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The Plugged-In Manager Terri Griffith #PIM Think Power Negotiate Well.

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1 The Plugged-In Manager Terri Griffith #PIM Think Power Negotiate Well

2 Imagine a world where it was simply understood that women were the best negotiators & change managers

3 Worksheet Describe your last negotiation in outline form What were the key aspects of the negotiation?

4 commencement-speech/ Women Underestimate Their Abilities Compared to Men

5 Depressed Entitlement Effect Jost, 1997 $8.22 $9.73


7 Negotiations Impact Over Career Based on Babcock & Laschever

8 Post-MBA Earnings Based on Babcock & Laschever


10 commencement-speech/ If you are offered a seat on a rocketship, dont ask what seat, just get on.

11 Find Your Power Place

12 scientia potentia est Knowledge is Power Attributed to Thomas Hobbes 1658

13 Not what people want, but why they want it … and finding ways to address underlying preferences/priorities that satisfy your own


15 B est A lternative to T he N egotiated A greement …BATNAs can be power too

16 Be Strategic In Your Preparation Whats your BATNA? Whats the other partys BATNA? What are the issues & outcomes? What are the other partys issues & outcomes? How are the outcomes valued? Strategies and techniques you can apply?

17 Project LeadYouOther Team Member Start Date Today+7 -2 Next Week+6 Two Weeks+5 Project Deadline 1 Month+4-4 2 Months+200 3 Months+1

18 Getting the Details Ask Questions Give Information Offer Packages – For 2 Reasons Add Issues Break Issues Apart


20 Think Power Set the Scene Trade-Off Solve Puzzles Create Value for All


22 Negotiation… Its not just for deals:


24 Using All Your Resources Being Effective in Your Job Being Effective in Your Teams Being Effective in Your Leadership of Others

25 Business objectives Universe (context, history) Information needs Laws (policies, required procedures, regulations) Dynamics (timeframe, sequencing) Events (milestones) Reach (magnitude)

26 You Have to Ask

27 Would The Plugged-In Manager be good for an on-boarding goodie bag? Do you know any Plugged-In Managers who would do 20 minutes of scenarios for our scoring key?

28 TerriGriffith

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