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North Shore Swimming Club Newsletter, April 2013 Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all,

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1 North Shore Swimming Club Newsletter, April 2013 Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do (Pele) With this famous quote by football legend Pele I have rounded up last season in April 2012. It is very interesting how similar and consistent the work over two seasons have been. We have literally repeated our results from the year before by coming second in the Junior points and winning NAGS and NZ Opens. That result secured us the overall championship win. In many age groups we out performed the competition. Our 2013 teams have changed though. There is a shift in numbers and many new faces made the cut into our national teams. It is refreshing to see how our age groupers roll wave after wave through the national championships. Some swimmers who have been well known age groupers are now National Opens medallists and finalists. But again spearheading our top end results are the swimmers who qualified for the 2013 International meets: FINA Long Course World Champs, Barcelona: Lauren Boyle Glenn Snyders Mitchell Donaldson Shaun Burnett Ashton Baumann (Canada) World University Games, Kazan (Russia) Hayley Palmer Samantha Richter Laura Quilter A number of swimmers have moved on at the conclusion of the London Olympics (Carl ODonnell, Penny Marshall, Daniel Bell, and Melissa Ingram). Slowly the old guard of NSS Internationals is stepping aside for you, the next generation. Sure with the likes of Lauren and Glenn still in the centre of the action there is still plenty of strength and leadership in the club. However this season has shown that a new group of swimmers is about to take over and to continue the tradition of top swimming in NZ. Mitchell Donaldson, Shaun Burnett and Ashton Baumann made the cut into first grade international competition for the first time. Im sure well see a lot more of these guys in the years to come. It goes to show that success is dependent on believe and perseverance. They showed that it can be done. It will be interesting to see who in fact will penetrate next the senior ranks to step on to the podium and qualify for the 2014 Internationals. With this comment Id like to close the 2012/13 season and thank all swimmers, parents, coaches, Toni and Helene in the office and all volunteers for the superb team work that makes up #1 North Shore Swimming. The start into new season We have just started. It is fun and motivating to come off a successful season and start all over again. This time around we are planning to create our own signature event; The North Shore Club champs. Unlike the club champs meets of the past where we came together 4 times per year to swim this meet in a club night fashion, this time around it will be a 4 day meet in May. We have about 2 years to get it right before we are planning to open the meet up for anyone to attend. It will then be known as the North Shore Opens. We envisage attracting teams from all over NZ and perhaps some foreign swimmers. Eventually we see this meet being used as a long course meet well placed before international competitions. It will then serve as a preparation competition for senior swimmers. With all this in mind we will still honour and award our own club champions as always. If we get it right NSS will have its own top meet and our swimmers will benefit from the competition. I am looking forward to this meet and the lead up to our next big meets at the end of winter. Thomas Ansorg Head Coach NSS Garry Hurring Squad – Thomas Ansorg

2 AGE - Hannah McLean (Jenn)/Cameron Gibson (Danyon) (Jeremiah) Congratulations to Lydia Disberry who competed at Div 2 during the first week of the holidays alongside Sarah Hamilton and Claire Makepeace. Lydia managed to come back with an outstanding 100% PB rate and made 2 finals from her 6 events. This is a huge achievement especially in an unfamiliar place so far from home. A big thank you to Mark Disberry who looked after the girls down at the meet and kept everyone updated with results. The girls managed to survive unfamiliar places, sickness, challenging swims and even some oysters from a shack. It's great to see our swimmers stepping out of their comfort zone and challenging themselves. I'm sure they learnt a lot about themselves on this trip. A further great achievement this month was Michael Slessor-White and Irene Wu who was asked to participate in the Swimming New Zealand Age Group Champ camp. This is a great opportunity and we hope you enjoy it. It will be hard to top the Cambridge Camp though! There have been a couple more goodbyes this month as people start to focus on other sports. We wish all the best to Te Williams, Nicholas Young, Chloe Barbera and Charles Law for their future embarkments. Danyon also took off for his side trip this month down to Wellington to assist Raumati Swim Club set up their programmes. Hopefully he won't get too comfortable before resuming his role up here in NSS. Jerry Tao will be stepping up to join the coaching team for ours quads, bringing in his knowledge straight from the pool. We look forward to having a new person on the team. We hope everyone enjoyed their school break and will be ready to get prepared for our first competition of the season; Club Champs. Take care. It seems a very long time since I wrote for the newsletter. Tons has happened, National Championships, New Squads, new Coaches – it has all happened! First of all congratulations to those swimmers sho swam at the National Championships. I asked the squad to take one step further this year and not just use the meet for experience, but actually take it on and try to make each race the best of the year. A lot of the squad managed to hit PBs in the meet and Chloe made the A final in the 200 freestyle which was a significant step in her bid to return to the top level. We had several B final swims and several excellent relay performances. Daniel and Tayla both swam excellently in the Multi-Disability races, Daniel qualifying comfortably for the IPC World Championships in Canada in August and Tayla achieving several PBs and picking up a silver in the 100 freestyle, beating Mary Fisher who had won a medal at the Paralympics in that event – well done Tayla. It is rare in New Zealand swimming that a swimmer has to line up against not just 1 but 2 World/Paralympic champions in the same race, but Tayla held her nerve and showed she is really becoming competitive at that level! Well done to the three swimmers who took the long journey down to Invercargill for the Division 2 nationals. Claire, Sarah and Lydia (Danyons squad). All the girls made finals, each of them with a highest placing of 5 th. Sarah achieved a NAGs qualifying time and also, despite getting sick, posted 5 PBs. Claire, despite not swimming a PB was the top points scorer, contributing 28 to the team effort, and Lydia ripped through her event program PBíng every swim! Well done girls, I know that Division 2 experience usually means big improvements in the year that follows! And so on to the new season! The squad has grown and with the physical growth comes a growth in expectation and commitment from all of us – coaches included! I have set each squad member the task of setting an individual target to reach. Whether it be to break a New Zealand Age Group Record, or to become the best freestyle kicker in the squad or make 33m UW on dolphin kick it does not matter, what matters is that everyone needs to accept their own challenge and do what it takes to achieve it. As a squad the challenge is to break as many records in the season as we can, including Club, Auckland, New Zealand and International standards. Remember that it is not unrealistic, there are 57 Auckland long course records and 80 Auckland short course records currently held by swimmers who are, or have been, members of this squad. We need to set our standards high, and break a few of these records in the process!! Remember that the Club Championships is a very big meet for us – an opportunity to race your mates! This is the first real challenge for all of you. How many club records can we take out at the champs? Regards Gary Francis Dean Kent Squad – Gary Francis JUNIOR PROGRAM POOLS - TAKAPUNA, MILLENNIUM, STANMORE BAY AND NORTHCOTE COACHES - BELINDA, ERIKA, GABBY, BRYDIE (TAKAPUNA), BILLIE (STANMORE BAY),GILL (MILLENNIUM). Good Luck to everyone for the club champs, and keep up the good work at training.

