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FASET Library Collections Faculty Page Pam Bolan.

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1 FASET Library Collections Faculty Page Pam Bolan

2 Purpose of the Page will be emailed to faculty members within FASET (part of faculty liaison) provides information about new resources acquired by the library encourages faculty to recommend relevant resources for the collection (and explains why these recommendations are so valuable) is school-specific

3 About the Page created using LibGuides software software is already familiar to some staff, so it will not be too challenging if other collections staff want to create similar pages library subscribes to software new resources listed on the page will be updated twice per year faculty will be encouraged to add a shortcut to the page on their desktops

4 one tab for each school

5 Each tab has it’s own look and highlights resources specific to that school

6 Elements of Each Tab

7 Element #1: Why We Need Faculty Feedback

8 Element #2: How to Recommend a Resource

9 Element #3: Survey Form All responses are immediately emailed to me This field is required, so that I can contact the faculty member

10 Element #4: Q & A Links Links to the video that Jennifer Peters showed us

11 Element #5: Links to New Books and E-Books Book cover photograph relates to specific school Click here to open …

12 Page is periodically updated by the library’s digital services team

13 Element #6: List of New AV Resources DVD cover photograph relates to specific school The library does not produce (and update) lists of AV resources, so I will update this list manually

14 Element #7: Note re. Streamed Videos Highlights that the physical AV resources are just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ Both the blue words and the image are links to the library’s streamed video site …


16 Element #8: SFX Search for Relevant Serials Click on a subject category to open … Categories and photo of journal cover are school-specific

17 295 journals within this subject category (print & electronic)

18 Usability / Accessibility

19 All images include image descriptions

20 The page is searchable

21 There is a lot of white space

22 Also … there are no links to PDFs the text is broken up with several pictures (not a wall of text) presents all text in a sans-serif font does not (I hope) use much library jargon opens links within the same window so that users can navigate back using the back button allows for size adjustments using Ctrl+

23 How the Technology Helps Me to Liaise with Faculty … faculty can keep shortcut to page on desktop resources information can be frequently updated interactive survey encourages recommendations and provides me with immediate feedback links provide instant access to resources as well as answers to frequently asked questions

24 My Journey time-consuming to make each tab school- specific but worth it to ensure relevancy page is currently ‘unpublished’ will present the idea of the page at an upcoming collections committee meeting, and then publish it and send it out once I have approval will continue to think about ways to use new technologies in my collection work (e.g., maybe imbed a recommendations survey within the FASET-related subject guides to get student feedback)

25 Unpublished Page Available at:

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