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Washington County Car Seat Program

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1 Washington County Car Seat Program
Elizabeth St. John, B.S. Health Educator, Certified Car Seat Technician Washington County Public Health 415 Lower Main Street Hudson Falls, NY 12839 Phone: (518) Fax: (518)

2 Washington County Located in rural Northeastern NY Population: 61,042
82 Miles long 14-26 Miles wide

3 Car Seat Program Two Programs: Car Seat Distribution Car Seat Check
Provides low income families living in Washington County a new seat for a donation of $10.00 Car Seat Check Community event open to residents and non-residents that have already have a seat.

4 Car Seat Distribution *Established in 1996 with 40 seats provided by the New York State Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee (GTSC) and has grown to provide over 200 seats. * * * * * * *

5 Car Seat Distribution Addresses the issue of misuse.
90% of child safety seats are used improperly. The program addresses this by providing instruction and demonstration.

6 Car Seat Distribution Collaboration is Key:
*GTSC Grant provides $$$ for seats. *Public Health provides the in-kind staff time. *Other agencies, especially WIC, promote the program and we reciprocate by promoting their programs to clients.

7 Car Seat Distribution Eligibility: *Must be a Parent or Guardian.
* Must be a Washington County Resident. *Must participate in any of these or similar programs: WIC Community Maternity Services Medicaid Food Stamps Public Assistance Free/Reduced School Lunches Head Start Social Security

8 Car Seat Distribution Process: *Families call Public Health.
*Callers are screened for eligibility. Name, residency, income eligibility, each child’s name, age, weight. *Appointments are scheduled. Appointments are scheduled as needed, taking into consideration the client’s and technician’s schedule.

9 Car Seat Distribution Appointment: *Explanation *Demonstration
*Client Installation *Paperwork Before leaving the client must complete the required paperwork. This includes demographic information, child’s name, age, weight, and a waiver of liability. Explanation: Clients are explained the process of the appointment, paper work is reviewed and will be signed at the end of the appointment. The parts of the seat are explained as well as how to use the seat correctly and why it’s important to use the seat correctly. Demonstration: The technician demonstrates how to properly install the seat in the clients vehicle. Paperwork. This included statements that they initial stating they they understand why it is important to use the seat correctly, how to strap the child into the seat, how to install the seat into the vehicle and they have been shown the parts of the seat. They also sign a statement that says that they understand it’s their obligation to use the seat correctly every time they use it, if the seat is involved in an accident they are to return the seat immediately and that they were given the manufacturer’s instructions along with the demonstration.

10 Car Seat Check Community Events: Office Appointments:
*Two community events each year, checking up to 40 seats per check. Office Appointments: *Similar to the process of a distribution appointment, accept that the client must already have a seat and checklist paperwork is used.

11 Car Seat Check Community Events: *Open to the public.
*No appointment necessary. *Hosting agency gives us a place to set up and volunteers. *Newspapers provide free advertising in their community calendar and some provide a feature story. *Technicians from throughout the area come out to help with the check. It usually takes between 4-8 techs and additional volunteers to run a check.

12 Car Seat Check *Participants pull up in their vehicle.
*Seats are checked for misuse. Technicians use a checklist and look at child in the seat and check for proper harness use, tightness in the vehicle, etc. Next the seat is pulled out of the vehicle. The technicians check the make and model to make sure the seat has not been recalled by the manufacturer. The technicians go over the whole seat and instruct parent on proper use and installation and correct any misuse. *Participants help install seat before leaving.

13 Questions? Elizabeth St. John, B.S.
Health Educator, Certified Car Seat Technician Washington County Public Health 415 Lower Main Street Hudson Falls, NY 12839 Phone: (518) Fax: (518)

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