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Theres an app for That In the Trenches A Practical Approach to Mobile Government ACMA Conference July 2011 Tucson, AZ.

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1 Theres an app for That In the Trenches A Practical Approach to Mobile Government ACMA Conference July 2011 Tucson, AZ

2 The Growth of M (mobile)

3 First it was - The Mobile WEB Most popular activities on the mobile Web – mobile search, – reading news and sports information, – downloading music and videos, – and email and instant messages.

4 Then Phones got Smart We began to download applications Over 300,000 mobile apps have been developed in three years. – Apps have been downloaded 10.9 billion times. – Most used are games, news, maps, social networking and music. tools/latest-mobile-stats

5 To Keep Perspective Users of Apple and Android regularly spend 79 minutes a day using apps… And they download approximately 9 apps a month! Metrics/ Practically speaking: Facebook, Google Maps and The Weather Channel (TWC) rule. 1 in 4 mobile apps once downloaded are never used again1 in 4 mobile apps once downloaded are never used again.

6 However… its only a matter of time In the future money transfer; location-based services; m-health and m-payment will be key drivers. Mobile Trends 2011

7 However… its only a matter of time M-payment the last twelve months, customers around the world have ordered more than US $1 billion of products from Amazon using a mobile device" – Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of (July 2010).

8 However… its only a matter of time M-health The Littman Electronic Stethoscope, pictured, relies on Bluetooth to transmit sounds in real time to a PC for further analysis.

9 However… its only a matter of time Location Based Service

10 The two big players (in US, at least) Apple iOS (Apple) Operating System Android OS (Google) Operating System Where will these players be in the future? Blackberry (RIM) Windows 8 (Microsofts OS for tablets?) Will you develop / use applications for all?

11 Something to consider The mobile phone is the new laptop and the laptop is the new desktop of this decade Do you agree?

12 Thats Statistics… What about government – now? What is the problem we are trying to solve?

13 Avondale Experience Use of iPhone came as a graffiti efficiency solution through GPC (graffiti contractor) Enabled real-time work orders to field – Faster abatement – within 24 hours or less – Eliminated paper entirely Streamlined data entry Improved billing efficiency and timing Enhanced monitoring and admin capabilities

14 MyAvondale app Evolved into iPhone and Droid app Citizens use app to report issues to City – Graffiti and code enforcement – Parks maintenance issues – Potholes, street lights and more Picture and map generated via GPS App generates e-mail to appropriate contact

15 PAM 1.0 Powerful – Accurate - Mobile Were on to something… Code complaints were increasing from public City management wanted more codes enforced – Property maintenance, Zoning ordinance, illegal construction, stormwater (NPDES), dust Same number of code officers and looming budget cuts

16 PAM 1.0 Powerful – Accurate - Mobile GPC saw a market – we had no money Developed case management system integrated with smart phones Allows code officers to remotely: – Open case – Populate address fields and parcel information – Enter case notes – Upload pictures with notes Vastly improved efficiency – enhanced capabilities

17 Code officers in the field


19 Similar stories in Tucson, Pima County, Mesa, Phoenix…

20 …and then the iPad arrived. Mesa and our e-agenda experience



23 …our first mobile app iMesa – in the Droid marketplace – …and someday? at the Apple Store Other Government Mobile Apps? » Public Technology Inc » Book of Apps Book of Apps


25 The cool factor Dont underestimate the cool factor – Information at their fingertips – Its easy to get hooked – instant access / visual Were not getting that large budget book – well get that electronic, right? Another Example of cool – QR Codes or Microsoft Tags

26 The power of a barcode Some creative ways to use it Mesa Art Center performers Parks 4-Page Highlights – with link to full offerings Idaho Tourism Board

27 HOWEVER… KNOW that QR codes are just a transition to help people get ready for whats coming… Near Field Communications (NFC) – A Standard that helps devices communicate short ranges to each other SECURELY

28 Now…The pitfalls When your [IT] organization doesnt just LOVE the idea – Things youll need to do

29 Practical things you will need to do Adjust your policies and processes to cover mobile and social media – For example - If you access City email on your device: Have policies that require use of a password – regardless of whether city or personally purchased Include the ability to erase device if stolen or lost

30 Practical things you will need to do Discuss public record / auditing / personal use and use of personal devices – Will you accept/support devices that are bought by the employee rather than the city? – Are stipends a valid direction now (if not already in place in your organization? )

31 Understanding the difference between Personal vs. City Purchase City PurchasePersonal Purchase Privacy Expectations No privacy.Privacy except for City provided applications Audit of Device With cause, all use can be audited Auditing of only City provided applications Monitoring usage Upon request, all monitoring where technology allows N/A Public Records Requests Everything including personal use on city device Only if city data physically resides on the device. Request filled by the employee Personal Use & Storage of personal data Incidental, limited useN/A Loss of Device?Block City services / Remote Wipe if needed

32 They are called Smart Devices for a Reason Support - its a SHARED responsibility – TOO many devices and Operating Systems to select and control the device – Support your IT dept in setting boundaries around what they will support – Use innovative ways to share that support

33 Employees sign up to note which model they have – and offer to help

34 Employees share favorite apps/ info

35 About Tablets specifically Managing Expectations – Today - Its a companion device… but people want to make their iPad a Microsoft PC

36 MORE Practical things you will need to do Procurement practices are in flux – Consumer devices / data plans vs. corporate billing practices – Purchasing a corporate application in a consumer based, heres my credit card world » Gifting / Volume purchase

37 ITs reality… Getting your app in the store – Android – Apple Realize Wi-fi access will become important (as will 3G, 4G, LTE) Side note advice to IT: Be Vendor agnostic – its the PC wars all over again

38 ITs reality… There really are IT considerations you need to discuss: – WHERE is the information stored and how does everyone who needs to see it - get it? – Is the data being backed up? – Did the applications you just purchased walk away with the council members iTunes account?

39 ITs reality… There really are IT considerations you need to discuss: – Are you generating data that needs to somehow integrate into another City enterprise system? – Security WILL be important – as the hackers line up to play in this new arena

40 Where are YOU at in this debate? The fact of the matter is that mobile devices are going to be the majority of the way that people get information. Post PC? That name implies we will all show up to work one day, overturn our desks in celebration and go on with our days squinting at tiny smart phones screens and fumbling with our thumbs. This is simply not the future. At least not anytime soon.

41 Yes, there WILL be an app for that! Will you use it?

42 Thank you! Gina Montes Diane Gardner Kari Kent Gina Montes, Diane Gardner, Kari Kent,

43 Gina Montes, Neighborhood & Family Services Director, City of Avondale Diane Gardner, CIO, City of Mesa Kari Kent, Deputy City Manager, City of Mesa Contact Information

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