I set a goal - to win! I'm glad I was able to meet the expectations of the coach. In the future I will continue to achieve good results. My most important starts is yet to come! And now - the hard training and a lot of work, "- said Maria at the end of the competition. 10

12 Maria Apiary took part in the tournament and won their first of this year gold medal - at the vault. Mary appeared on three shells: vault, floor exercise and parallel bars. "My goal in this tournament - check power before the new season. I plan to do all the shells at a very high level, so there is work to do. Thanks to everyone who helped me with that! "- Said Maria Apiary after the speech. 11


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