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DCAD Compliance Wednesday, September 24, 2008 Official/Unofficial Visit rules Complimentary admissions for prospects.

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1 DCAD Compliance Wednesday, September 24, 2008 Official/Unofficial Visit rules Complimentary admissions for prospects

2 The Basics: Prospect –A student that has started classes in the 9 th grade Official visits –Financed in whole, or in part by Dartmouth Sponsored vs. non-sponsored Unofficial visits –Visit made to Dartmouth at the prospects own expense

3 The Basics: NCAA Eligibility Center –formerly NCAA clearinghouse –Registration required for official visits –Fee $50 domestic, $75 international Dead Period (recruiting calendar) –Period when in-person contact is impermissible (on, or off-campus) Complimentary admissions –Regular season home athletic contests –Does not apply to post-season tournaments –Issued through ticket list (no hard tickets)

4 Official Visits Pre-visit –Ensure that the prospects register with the clearinghouse ( –Provide the compliance staff with social security number or clearinghouse ID to confirm registration Tip – send prospects the pdf of clearinghouse instructions –It is the responsibility of the coaching staff to follow up with any prospects not registered and needing assistance

5 Official Visits Required Documentation: For sponsored visits, the Sponsored Visit form must be submitted to the Deputy AD for approval prior to submitting the official visit request Purple or white official visit requests for the recruit and parents Two ways to complete the request; the new electronic form was loaded onto each computer Include individuals accompanying the prospect (parent forms) –Test scores –Transcripts Itineraries are not required, but encouraged

6 Official Visits Test scores & Transcripts –Need copies if AI is not yet calculated in Banner If the feedback on prospects has been provided via email only, scores will not be in banner Transcripts and scores are in banner if you are receiving reports with the AI calculated –Do NOT need copies if both documents are on file with the clearinghouse –Will accept confirmation email from admissions that the documents are on file

7 Official Visits Where does the documentation go? –Ultimately all visits must be signed by compliance, but some assistants keep copies for their files –Work out a system for your sport –After a compliance approval, visits get processed by Heidi When are the visit requests due? –The deadline is Wednesday for weekend visits (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), and Friday for visits occurring during the week (Monday-Thursday) –Will accept, and prefer to receive them early

8 Official Visits What would keep a visit from getting approved? –No host, or incomplete hosting information –Can’t confirm that all the documents exist –No coaches signature –Host does not live on campus (residence hall only) No fraternity’s, sorority’s or affinity houses –Visit length appears to be off

9 Official Visits Meal cards –Violations have reached a different level for reconciliation –Review policy and expectation for use with the hosts prior to visits –If coaches are going to eat with the students in the dining hall, you can request a coaches card –If the card is not working, direct the hosts to the card office if it’s during the week

10 Official Visits Post-visit –Collect the meal cards as soon as possible –If cash was provided or used, complete after visit record –Ask for unused movie tickets! We need to be careful in the area Collecting ticket stubs is a good practice Be thoughtful when completing the request

11 Unofficial Visits Unofficial visits –Same deadlines as official visits (Wednesday and Friday) –Should be completed for any individual that can realistically make the squad, or tryout –Can not pay any expenses Create a system to show payment if meals are provided –For visits by multiple prospects on one team, you can fill out one form and submit a roster –Junior days require unofficial visit documentation

12 Unofficial Visits Unofficial visits must be signed by a coach and submitted for approval to the compliance office Any unofficial visit request that includes a comp ticket request will then go to Heidi Do not have to provide SSN Can not take place during a dead period

13 Complimentary Admissions A maximum of three complimentary admissions can be provided to a prospect for a home athletic event –New exception for non-traditional families that provides two additional admissions –Requests for tickets must be included on the visit paperwork (official or unofficial) –Legislation does not restrict who gains the two admissions

14 Complimentary Admissions The compliance office is the first step to any complimentary admission Visit documentation is used to create prospect lists that are provided to the ticket office –Hard tickets are not issued –Can not always accommodate last minute requests –ID is required

15 Complimentary Admissions Only applies to regular season contests –No post-season Ticket office staff gets lists and goes to the tickets booths well in advance of game time For teams, one unofficial visit request form, plus a team roster with a place for signatures For double-headers, or regular season tournaments, the lists typically apply to both games and will be needed well in advance of the first contest

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