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Implementing Cognos Mobile

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1 Implementing Cognos Mobile
Chris Framel Senior Consultant

2 What We’ll Cover Introduction Why Mobile? IBM Cognos Mobile
CUG Why Mobile? IBM Cognos Mobile Installing Cognos Mobile Cognos Mobile Demo Active Report Demo Questions

3 Who Am I? Senior Consultant with Infolink
15 Years experience with Cognos Managed deployment of 200 iPads and iPhones while CIO of ABQ Water Enjoy fly fishing and holidays Wife says I dance like Bill Nye the Science Guy (watch his DWTS YouTube performance!)

4 Why Mobile? Proliferation of mobile devices
Need to access data anywhere VPN capability Online or offline needs Spread of wireless and #G connections Management must haves Ease of Use Other CUG 1

5 What is IBM Cognos Mobile?
Tool for viewing Cognos content online or offline on mobile device Apps Tablet Browser? - maybe IBM Cognos Mobile Client IBM Cognos Mobile Native App (iPad)

6 Enhancement History Beginning 10.1 - the Big Changes
iPad emphasis with iPad native app Web browsing emphasis on various platforms Active Reports on iPad native app Improved prompting Importing from Improved security

7 Enhancement History 10.2.x Audit logging
Apple push notifications (Badges and Texts) Pinch and zoom, more “touch friendly” Improved mobile security and configuration Bursting reports to mobile recipients RAVE visualizations Performance, performance, performance

8 Installing Cognos Mobile
Components IBM Cognos Mobile Service (Application tier) IBM Cognos Mobile Gateway IBM Cognos Mobile Client Mobile client for Blackberry iPad native app (available via iTunes) Web version (iPad, Android, iPhone) Transforms Cognos Business Intelligence reports and analyses for mobile consumption. Compresses Cognos BI report and analysis content for fast distribution over-the-air to the mobile devices and access from those devices. Pushes report and analysis content to the mobile devices. Facilitates incoming and outgoing report-related and analysis-related requests between the mobile device and the environment to search, browse, or run reports. Synchronizes the mobile content store on the server with the mobile database on the mobile device Translates Cognos BI Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) messages into wireless-friendly messages. Communicates with the mobile CUG Remote Configuration

9 Single Computer Install

10 Installation Tidbits

11 Installation Tidbits Many ways to deploy mobile clients
Apple configurations (a few of them!) Push notifications Maximum login attempts Session timeouts and security codes Lease key Caching credentials duration Pass-through authentication Page 24 Guide Page 41 Lots of Apple stuff Configuration settings – Dispatcher and Services, MobileService, Properties, Settings, Advanced Settings

12 IBM Cognos Mobile – Let’s Take a Look!
Demo IBM Cognos Mobile – Let’s Take a Look!

13 iPad Safari Browser - Tablet
VPN access

14 iPad Mobile Client VPN access

15 iPad Native App VPN access but also offline

16 Let’s take a closer look!
iPad Native App Let’s take a closer look! VPN access but also offline

17 Understanding Capabilities
Highly interactive Exceptional performance Disconnected! Sophisticated deployment options Now with visualizations (RAVE) Active Reports serve as the foundation .MHT is a MS technology No pressure on Application Server Lots of information in a single report, executives appreciate them. Interaction – appealing and asthetic user interface, filtering and prompting Performance – data is not reliant on data source(s) Disconnected

18 What’s an Active Report
Storyboarding and design Naming conventions Active controls Drill-through capabilities MHT file (careful of file size!) RAVE, admin and development Pixels, pixels, pixels Although drill behavior is not supported, it can be emulated. Prints like HTML Bursting is an option to handle security, but remember, it’s a static output Active reports are great for individuals who do not want to learn “Cognos” (logging in, navigating, etc.) Report Studio reports can be converted to an Active Report, but you cannot go from Active Report to RS report

19 From Start to Finish - Demo
Create a simple Active Report Log into IBM Cognos Mobile Download the Report View the Report Examples

20 Questions? Final slide

21 A little pre-lunch trivia for a $10 Starbucks Card!
Ending on a Good Note A little pre-lunch trivia for a $10 Starbucks Card!

22 Question In 1994, whose last name is the same as the 41st state, led the Kansas City Chiefs to a victory over John Elway’s Denver Broncos in what was voted the 5th most exciting football game in Monday Night Football history?


24 Screen Examples? Final slide








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