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Intermodal, Short Sea Shipping, Floating Ports Initiatives? Jae Wook Lee ISO / TC8 / SC11, Chairman Professor, Inha University, Korea UNECE 36 th Session.

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2 Intermodal, Short Sea Shipping, Floating Ports Initiatives? Jae Wook Lee ISO / TC8 / SC11, Chairman Professor, Inha University, Korea UNECE 36 th Session on Inland Water Transport Geneva, Swiss

3 Discussion Topics Intermodal, Rivers, Short Sea Shipping Floating Ports Initiatives

4 World Marine Industry Sector Totals (bn) Source : World Marine Markets, March 2005, Douglas-Westwood

5 5,808 bil.$ 9,778 bil.$ 2,356 bil.$ 4,971 bil.$ EU NE Asia Trade Volume and Transport Routes between EU & NE Asia TSR TCR TCR-N TCR-M TCR-S

6 Container Trade Volume among C-J-K unit :10,000 TEU

7 Needs of SSS System in NE Asia European short sea shipping has achieved great success for last 15 years to shift cargos from road transport Road congestion results increase of transport cost & air pollution in Europe Short Sea Shipping is recognized as best practices for users, operators, regulators and infrastructure providers of C-J-K region

8 Definition Definition Short Sea Shipping Short Sea Shipping Intermodality Intermodality Implementation Implementation Hardware Hardware Ships, Cargo handling systems, Terminals Ships, Cargo handling systems, Terminals Software Software VTMIS(safety), EDI(Advanced logistics) VTMIS(safety), EDI(Advanced logistics) Support Support A local cooperative forum A local cooperative forum Collaboration with market Collaboration with market

9 KTX JR TCR TKR TMR Lianyungang Yantai TMGR Short Sea Shipping Routes In Yellow Sea Region Ocean Route SSS Route To America EU Yangtze River

10 Yellow Sea Sea-River Shipping


12 Kyung-In Canal Length : 18 km Width : 100 m Depth : 6 m INCHEONSEOUL Han River YellowSea

13 Yangtze River Inland Waterway Chonging Chonging 446 Fengjie Fengjie Badong Badong Yichang Yichang 1, Wuhan Wuhan 1,543 1,097 1, Jiujiang Jiujiang 2,007 1,561 1,469 1, Nanjing Nanjing 2,094 1,648 1,556 1, Zhenjiang Zhenjiang 2,399 1,953 1,861 1,751 1, Shanghai Shanghai Length : 2,399 km (Shanghai – Chongqing) Annual Throughput : 430 mil ton (2004)

14 SSS System Ships objective : - Sea-river Barge - Fast Container Carrier - Train Ferry, etc Terminal Facilities : - Cargo handling systems - Transshipment, etc. SSS Support Systems : - SSS Information Networks - Identification and Location Technologies for Intermodal Transport - Customs Clearance - Container Security Initiatives etc.

15 New or Old Technologies New: Tri-maran Fast Container Feeder(40kts)Old: Pusher Barge Fleet Ships objective

16 Fast or Slow Ships Fast Container Ship (over 30knots) Barges (less than 10knots)

17 The FLO/FLO Type Barge Carriers Source: Dockwise (2003)

18 Sea-river Barge carrier in the Yellow Sea -1 A conceptual drawing of sea-river barge carrier for the local delivery along the coastal area of Korean peninsular

19 Modern barge carrier concept Hinterland Sea Hinterland Alternative Concept for conventional Container Transshipment Sea-river Barge Container Ship Reducing number of transshipment steps Sea-river Barge carrier as an example Source : Prof. Abdel-Maksoud, 2007

20 Loading Depth Reducing for loading of barge into the under-deck cargo hold Pumping out water from the ballast tanks to adjust the height of barge carrier to accommodate the floating barge into the lower cargo hold Floating and fixing of the barge in cargo hold Source : Prof. Abdel-Maksoud, 2007

21 Larger Cargo Hold of Barge Carrier Advantage: Direct floating-in of barge fleet into the carrier Disadvantage: Great free surface with nagative influence on the ship stability Sea-river Barge carrier in the Yellow Sea - 2 Source : Prof. Abdel-Maksoud, 2007

