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Mobile Application Development. Agenda 1030Mobile Development Apps & The AppStore, Making Money From Apps, Mobile Web vs Mobile App 1200Lunch 1300Technical.

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1 Mobile Application Development

2 Agenda 1030Mobile Development Apps & The AppStore, Making Money From Apps, Mobile Web vs Mobile App 1200Lunch 1300Technical Stream iPhone Coding, Business Engagement, C#.NET with MonoTouch, Unity 1300UX Design Stream Intro to UX, UX Concepting, Interaction Design, Graphical Design 1500Reception Furness Senior Common Room

3 Apps & App Stores Reuben Edwards Computing Communications

4 History DB8 DB8

5 Mobile Apps Psion Organiser II 1986 Palm Pilot 1997 Nokia 6630 2003 iPhone 2007

6 Smartphone Market Share (2010Q2/Gartner)

7 Mobile Operating Systems Symbian Android Windows Mobile/Phone iOS Meego Blackberry PalmOS

8 Symbian Power***** Difficulty***** Capabilities***** Market Reach*** Business Use****

9 Symbian OS – The Symbian operating system is globally the predominant operating system although performs poorly in the US – The Symbian operating system has evolved from the EPOC operating system that was developed by Psion as a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) operating system. – The Symbian OS grew out of a partnership between Psion, Nokia, Ericsson, and Motorola, although Nokia have gradually bought out the other manufacturers.

10 Android Power***** Difficulty*** Capabilities***** Market Reach*** Business Use****

11 Android OS Linux-based Operating System Includes: – Hardware reference design – Linux OS kernel – Open source libraries (e.g. SQLite, WebKit, OpenGL, etc) – Runtime which manages and executes applications within a Virtual Machine – Application Framework which exposes underlying functionality – User Interface Framework – Pre-installed applications – Software Development Kit

12 Windows Mobile Power***** Difficulty** Capabilities***** Market Reach** Business Use*****

13 Windows Mobile &.NET Windows Mobile is arguably the leading player in enterprise and business application development and deployment. The use of the.NET Framework for development allows for relatively simple cross-platform development.

14 PalmOS Power**** Difficulty**** Capabilities*** Market Reach* Business Use****

15 Palm Palm was one of the early leaders in PDA development and so has traditionally held a strong position in the development of enterprise applications, although its market share has declined significantly over the years and has long since been displaced by Windows Mobile. – Indeed, Palm have shipped devices with Windows Mobile, and this is likely to continue to become a long-term trend as the brand is still strong within the business community. – A new version of the PalmOS, WebOS has failed to have a major impact on the market and unlikely to offer significant new opportunities for development.

16 iPhone Power**** Difficulty***** Capabilities*** Market Reach** Business Use***

17 iPhone The iPhone has been heavily hyped but in terms of market reach is still a niche device. However it has enjoyed considerable success in the US market now accounting for approximately 25% of Smartphone sales.

18 MeeGo Linux-based Operating System – Debian-based Partnership between Intel and Nokia – Merges Intels Mobin with Nokias Maemo Apps developed using Qt – Also supports GTK apps Netbook variant based on SUSE Linux called Smeegol

19 MeeGo UIX

20 Apple Magic (will you ever forget last Tuesday?) YcA YcA

21 Apple App Store The App Store DateAvailable appsDownloads to date July 11, 20085000 July 14, 200880010,000,000 September 9, 20083,00055,000,000 October 22, 20087,500200,000,000 December 5, 200810,000300,000,000 January 16, 200915,000500,000,000 March 17, 200925,000800,000,000 April 23, 200935,0001,000,000,000 June 8, 200950,0001,000,000,000+ July 11, 200955,0001,000,000,000+ July 14, 200965,0001,500,000,000 September 9, 200975,0001,800,000,000 September 28, 200985,0002,000,000,000 November 4, 2009100,0002,000,000,000+ January 5, 2010120,0003,000,000,000+ March 20, 2010150,000+3,000,000,000+ April 8, 2010185,000+4,000,000,000+ April 29, 2010200,000+4,500,000,000+ June 7, 2010225,000+5,000,000,000+ September 1, 2010250,000+6,500,000,000+ October 20, 2010300,000+7,000,000,000+

22 Age Ratings 4+Contains no objectionable material. 9+ May contain mild or infrequent occurrences of cartoon, fantasy or realistic violence, and infrequent or mild mature, suggestive, or horror- themed content which may not be suitable for children under the age of 9. 12+ May also contain infrequent mild language, frequent or intense cartoon, fantasy or realistic violence, and mild or infrequent mature or suggestive themes, and simulated gambling which may not be suitable for children under the age of 12. 17+ May also contain frequent and intense mature, horror, and suggestive themes; plus strong sexual content, nudity, strong language, alcohol, tobacco, and drugs which may not be suitable for children under the age of 17. Consumers must be at least 17 years old to purchase apps with this rating. Whenever an app of this rating is requested for download, a message will appear, verifying if a user is 17 or older, and asking to confirm the purchase for this reason.

