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2013 Professional Development Day

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1 2013 Professional Development Day
Tom Schroeder Associate Director of Learning & Development Milwaukee Center for Independence

2 Milwaukee center for Independence
Celebrated 75 years of serving SE WI. Non-profit agency with 800 employees serving 17,000 clients. We specialize in long term care, clients age ranges from birth to elderly. Mostly day treatment programs servicing medical, physical, cognitive, and behavioral health issues. 24/7 facilities are Brain Injury Rehab, CBRF’s and Supported Apartments. Many paths, one goal… Independence

3 Agency Overview Core Areas include: Children Programs
Long Term Care & Therapies Client Financial Behavioral Health Employment Services Many paths, one goal… Independence

4 50+ Innovative Programs & Services:
Children’s Programs- Birth to Three, SmartBaby Prenatal Counseling & Mentoring, Pediatric Skilled Nursing, School for Early Development & Achievement, Wells Street Academy, and MCFI Children’s Behavioral Health Teen & Young Adult Programs- L.I.F.E. Academy, Express L.I.F.E., Adventures for L.I.F.E. Camps, Adventures for L.I.F.E. Travel, and School Break Programs (Spring L.I.F.E. and Winter L.I.F.E.) Adult & Older Adult Programs- L.I.F.E. Programs, MY L.I.F.E., CITY L.I.F.E., Access L.I.F.E., Senior L.I.F.E., MCFI Older Adult Day Center, Memory retention program for older adults, New Health Services, MCFI Home Care, Supportive Home Care Employment Services Division, Community Living, Nurturing Parent Program, Daily Living Skills Training, Case Management, Memories in the Making, Brain Builders Club, Nexday (Bay View), and Nexday Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center (BIRC) Behavioral/Mental Health Services (Transitional Living Services)- Crisis Resource Center, Targeted Case Management, Services for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing, TLS Community Pharmacy, Housing & Supported Apartments, Community Learning Center (drop-in activities), Winged Victory Benefits Counseling, Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic, Employment Programs Employment Services- Job Training & Placement, Work Services, CNA Training, CBRF & Caregiver Training, Hospitality Academy, Commercial Services, Fuel 4U, Services for Employers Therapies- Physical, Occupational, Speech, Music, Art, Pet and Inspire L.I.F.E Additional Services- iLIFE (Fiscal Agent, Representative Payee, and IRIS program), MCFI Conference Series, and a Research Component (working with colleges and universities on various research projects) Many paths, one goal… Independence

5 Who are the Staff? Medical- MD’s, Nurses, CNA’s
Case Management- BA, BSW, MA, MSW Therapies- OT, COTA, PT, PTA, Speech, Art & Music Administrative- Finance, Payroll, HR & IS degrees Financial Services- Business, Accounting & CPA’s Program Areas- Food Service, Custodial, work trainers & coaches, clinical coordinators, activity assistants, teachers and TA’s We have HS degrees to PhD’s How does this affect our planning?

6 Prep Work Create objectives for the day/week.
Main objective was to create a venue that offered multiple resources for staff to meet, learn and discuss options for continuing education Collaborate with the Southeastern Wisconsin Education Consortium Colleges sign up to attend depending on employee needs, degrees, certifications, etc. Sue Slonac, our SEWEC contact Partner with schools for tuition discounts Book conference space for December Involve HR/Talent Acquisition Order food Recruit volunteers

7 Create flyer and/or promotional material for displays and emails
Educate staff on the WIIFM with regular reminders

8 2013 Professional Development Day
Hosted 17 area colleges & universities at our main campus on 20th & Wells Discussed Professional Development and Link2Success, our LMS Promoted career advancement opportunities Highlighted our Tuition Reimbursement Program and potential discounts with schools

9 Past Employee Learning ideas

10 Thank you! Questions? Tom Schroeder
Associate Director of Learning and Development Office:

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