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Bumper Project: Sudden Impact By Toan Le 12/18/11 Period 1- Mrs. Menna.

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1 Bumper Project: Sudden Impact By Toan Le 12/18/11 Period 1- Mrs. Menna

2 Whats the problem? The problem is that smaller cars have smaller crumple zones dont crumple a lot and I made a model a smaller version with a crumple zone and it reduces a lot of the peak force and so the person who is in the car can get injure or die. The people who made the car tested the car and it went for 60 mph and when it crash the whole car was destroyed.

3 The Solution The person who made the car could make the car to a four seater instead of a two for the cars crumple zone to be longer for it to absorb the impact and keep the driver not injured or dead.

4 Crumple Zones The crumple zones are parts of a car made of softer metal and plastic. When the crumple zone gets in a crash the crumple zone crumples into a whole lots of pieces but the most important thing is that it keeps the driver alive.

5 Why Do Bumpers Prevent Injury Or Death Bumpers absorb the impact and it spread it around the car so the car wont get damage only the front and it reduces the peak force when it spreads it around. The design of the bumper or style can help people stay alive because the materials that some people use is a plastic cover, bar of steel, fiver glass composite, plastic, or aluminum.

6 My Bumper Test TrialsBumper Description Mass of Bumper (G) Peak Force Prediction (N) Actual Peak Force (N) 1. Sponge, foam, and springs between the materials 8G 24N 23N 2. Cottons balls on top of the foam and wrap it with foil 3G 30N 46N 3. Sponge between foam and a green crushable foam 9G 27N 23N 4. Sponge, foam, springs between it and paper on top 10G 21N 15N 5. Sponge and green foam glued together 5 1/2 G 25N 23N

7 My Final Design My final design is going to be my 4 th design because it got the best results in the test because of the paper I use for crumple zone and that help reduce the crumple zone. The test results were 15N. I use something soft to help me get reduce the peak force like the sponge and the gray foam stick and I glued it together. The paper I kind of crumpled and it help because it spread the force when the car crashed to the barrier

8 Reflection The things I could use to make by bumper butter is to use plane paper and foil because those two crumple the best. For the bumper I would use the green foam because it could crush really easily and it will reduce the impact to car and saving the passengers life

9 Websites www.How stuff (website) The design of the bumper (video) www.Cars www.Auto evolution (website) (website)

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