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“Niagara Based Products – Show & Tell” November 2007

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1 “Niagara Based Products – Show & Tell” November 2007
Scott Muench – Director Corporate Sales Marc Petock - Director Marketing © 2007 Tridium, Inc,

2 Welcome! The goal of TridiumTalk is to share with the Niagara community timely content on sales, products and technical topics.  This session will be four 15 minutes partner presentations, followed by 30 minutes for Q&A. This session and past sessions will be posted on our community web site at and our corporate site at The content presented here is representative of Tridium’s Niagara technology and products in general, please contact your channel partner for specific details and pricing. As a courtesy to others in the conference, please place your phone on mute until the Q&A portion of the program

3 Agenda TenantEye Utility Load Management Appliance
Aaron Hansen – CSI Cubed Utility Load Management Appliance Nicole Conklin – Cochrane Supply Motion Control Engineering Jim Boggs – Gemini Integration ProTeus V Harry Kohal – Eagle Technology More Information Question and Answer Session

4 Tenant Billing, Sub metering, And After Hours Control Aaron Hansen
TenantEye Tenant Billing, Sub metering, And After Hours Control Aaron Hansen

5 TenantEye Features Browser based application
Unlimited number of unique suites Extensive metering capabilities Flexible invoicing options Smart phone interface Works with any NiagaraAX Brand Vykon, Johnson Controls, Honeywell, Staefa, etc.

6 TenantEye Browser Based Stand-alone application Property Managers
Limited integration with custom graphics Property Managers Change tenants User management Meter configuration Invoice creation and management Tenants Schedule overrides View invoices

7 TenantEye Unlimited Number of Unique Suites (Tenants)

8 TenantEye Extensive Metering Capabilities Boolean and Numeric
Schedulable Fixed and Scheduled Rates *Meters created and linked in Workbench

9 TenantEye Invoicing Options Automatic schedule Multiple Recipients
Custom text Custom invoice text 3 custom fees Minimum invoice

10 TenantEye Invoice PDF CSV Single page bill Up to 16 meters per suite
Line items Overriding users

11 TenantEye Smart Phone Interface Simple, fast loading, HTML page

12 TenantEye Future Enhancements Invoice customization PropertyEye
Manage multiple properties Invoice tracking Disabling delinquent accounts New reports Enterprise integration

13 Get timed trial copy from your distributor today!
Thank you! Get timed trial copy from your distributor today!

14 ULMA Utility Load Management Appliance
Nicole Conklin 14

15 Utility Load Management Appliance

16 General Description The ULMA integrates and accumulates the information from the meters and present it as a web page on the owners WAN network. The ULMA will communicate to all the meters in a building utilizing a pulse signal, Modbus RTU (RS485), Modbus TCP/IP, BACnet IP, BACnet MSTP and LON WORKS networks. The ULMA panel takes the meter data, stores it in a local database, transmits the data to the central application server and displays a local web page with real time energy usage. The central application server uses the ULMA data and allows the user to model their energy usage across multiple sites.

17 Niagara JACE TRIDIUM JACE 2 with Enclosure and Power Supply
Stand Alone Web Server Local Data Storage Appliance / Energy Dashboard Equipment IO Control & Monitor Monitor Pulse, Digital or Analog Control Analog or Digital Sub Network Support Modbus RTU / IP Bacnet Lon TRIDIUM JACE 2 with Enclosure and Power Supply Networkable VES Driver XML Bacnet 17

18 Utility Load Management Appliance

19 ULMA Building Dashboard
Summary Page: Normalized to BTU and Scaled for easy information. Individual Meter Pages for: Electric Domestic Water Gas Chilled Water Steam Administration Page: User input screen for billing rates and cycles

20 WAN Network Connection to Web Services

21 ULMA + WAN to Server

22 Server Functions Can be hosted by service company
Some owners host on existing server farms Functions VES Application Server JACE Back Up and Recovery Long Term Data Storage JACE Network Management / Single IP

23 Vykon Energy Suite Overview of the 15 Reports Available on the Server
Aggregation Analysis Report Average Daily Profile Report Spectrum Summary Report Enterprise Ranking Report Relative Contribution Analysis Report Equipment Operation Report Point Trending Report Exception Report - Invoice Reconciliation - Cost Ranking - Cost Contribution - Budget Report - Rate Comparison - What-If-Analyser - Load Duration

24 Most Energy Software & the Niagara Difference
Networking Connectivity, Hardware & Software combine to enable a powerful solution Solution providers often only have products in one or two of the circles This limits their capability Energy Management must address: Connectivity (devices and enterprise) Control Data logging Analysis/reporting

25 Utility Load Management Appliance
Thank you! Utility Load Management Appliance Nicole Conklin

26 Gemini Integration Services, Inc.
Presented by: Jim Boggs and Mohamed Ezzeddine, Motion Control Engineering Gemini is a Tridium developer for R2 and AX. Building on the Niagara platform, we provide products and services that allow our clients to use technology in a creative manner streamlining their business to offer new services in the most efficient manner.

