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Saint Paul Fire Department

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1 Saint Paul Fire Department
Community Risk Reduction

2 Goal To reduce unintentional injuries of greatest risk
To promote healthy lifestyles associated with leading chronic diseases To reduce fires

3 What is the leading cause of non-fatal injuries to children?
Falls Drowning Fire/burns Motor vehicle Poisoning Firearms

4 Falls

5 What is the leading cause of fatal injuries to children?
Falls Drowning Fire/burns Motor vehicle Poisoning Firearms

6 Motor Vehicle

7 What is the annual cost of injuries?
$ 5 billion $ 210 billion $ 28 billion $ 450 billion $ 95 billion $ 106 billion

8 $250 billion Every year

9 INJURIES More children die from injuries than
from drugs, kidnapping, and childhood diseases, combined.

10 Fire Questions…

11 How many fire deaths occur in the U.S. each year?
5000 3500 2000 1000 500 50

12 3500

13 What percentage of fire deaths occur in people’ s homes?
20% 50% 80% 100% 60% 5%

14 80%

15 What is the #1 cause of fires in St. Paul?
cooking heating children smoking electrical arson

16 Cooking

17 What is the #1 cause of fire deaths?
cooking heating children smoking electrical arson


19 Saint Paul Fire Facts 2004 -2010 = 15 fire deaths
Two 80+ yr olds, all others yrs. 10 out of 15 or 66% Male 80% in single family 80% poorest neighborhoods Time of day was not a factor 6 smoking, 2 cooking, 1 electrical, 1 child-set, 2 burns, 2 undetermined, 1 suspicious

20 3-Year Fire Causes 35% all fires cooking related
60% of all structure fires cooking related 65% occurred in single family dwellings Majority of fires happened in: Frog Town, North End, Lower Eastside, West Side

21 Saint Paul Emergency Medical Runs
Respiratory Cardiac Falls

22 Community Risk Reduction Programming
Based on data, trends, and demographics Customer driven Problem solving Prevention oriented Department-wide

23 Health Promotion Programs * Blood Pressure screenings
* Free pedometers through stations * Employee health promotion Pedometers and Ht Healthy Cookbook * Fire Fit (Our Dream) Events * Celebrate A Health Heart! * CPR training classes * Neighborhood-based events e.g. Polly’s Coffee Cove, Station 18 Centennial

24 Injury Prevention Highlights
Risk Watch Fire Play Intervention Program Follow The Footsteps To Fire Safety Home Safety Literacy Project Remembering When Safe Kids Fun Nights Smoke alarm and CO detector give-away Program Project Safe Haven Station Tours and Community presetations

25 Risk Watch Topics The eight risk areas covered in Risk Watch are:
• motor vehicle safety • fire and burn prevention


27 St. Paul Injuries to Children Ages 0 – 14 8-year Study

28 Results In 6 years, total injuries down 23% falls – down 25%
motor vehicle injuries – down 32% bike injuries – down 53% airway obstruction incidents – down 9% pedestrian injuries – down 26% burns – already low, down by 32% other injuries – down 31%

29 More Results For 11 years, 15% improvement in safety knowledge test scores (Risk Watch) 86% reduction in children setting fires (from 200+ to 28 per year). Recidivism rate of children who have successfully completed the Fire Play Intervention Program is less than 1%.

30 More Results Follow The Footsteps To Fire Safety has been presented to over 70,000 preschool and kindergarten children. Fires and pediatric burns in St. Paul are among the lowest in the nation compared to cities of similar size. From , no fire deaths in Saint Paul of those at highest risk – the elderly and the very young – who are populations targeted by current fire department public education programs.

31 Mayor’s Initiatives #1 Ready for School, Ready for Life
Continue to expand programs in Head Start, preschools, ECFE and other early childhood programs with a focus on literacy. Expand the current Home Safety Literacy program.

32 Mayor’s Initiatives #2 Safe Streets and Safe Homes
Develop partnerships and maintain proactive strategies that positively affect human behaviors leading to fires, unintentional injuries and chronic disease development. Continue offering programs that engage and empower youth – Safe Kids Fun Nights, No school day programs, Safety Camps, Risk Watch, Fire Play Intervention Program.

33 Mayor’s Initiatives # 4 Communities = Healthy Living
Promote optimal health and safety of the community by developing programs affecting specific health behaviors such as increased physical activity. Add value to the city’s efforts to improve our pedestrian streetscapes through programs that teach pedestrian, bike and motor vehicle safety such as Risk Watch, Fun Nights and Safe Routes to Schools.

34 Making St. Paul The Most Livable City in America
by Preventing Injuries and Chronic Disease in our Community.

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