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COMPANY PROFILE MANILA OFFICE: 3/F, Unit 3 VFP-MDC Bldg. II, Veterans Industrial Center, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines Tel. No.: (632) 839-1673 / (632)

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Presentation on theme: "COMPANY PROFILE MANILA OFFICE: 3/F, Unit 3 VFP-MDC Bldg. II, Veterans Industrial Center, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines Tel. No.: (632) 839-1673 / (632)"— Presentation transcript:

1 COMPANY PROFILE MANILA OFFICE: 3/F, Unit 3 VFP-MDC Bldg. II, Veterans Industrial Center, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines Tel. No.: (632) 839-1673 / (632) 837-6587 Fax No.: (632) 821-2178 / (632) 839-1673 Email : Our Mission, Objectives, Realization Company History Company Background Organizational Chart Company Affiliates, Partners and Clients

2 To be recognized as a Dynamic Business Partner for Success by providing total solutions from the latest technologies and innovations from around the world. Our Mission To be team partners for success in globalization, industrialization and automation. Our Objective By being the pioneers in providing the latest products here in our country and through constant interaction with various business sectors as PARTNERS FOR SUCCESS. Our role and duty is to provide innovative products and total solutions for on- time and up-to-date technologies to the consumers both corporate and private ensuring technological edge, advantage and security. Realization

3 A spin off from a 20yr. old company, Globaltech Automation Inc. which is currently a major supplier of production equipment, supplies and services in the local and international electronic industry, its need for fast reliable information & technology, prompted the birth of SHEMA RESOURCES, Inc., on October 2001. Like Globaltechs integrity as a total solutions provider in the electronics industry, SHEMA RESOURCES, Inc., also provides excellent quality of products and services in its target industries. Shema Resources, Inc. started as the exclusive provider of the very successful and effective electronic signages called Spin-Signs which were exclusively used by Unilever Philippines as their primary means of advertising and promotions for their body care products. The companys pursuance in providing the latest in technology led to the expansion of its product line and provided all types of LED products from LED displays to LED lighting systems. It was able to provide customized LED products and solutions according to the clients requirements and specific applications. This branded our company as LED Solutions Provider. Now, as it continues its commitment in bringing total solutions, its product line now greatly expands and covers the best and latest in LED Display and Lighting Systems, Induction Lamps, Security Systems and Wireless Solutions. Now, we are your Innovative Solutions Provider!. COMPANY HISTORY

4 Year Established: 2001 2007 2008 LED Video Board, LED Lighting Systems, Induction Lamps, Security Systems, Subcontractor for SMT PCB Assembly Solar Power Systems, Design, Supplier & Installer Travel & Tours Agency GLOBALTECH AUTOMATION, INC. (Mother Company) GLOBALTECH AUTOMATION, INC. ( Mother Company ) 1993 Products & Services: Assembly & Test Systems for Semiconductor & SMT PCB Industries SOLAR POWER CORP. SHAMMA TRAVEL & TOURS CORP. SHEMA RESOURCES INC. OMNITRONICS TECHNOLOGY INC. GROUP OF COMPANIES

5 Company Name:SHEMA RESOURCES, INC. BOARD OF DIRECTORS President: Vincent R. Santos General Manager: Conchita R. Santos Corporate Secretary: Christine R. Santos Kelly Louise R. Santos Maria Cecilia R. Santos COMPANY BACKGROUND

6 PRINCIPAL OFFICERS Sales & Marketing Dept. Vincent R. Santos Corporate Secretary Christine R. Santos Finance & Admin Manager Judith L. Aguila Operations Dept. Fermin L. Dulay II COMPANY BACKGROUND PRINCIPAL STOCKHOLDERS President Vincent R. Santos General Manager Conchita R. Santos Corporate Secretary Christine R. Santos

7 Company Address: 3/F Unit 3 VFP-MDC Bldg. II Veterans Industrial Center, Taguig City Telephone Number: (632) 839 - 1673 / 837 - 6587 Fax Number: (632) 821-2178 E-mail Address: / URL: SEC Reg. No.A20011510 Business Permit No.LCN-11-005776 TIN No.214-355-651-000V PHILGEPS No.2008-46015 Tax Clearance No.05-24-P100-R08364-2012 BOC-CPRS-CCN No.IM0003185591 CIIS/CASRIM No.028810419-13 Date Started:October 2001 Bank Reference:SECURITY BANK CORP. 52 Doña Soledad Avenue, Better Living, Parañaque City COMPANY BACKGROUND

8 Finance / Admin Manager Delivery (2) Facilities (1) Credit Collection (1) Purchasing/ Warehouse Import & Export (1) HRD Personnel (1) Sales & Marketing Manager Secretary Service Engineers (5) Service Supervisor Gen. Manager Secretary Account Executive (3) Sales Support (1) Product Supervisor (LED Group) Product Supervisor (Induction Group) Product Supervisor (Security & Wireless Group) Sales Support (1) Account Executive (3) Sales Support (1) Account Executive (3) President Project Consultant Programmer Graphic Artist I.T. Head Website developer Sales Support Project Head ORGANIZATIONAL CHART

9 LED PRODUCTS / ADVERTISING TOOLS: 1.LED Display Boards Full Color Video Display Board Single Line Series Multi-Line Series Graphic Line Series Jumbo Sign Series Factory Production Line Series Queuing Systems Digital Clocks & Timers Exchange Rate Signs Customized LED Display Boards 2. LED Traffic Lights Led Traffic Lights Led Traffic Signals Led Traffic Controllers Led Road Stud VMS Displays PRODUCTS AND SERVICES

10 3.LED Lighting Systems A) LED Illumination Lights LED Bulbs LED Par Lamps LED MR16 LED Fluorescent Tube LED High Power Lamps/Bulbs LED High-bay LED Street Lights/Perimeter Lights LED Floodlight LED Gas Station Light LED Tunnel Light B) LED Architectural Lights Led Wall Washer Led Rope light Led Neon light Led Underground Lamp Led Pool/Fountain Lamp PRODUCTS AND SERVICES LED PRODUCTS / ADVERTISING TOOLS:

11 1. Self-Ballasted Lamps 15 watts 23 watts 40 watts 2. External-Ballasted Lamps 2. External-Ballasted Lamps High-Bay Flood Lights Street Lights/Perimeter Lights Gas Station Lights Ceiling/Wall Packs Tunnel Lights INDUCTION LAMPS: PRODUCTS AND SERVICES : SERVICES: 1.LED Display Board Rentals 2.LED Programming Services 3.Products Installation 4.Repair and Maintenance 1. Security Systems 1. Security Systems CCTV Camera Systems Fire Alarm Systems Burglar Alarm Systems Access Control Systems Time Attendance Control Systems SECURITY & WIRELESS SOLUTIONS:




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