3 New Club Uniform NSS Swimmers – Regional Age Group Development Camps – Congratulations! Congratulations to all the swimmers that have been selected to attend the Regional Age group Development Camps- North Shore Swimmers who have been selected to Outward Bound -: Jacod Garrod Mathew Myers Monique King North Shore Swimmers going to the RAGD Camp -: Jacey Cropp Yeonsu Lee Irene Wu Jack Kelleher Michael Slessor-White We have been very fortunate to receive a grant from Pub Charity and assistance from Golden Homes to supply every NSS Member with a brand new quick dry t-shirt. These look and feel great. Over the next two weeks I will be visiting all the squads and handing out these tops. Please try and be early at your swimming sessions to allow time to try on these tops as I do not want to interrupt the valuable coaching time. Please feel free to come in the office if preferred to collect your top. We expect all NSS members to wear these tops at any Swim Meet.

4 Club Champs Sponsors May 15 th – 19 th 2013 – Thank you Quality Investment advice website Harvey World Travel Mairangi Bay Beacon Ave Massage ~Julie Dean~ Phone0 9 444 59 69 Address57B Hillside Road, Glenfield, North Shore, Auckland Adult Swimming Lessons


6 Office Corner - Toni and Helene Welcome Everyone, and welcome to all the new parents and swimmers. Go on the NSS website to purchase your entertainment books. Annual NSS Prize Giving – Sunday 23 rd June 2013 at Millennium Institute of Sport Please return your cups/trophies before the 20 th May. There will be a $10 charge for any cups or trophies that are returned unpolished. Please clean your trophies before handing them back. UPCOMING MEETS CLOSING DATE WITH NSS: NSS 8 th JUNE L3 – entries close 29 th May COAST 23 rd JUNE L1 – entries close 1 st June LASER 22 nd JUNE L2 – entries close 1 st June AUCKLAND DISTANCE & REVERSE DISTANCE CHAMPIONSHIPS 28 th JUNE – entries close 10 th June AUCKLAND RELAYS 29 th JUNE – Please advise your availability to swim with Toni before 31 st May. If you do not advise Toni you are available for Relays you will miss out. Please speak to your coach or manager if you are new and would like further clarification. Email Toni at Club Champs Finals Race Sponsorship: Sponsorship Gifts/Cash Prizes - We have had a number of local businesses that have offered their service or supplied cash prizes for the club champs. Thank you to these businesses, Every prize will be greatly received and I really look forward to handing these out to swimmers on the day. NSS are very fortunate to have received this support. All businesses will be placed on the website, plus in the next two newsletters plus on the program. I will mention your name/logo as often as possible as a token of our appreciation. Cash Prizes - Every final race and time final race will receive a CASH prize for 1 st, 2 nd and 3 rd. Open Events - 1 st place $25.00 2 nd place $15.00 3 rd place $10.00 All other Finals and timed finals – 1 st place $15.00 2 nd place $10.00 3 rd place $5.00 Open Skins event – 1 st place $100.00 2 nd place $50.00 3 rd place $25.00 Skins events – 12 under 1 st place $50.00 2 nd place $25.00 3 rd place $15.00 If anyone would like to donate a cash prize towards the club champs please let me know, my email is The entry fees have covered some of the races but not all....if squads wish please organise a coin collection. For the Volunteers - Warkworth New World has kindly donated a basket of goodies for all the volunteers. Every time you volunteer, ie help out at the Club Champs you name will go in a hat. At the end of the meet we will pull out one lucky Volunteer who will win this amazing gift basket. CLUB CHAMPS LATE ENTRIES CLOSING DATE 2 MAY MIDNIGHT – HAVE ANY ADDITIONAL OR LATE ENTRIES IN BEFORE MIDNIGHT TODAY @$20 PER ENTRY. Golden Homes proudly supports North Shore Swimming

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