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Eu-cology Report on energy use in School 149 Bucharest, Romania.

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1 Eu-cology Report on energy use in School 149 Bucharest, Romania

2 Preliminary analysis The data presented in this report refer to half the school building, as the other half is being rebuilt and has been disconnected from the energy meters. There is only one meter to measure the energy use in the whole school. The school administration has no control over the energy bills as a cluster of schools belong to a main school which pays the bills with local council money During this reconstruction period, all the labs, including the IT room are out of use We are going to make the presentation of the energy use for a period of 31 days (one month) as a sample

3 Energy consumers in the school There is separate energy use in the part of the school which is in use. There are two shifts: the morning one for primary in 16 classrooms and gymnasium in the afternoon in 17 classrooms Other functional rooms are: the headmasters office, the secretarys office, staff room (the medical ward is inside it at the moment), a library, two storerooms for the teaching materials an administration room, three halls and three toilets Energy is mostly used with the lamps in each classroom, the halls and the toilets, four computers two photocopiers, four CD players (for music and foreign languages) and a number of six powerful lamps illuminating the exterior at night. Each classroom has six fluorescent lamps.

4 The energy use per month - As a result of monitoring the energy use for a month the meter recorded 3782 kw, which means an average daily use of 122 kw. - Considering the number of students in the school – 818-, there is a 4.62kw energy use per student each month, that is 0.14 kw per day. The following table presents the energy use per student and per classroom. : (We only took into account the rooms where the students have classes) Energy use per student ( in kw ) per month per day Energy use per classroom ( in kw ) per month per day 4,62 0,14 222,47 7,17

5 How is energy wasted? Sometimes we forget to switch off the lights both in the halls and in the classrooms or in the toilets. We could use daylight instead.

6 What do we anticipate for the future? Energy use will increase considerably once the other half of the building becomes functional

7 How can we control energy use? * We have started the Green patrols action with the project participants. One of their duties is to control energy waste. * During the educational classes and extra curricular activities we focus on the topic of keeping energy use under control * Nature study visits to raise awareness on the fact that misuse and waste of natural resources means waste of life.

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