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Coaches Compliance Rules Ed September 2011. Agenda Social Networking Recruiting Your Student Athletes New/Updated Forms & Policies Reminders.

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1 Coaches Compliance Rules Ed September 2011

2 Agenda Social Networking Recruiting Your Student Athletes New/Updated Forms & Policies Reminders

3 Recruiting- Electronic Transmissions-Microblogs A coach may post general informational content not created for a recruiting purpose: Game score Team updates Facility updates Generic updates regarding staff/team A coach may not: Mention specific prospects Unless it is in response to a media inquiry to confirm your recruitment Facebook, Twitter, Personal Website, Blog

4 Recruiting- Electronic Transmissions-Microblogs Communication with or about a PSA in the publics view ( @replies ) is impermissible May not publicize a PSA visit Cannot post a photograph of the PSA while on the visit until NLI has been signed Cannot post directly on PSAs wall

5 Recruiting- Electronic Transmissions-Microblogs Email is not limited to traditional email – private/direct messages are allowed when permissible Cannot use software to convert email to text message Cannot send direct messages if you are aware they are being received as texts You may friend a PSA on the social networking sites- this confirms only your potential recruitment of the PSA

6 Recruiting- Electronic Transmissions-Microblogs You may not initiate or accept any friend requests on Facebook or Twitter until the time that it is permissible to send electronic correspondence to a PSA Sept 1 June 15 This confirms only the recruitment of the PSA. DO NOT: Make public comments about their ability or the likelihood of them signing Remind S/As – NO mention of PSAs on their sites either.

7 Facebook/Twitter & S/As Monitoring Companies Digital Stakeout Finished free trial Were able to find S/As accounts Varsity Monitor Just started trial All fall sports are being monitored Athletes received email Need to befriend Varsity Monitor

8 Dear [Student Athlete] The Villanova University Athletic Compliance Department has contracted with VarsityMonitor for the purposes of maintaining social media compliance. We encourage you to learn more about VarsityMonitor at or contact us as To maintain social media compliance, VarsityMonitor will be tracking facebook, twitter, myspace, youtube & blogs for inappropriate content related to illegal activities, impermissible benefits, self destructive behavior and more. VarsityMonitor then reports this information to the Villanova compliance department for further review. The compliance department will use this information for both your protection and to maintain the standards of conduct required by all student athletes. In the very near future, VarsityMonitor will begin to friend request and follow your various social media actitivies. We appreciate your assistance in accepting our friend requests and helping to expedite this process. As always, if you have any questions regarding VarsityMonitor, please contact us. Sincerely Sam Carnahan VarsityMonitor

9 New Transfer Eligibility Sheet To help us identify potential issues with incoming transfers When you have a transfer student (Fall or Midyear): Need to let Compliance/Academic Support know We can determine eligibility once ALL information and transcripts are given to us to review.

10 School(s) Formerly Attended:Dates EnrolledTypePracticedCompeted 2 4Y N 2 4Y N PRELIMINARY ASSESSMENT TRANSFER STUDENT-ATHLETE - ELIGIBILITY / SATISFACTORY PROGRESS WORKSHEET PART IGeneral Information (Compliance) (Attach relevant transcripts, etc.) ______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ NameSSN/ID Number Sport(s) Participating InDate of Initial College Enrollment ___________________________________________ Current Address ______________________________Has permission to contact been received? Yes No (If yes, attach copy) Date of Initial Villanova Enrollment Note: If academic work is in progress, final transcripts will be needed. Has the student-athlete competed in the same sport in the same academic year during which he/she wishes to compete at Villanova? Yes No Number of years of eligibility remaining:__________ **ACADEMIC INTEREST:_______________________ Is a waiver of NCAA legislation necessary for this student-athletes eligibility? Yes No Type of Transfer: 4-4 2-4 4-2-4 Mid-Year Transfer High School Qualifier Status: Qualifier Partial Qualifier Non Qualifier Not Applicable

11 FallSpring PART IIPreliminary Assessment of Credits Transferable to any Degree (Academic Support) Based on a transcript dated __________________ (attach copy of annotated transcript). To be eligible at Villanova University, student athlete needs:____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________

12 Official Visit Complimentary Ticket List Complimentary tickets to: (check one) FootballMen's BasketballWomen's BasketballMen's Lacrosse Opponent:Game Date:Is this a Dead Period? Yes No ProspectStudent HostProspect's GuestGuest SignatureRelationship 1 SUPER SAMJOHN JACOB 1Nancy Sam1 Step mom 2 John Sam2 Dad 3 Maura Klay3 Mom Signature 4 David Klay4 Step dad 2 JODY JENNIE LIZ LEARY 11 22 33 Signature 44 Official Visits Only Only non-traditional families Cannot be used for multiple siblings

13 Reminder -Official Visit Requirements Bylaw 13.6.3 PSAs MUST be registered with the Eligibility Center prior to the visit. MUST receive the following at least five days before the visit: Transcripts & Test Scores Eligibility Center ID # Five visit letter Itinerary Is it a DEAD PERIOD?? If these items are not given to Compliance in a timely manner your visit will not be approved.

14 Reminders- Official Visits Immediately following the visit: Final Visit Record Student Host Receipt Form Prospect Receipt Form Copies of receipts from meals/entertainment Get signatures!!! Please inform Compliance Office of any canceled official visits.

15 Reminder – Financial Aid 2012-2013 Books are $800, up from $400 Still 1-2% of full scholarship Remind athletes about books included and not in addition to

16 Reminder – Day of Service & Recruits Recruits can participate in Day of Service only if on an official visit Considered entertainment and its within 30 miles Unofficial visits cannot be included in Day of Service We cannot provide transportation to the sites on unofficial visits

17 The softball coaches at College USA are planning the trips for their fall non- championship segment. One of the trips would require travel on a Thursday afternoon. Three of the student-athletes have labs Thursday evenings. Is it permissible for these student-athletes to miss class because of an away from home competition during the non-championship segment? No. NCAA Bylaw states that in baseball, field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball, and volleyball, no class time shall be missed in conjunction with non-championship segment competition, including activities associated with such competitions (pregame, postgame activities).

18 Questions? Thanks!

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