23 Fixing bugs Nine Inch Nails In May 2009, Trent Reznor of the rock band Nine Inch Nails announced, via his Twitter account, that Apple had rejected an update to the Nine Inch Nails application due to "objectionable content". The developer posted a message on the Nine Inch Nails discussion boards explaining the situation further: "v1.0 is live. v1.0.3 got rejected due to content yet the app has no content in it. This was mainly a stability release to fix the bug that crashes the app for international users. The bug was fixed 24 hours after 1.0 went live and we have been waiting for Apple to approve it ever since. Meanwhile the app continues to get a growing number of 1 star ratings from international users understandably frustrated by the bug. "But looks like our hands are tied". Apple later permitted the update.

24 Other App Stores Ovi Store – ovicom_nli-uk-0-1 ovicom_nli-uk-0-1 Windows Marketplace – Android Market – e e Blackberry App World –

25 Independent App Stores Handango – e.jsp e.jsp – GetJar –

26 Making Money From Apps

27 7 App Reviews O8U O8U

28 Where is the Money? Sales? – Typical prices: 59p - £1.19 – Less 17.5% – Less 30% Advertising? – Would you click-through? – Lack of multi-tasking a problem? Web? – Parent sites with click-through advertising… Products – Sell something …

29 Top 10 (Paid) – 18/11/10 1.Sleep Talk Recorder59p 2.Angry Birds59p 3.Cut The Rope59p 4.Rage HD£1.19 5.WhatsApp Messenger59p 6.Amateur Surgeon 259p 7.Angry Birds Halloween59p 8.Tetris®59p 9.Fruit Ninja59p 10.Scrabble®59p

30 Top 10 (free) - 18/11/10 1.Train Conductor 2.Rolo 3.Celebalike 4.Coca-Cola Christmas Special 5.Christmas!! 6.Smurfs Village 7.Take That 8.Minigore 9.TRON 10.Tiny Chef TM

31 Discussion What makes a top Game? Fulfil a need or milk a brand? Quick games or immersive? Games or Utilities?

32 Angry Birds xz0 xz0

33 Mobile Web or Mobile App

34 Pros & Cons AppsWeb Slow ApprovalInstantly Available Installed on DeviceCross-platform OfflineRequire Data Content RestrictionsUncensored Tailored to DeviceVariable output Multiple-buildSingle build

35 Why the Web? 0VE 0VE

36 BBC Web Versions html html – Low – Standard – Desktop

37 .mobi – –

38 .mobi Backers Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, Ericsson, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Telefonica, Telecom Italia, Orascom, GSM Association, Hitchison Whampoa, Syniverse, Visa Free testing tool, – Scores mobile readiness from 1 to 5 DIAL – Device Independent Authoring Language – Aids in creating sites for mobile devices

39 Device breaks concept of device independence Site optimised for mobile rather than designed for any device Potentially mitigate by domains – Automatically redirect mobile devices version

40 mobiForge Developer resource for mobile web development – Technical articles and blogs – Tools – Reference Material – Forums – Directory

41 Mobile Web Strategy Why should it be mobile? – Content should be directly useful to a mobile user What content should I make mobile? – What need does it serve? – What value does a mobile perspective provide? What are the users goals? – Are these different for mobile users?

42 Overall Goals Business Goals – What are the business goals? – How does a mobile presence help to achieve these goals? – Are there new business opportunities? User Goals – How does the audience benefit from a mobile app? – What tasks will they accomplish? – Does the immediacy of mobile help the user? – What is the context of the information? – How much attention will be paid to the content?

43 Technical Constraints What type of devices do the users have? What are the financial constraints? What is the range of screen sizes? How much bandwidth will the app have?

44 Mobile Information Architecture Structure information as simply as possible Place the right information in the right place Consider click investment – Data retrieval relatively slow on mobile – Lengthy retrievals lead to user frustration – Every link should clearly label what is being downloaded so that the user is willing to wait Avoid click disappointment

45 Keep it simple Limit choices – Take the content relevant to a mobile user and discard the rest – Create a simple, drill-down architecture Limit categories Limit links to 10 per page Code links with access keys (e.g.0-9) so keypad can be used to access content quickly on olderdevices At least one content item, per page! Prioritize links by popularity Click-streams – Spread content over multiple pages

46 Designing for multiple screens

47 Traditional Web Layout

48 Possible Mobile Layout

49 Summary Not all about Apple (Well 98% of it is!) Keep it simple But remember…

50 Theres an app for that… oKw oKw

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