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Puff Mobile Design Challenge. What is Engineering?

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1 Puff Mobile Design Challenge

2 What is Engineering?

3 The Scenario A company that produces novelty toys has realized that since most 6-10 year old kids dont have a cell phone and therefore, cant text in class, there is a market for a note passer among the 6-10 year old set. They would like their engineers to design this toy to pass a note as far as possible powered by one breath.

4 What is the problem? You need to solve this problem. What do you want to know before you start?

5 Go Puff Design Challenge GOAL To design a vehicle That will carry a note (half sheet of copy paper) As far as possible On one puff of breath Using only 10 items In 18 minutes.

6 Using verbs, describe what you did during the design process.

7 The Engineering Design Process ASK IMAGINE PLAN CREATE IMPROVE THE GOAL To solve a problem by developing or improving a technology Criteria Constraints Sci. info Brainstorming No evaluation Get specific with one idea And test

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