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Using Web-Based Guides in Instruction Instructor College Discussion April 2011.

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1 Using Web-Based Guides in Instruction Instructor College Discussion April 2011

2 Session Goals Talk about: – What the research says about web-based guides for instructional purposes – what we know about local use of course- related/workshop-related guides Share our collective wisdom to develop our best practices for course-related/workshop- related guides

3 Ground Rules Karen is not the expert; we are the experts Remember to think about technology workshop- related guides in our discussion as well as course- related/course-integrated guides We can look at examples of course-related guides – but lets avoid MLibrary guides Subject guides, created for HLB categories, are not a focus of this discussion Brainstorming is good; there are no bad answers

4 What We Know Subject guides = path finders, subject portals, webliographies, research guides, etc. Having a known audience or purpose for a guide makes it easier to create content Maintenance of multiple guides can be never- ending Instruction sessions that provide immediate success and are relevant to the task at hand are viewed as useful to students

5 What We Know For students, convenience determines use Students have difficulty filtering/sorting for relevance Because students cant match their information needs with subject guides and because they rely on course readings/search engines/Wikipedia, delivering content at the course level to better match students mental models of information is preferred, to get them to the good stuff Students appreciate customized guides for their particular needs Usability research = students want simple layouts, annotations not just links, section headings/navigation, embedded instruction (how to best use resources/tutorials), access to librarian/help

6 What We Know 2011JanFebMarAprTotal Homepage Hits 38225069379497113656 Guide Hits42788517765019216464161220

7 More of What We Know Julie P/Melissa G conducted focus groups Mobile device use on campus is important Sakai project underway to include guides in CTools course sites

8 Some guides to look at: : Visual and asks for clear feedback for a course guide : Interesting because it has some audio and describes a process. : includes links to course guides : business tool guide with visual elements : technology workshop guide : lists of titles : portal to guides (music) and strategies for assignments : portal to course guides : assessment quiz

9 Best Practice Use course-related/workshop-related guide – to solve a specific problem/to accomplish a task – to provide easy accessibility to needed information – as an opportunity to work with a faculty member

10 Best Practice Best bets/advice is preferred by students Use Tab headings; break content up into smaller chunks by using boxes (think modules) Input a clear guide description (scope note-like stuff) Link to related guides, including subject guides Use visually interesting stuff along with text Collaborate with faculty/instructor on guide Set guides to private at end of term if not taught in following term Include Course_guide tag Be aware of accessibility issues ( Ask a Librarian box on right Creator contact box on right

11 Reference List Gilmour, R. (2010). Old wine in new skins: Thoughts on academic library web guides. C&RL News (July/August) 71(7), 350-351,357. Hintz, K. et al (2010). Letting students take the lead: A user- centered approach to evaluating subject guides. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 5(4), 39-52. Little, J. (2011). Cognitive load theory and library research guides. Internet Reference Services Quarterly 15(1), 53-63. Reeb, B., & Gibbons, S. (2004). Students, Librarians, and Subject Guides: Improving a Poor Rate of Return. Portal. 4(1), 123-30. Project Information Literacy reports (

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