27 Some of Our Customers Facility Robotics, Inc. Irrigation Controls
Demand Response Data Center Controls

28 Some of Our Customers

29 Today's Focus - Elevators

30 About MCE Motion Control Engineering is the largest manufacturer of non-proprietary elevator controls with an installed base of over 100,000 worldwide. MCE is part of the Kinetek family of companies – major players in several industrial applications. MCE introduced its high-end, Ethernet-based control system, iControl elevator controls in 2002, simultaneously launching a suite of graphical user interface applications to configure, control, and monitor these systems. This year, MCE is introducing BMS-Link, firmware that allows iControl and other MCE elevator systems to be integrated into Building Management Systems.

31 MCE BMS-Link BMS-Link was developed by GIS and MCE using the NiagaraAX Framework from Tridium. BMS-Link will allow appropriate elevator control through the Building Management System, allowing elevator activity to be adjusted just as are cooling, heating, and lighting systems in response to building needs and/or utility provider load shedding arrangements. BMS-Link will allow elevator monitoring through the Building Management System. MCE and GSI are gathering the information and documents necessary to apply to the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) to facilitate not only a standard, but if practical, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification and innovation points relating to elevator scheduling and Demand Response.

32 BMS-Link Details

33 Features Three levels of Demand Response control
Building Management System occupancy detection and response In-car emergency phone use alarm Real-time car position Real-time door position Current floor per car Next destination per car Current travel direction Active floor calls with direction Current mode/service status Hall call up demand Hall call down demand Remove car from service Return car to service

34 Benefits Straight forward elevator/escalator interface for your Building Management System Elevator status display Escalator status display Elevator control Energy management Trend data collection

35 Simple Web Configuration

36 true Enter IP Address

37 AutoLearn 5 10

38 Builds Web Page

39 Points in a Logical File Structure

40 Floor Data

41 Car Data

42 Motion Control Engineering
Thank you! Motion Control Engineering Jim Boggs Gemini Integration

43 Sustainability Solutions November 2007
Harry Kohal – Director of Sales and Marketing Eagle Technology, Inc.

44 Make Your Relations a Value-Add
Tridium and Eagle – go-to-market strategy What is facility maintenance software? Why should I get involved? What do I need to do? What kind of support will I get? Who do I contact to sign up? Question and Answer Session

45 Market Drivers Sustainability, Green, Six-Sigma, ROI, LEAN, and LEED
Proper and timely maintenance extends equipment life Reduction in the amount of disruption through proper maintenance Lower building operations cost Rapid response to building alarms Runtime preventive maintenance

46 Get Involved with ProTeus V
Complimentary product to Niagara-compliant BAS such as Vykon®, Talon®, Carrier One®, Envision®, Webs®, ComfortPoint®, and Facility Explorer®* Easy to Implement and Use, Reliable, Flexible Preloaded with HVAC Preventive Maintenance Schedules *All BAS products are registered trademarks of Tridium, Siemens, Carrier, Alerton, Honeywell, and Johnson Controls, respectively.

47 ProTeus V Interface



50 Benefits - Your Client – Your Business
Benefits of Integration 30% Reduction in operating costs Preventive maintenance based on runtime Improved operations for service business Immediate response to Alarms, Events, and Triggers Available in 12 languages and currencies Your Eagle Representative will work with you to: Schedule a web demonstration Compile a price quote

51 Support Pre-Sale Post-Sale Literature Live Web Demos
Free Evaluation Copies for you and your client Proposal Support Availability of On-Site Presentations for User Conferences Post-Sale Phone Installation Support Eagle provides all client training and support Free Dealer Training at Eagle Technology, Mequon, WI

52 Target Clients: 100,000-125,000 ft2 facility
BAS – Intelligent Building Client Investment: $10,000 - $50,000 Software, Training, and Services One to Two Days of Alarm Configuration Dealer Revenue

53 Bottom Line - ROI Improve Client Relations Distinguish Your Company
Sell Value and Sustainability Increase Your Bottom Line

54 Introductory Opportunity
New Dealers Additional 10% Commission on Software and Training on initial order (total of 40%) Sign up no later than December 21st, 2007 To Qualify for bonus: First sale must close no later than June 30th, 2008 Close your first deal before March 31st, 2008, and receive an extra 5% on software Ongoing 30% Commission on Software, 20% on Services

55 Get Started Today Call or email for complete dealer application
Upon completion, you will receive literature, a demo CD, and contact information for the Eagle Representative who will be working with you Schedule a ProTeus V web demo for your team Identify and sell your first opportunities Download contact

56 Thank you! 1-800-388-3268 (USA and Canada)

57 Question and Answer Session
Select the Q&A icon in the Netspoke menu bar to type your questions Feel free to speak up for further discussion Please introduce yourself, company name, and where you are calling from.

58 Thank you! We would like your feedback on today’s TridiumTalk
Please take a moment to answer our short survey If you have any further questions, comments or topic suggestions, please them to Marc Petock Scott Muench

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