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Wood County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Ensure individuals and their families access to: programs, services and supports choice and achievement.

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1 Wood County Board of Developmental Disabilities

2 Ensure individuals and their families access to: programs, services and supports choice and achievement of a life of increased capability. Our Mission

3 Ensure that individuals and their families are able to: live work participate in their community Our Mission

4 BG-293 (35%) Portage 36 (4%) NB-29 (3%) Weston-25 3% Pville-18 2% TOWNS/CITIES # INDIVIDUALS RECEIVING SVCS. SECTION OF COUNTY Bowling Green*293C 335 Haskins6C Portage*36C Bradner10E 50 Luckey4E Pemberville18E Risingsun5E Wayne13E Perrysburg*212N 359 Rossford34N Genoa1NE Millbury17NE Northwood45NE Walbridge*50NE Bloomdale6S 58 Cygnet4S Fostoria6S Hoytville1S Jerry City2S North Baltimore29S Rudolph10S Custar3W 43 Deshler2W Grand Rapids11W Liberty Center1W West Liberty1W Weston25W Total Served (data from Oct/2012) 845

5 BG-293 (35%) Pburg -212 (25%) Walbridge 50 (6%) Portage 36 (4%) Rossford 34 (4%) N-wood 45 (5%) NB-29 (3%) Weston-25 3% Pville-18 2% Millbury-17 2%

6 Wood Lane School Childrens Services Early Intervention

7 For children birth – 3 and their families/care providers) Individual Family Service Plan developed to assist childs development.

8 Early Intervention Staff provide services in child/familysnatural environments (home, daycare, church, playground, etc) EI specialists, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech/Language, Parent Support Collaborate with Wood Countys Help Me Grow program

9 Wood Lane School Six to eight students in each class One certified teacher and one classroom aide for each class Staff/student ratio is low to meet the physical, medical and educational needs of children

10 Wood Lane School Occupational therapy, physical therapy, communication, adapted physical education Nursing Community-based activities Transition services for youth age 14 - 22

11 Employment Wood Lane Industries Community Employment Services Laser Cartridge Express Business Supports Associates Scanning Solutions Recycling Confidential document destruction Wood Lane Farm

12 Program Habilitation Life Enhancement Options Habilitation Life Enhancement Options Day Hab Life Enhancement Options Older Adult Nursing Occupational Therapy

13 Workers earn a paycheck and in turn pay taxes. Reduces entitlement liabilities of state and local government. In 2011 Individuals working through Wood Lane earned $894,177 and contributed $69,357 in federal, state, and local taxes.

14 structured production environment Employment opportunities in light assembly, labeling, packaging, sorting, and other work are contracted. 50 year history as a valued community business partner in Northwest Ohio

15 Business started in 1993 Remanufactures cartridges for copy machines, printers, fax machines, and other office and personal equipment Quality that meets or exceeds industry standards. Guaranteed for one-year from purchase Cost-savings of 15-30% for customers Inkjet, laser jet, micro(check printing), bio cartridges, postage ink, ribbons, drum units, maintenance kits for fax, copiers, and printers. New cartridges also for sale

16 More than a scan – it is your document management system. Scanning makes your files easy to access. Cost efficient. Save money on storage units and increase your available office space. Paper files destroyed in a disaster cannot be replaced. Scanned data is safe and provides a secure storage solution. Ability to shred documents after they have been scanned, with your approval.

17 Secure and confidential shredding services Drop off at WLI Work Center or Free pickup by WLI Shredded material is recycled Certificate of Destruction is available upon completion. A full array of recycling services is available with particular focus on cardboard. Talk with us about your needs.

18 A full array of recycling services available focus on cardboard.

19 Individuals can fill a wide range of positions for employer. Reliable, dependable, and take pride in work Cost effective solution for your workplace. Job Coaches provide on-the-job training at no additional expense. Unlimited follow along - we provide ongoing staff support for as long as the employee is working for you.

20 Fresh seasonal produce, flowers, and plants for landscaping grown year-round. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) – individuals, groups or business can purchase shares.

21 Individuals served by Wood Lane are employed to work on the Farm Greenhouses Land for use during spring, summer, and fall.

22 Training provided for individuals who live in the community. Goal is to improve skills needed within the community that include budgeting, banking, household tasks, and assistance with health care issues Support is based upon the interest of the individuals and his/her needs and interests.

23 Older Adults: Fifty-five and older, Individuals can participate in community-based programs which include: Senior Center activities bowling events geared towards older adults. Adult Services Life Enhancement Options/Day Services

24 Therapy and Sensory Rooms Occupational therapy services Nursing Adult Services Life Enhancement Options/Day Services

25 Athletes include youth and adults served by Wood Lane students in special education classes in public schools

26 Fifteen sports Year-round training Programs success is enhanced by over 200+ volunteers each year.

27 Built in 1993 thanks to donations by John and Nancy Nichols and other donors. Used by children and adults served by Wood Lane, public schools special education classes, Special Olympics. Community rentals for birthday parties and other events help offset operating costs

28 Dolores A. Black Gymnasium Used by: Individuals eligible for services; Special Olympics Community groups can rent

29 Buses cover all school districts in Wood County. Transportation for adults to/from jobs in the community. Service utilized 200,000 miles each year County-wide van shuttle service:

30 All buses equipped with lifts for individuals who use wheelchairs

31 Service and Support Administration Independent service unit Reports directly to the Superintendent Staff include Service Coordinators, Major Unusual Incident Specialist and Behavior Support Specialists. Staff assist individuals with eligibility, intake, referrals, linkage, placement, coordination, monitoring, follow-up, and crisis intervention.

32 Family Support Services Financial support for families/care providers for areas like respite care, adaptive equipment, and special diets. Assistance provided on a sliding scale.

33 Volunteers include board members, community members, university students, and junior high and high school youth

34 We appreciate the diverse talents of our volunteers!

35 Wood County Board of Developmental Disabilities

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