22 Train Ferry System for Korea-China and Korea-Japan Short Sea Shipping linkage to TAR (Trans Asian Railway) Standardization Target : Ship and Harbor Facility Train Ferry in Baltic Sea SSS linkages to TAR Train Ferry System

23 Major Railway Network of China 8 Major Longitudinal Railways 8 Major Transverse Railways Beijing Shanghai

24 WAREHOUSES-CFS INLAND CONTAINER TERMINAL, LO/LO BARGE ACCESS Rail Mounted Gantry Crane Loaded Container Stack To/from Over-the-Road Vans Direct Delivery of Container from Barge to Warehouse Door To/from Grounded ISO Container Two-way Container On Chassis Loading Lane LO/LO Container Barge Terminal Facilities Inland Waterway Container Terminal

25 RoPax (Pallet Loading/Unloading) System of EU Cargo Handling Systems

26 CTYS 2000 Container Pallet handling system patented by CTYS, Inha University High Performance Capability of Loading and Unloading Position Valve System Activated by Smart Electro-Rheological(ER) Fluids Easy adaptation for High Speed Cargo Ships

27 Concept of Mega Pallet System -1

28 Concept of Mega Pallet System - 2

29 10.0 m Max. Min. Contai ner cranes Floatin g Contai ner Termin al Absorb ing Device s CTYS Fixing Anchor Container crane 10.0m Max. Min. Bridge support Connection Bridge Sh ip Floating Container Terminal Couplings Absorbing Devices CTYS Floating Container Terminal

30 Source : Offshore-Containerumschlag – Herausforderung für Ingenieure Kapitän Dipl.-Naut. Olaf Kammertöns Entwicklungszentrum für Schiffstechnik und Transport systeme e.V. (Duisburg) Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Wichner CATS GmbH & Co. KG (Wendelstein) Prof. Dr.-Ing. Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud Institut für Schiffstechnik und Transportsysteme der UDE (Duisburg)* Mitglied des Zentrums für Logistik und Verkehr, Universität Duisburg-Essen 28. Duisburger Kolloquium, June, 2007 Offshore Floating Terminal Trends of container shipping - Mega Carrier shipping co. - Big ship, 12000TEU over - Mega Hub port - Global Terminal Operator (GTO)

31 Offshore Floating Terminal Source : Abdel Maksoud et. al. 2007

32 Mobile Harbor (MH-B1 type) Source : KAIST

33 Mobile Harbor (MH-B2 type) Source : KAIST

34 Mobile Harbor (MH_A type) Source : KAIST

35 Mobile Harbor (MH_A1-250 type) Source : KAIST

36 Types of Mobile Floating Structures 1. Mobile floating ports/terminals - implementing the nodal point of global and short sea shipping for efficient logistics system - IT based design of future logistics process before implementation 2. Floating Airport 3. Artificial Island : concept for ocean living & tourism 4. Sea based support Platform - The need for amphibious operations

37 Strategies in support of its Initiatives -Understanding scope and complexity of implementation -Lack of internal expertise to implement virtualization -Anticipated costs of implementing virtualization -Demonstrating ROI for virtualization Challenges in defining and implementing -Determine need for virtualization -Develop virtualization strategy -Consolidate applications and data -System management and technologies -Safety & Security -VTMIS, EDI, e-Port Clearance, Standardization, etc.

38 Major Fields for Design and Construction Structure Mechanics - Loading and structure response analysis - Safety and reliability of the structures, etc. Hydrodynamics - Analysis of relative motion between structure and ships during operation conditions, etc. Automation & Crane Technology - Operation of container cranes in the balanced conditions - Energy management system of the structures Structure Lifetime Management - Cost-Profit-Analysis

39 Intermodal & SSS Pilot Projects in NE Asia Intermodal & SSS Pilot Projects in NE Asia High-speed Container System in C-J-K region C-J-K RoPax (RoRo & Passenger) System Korea-China Train Ferry System Sea-River Barge System Offshore Floating Terminal, etc.

40 Thank You for your attention Prof. Jae Wook Lee :

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