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2 FRENCH?? Why?? There is a French community here. Go see the world!
Be a diplomat (Embassy, UN, Olympics…) Fashion Industry (Paris here we come!) Improve your English! Appear Smart/Cultivated/Suave Improve your love life* * As a supplement only and in conjunction with other wooing skills

3 QUI EST La PROF? Janet O. Dodd MA French from UTA 2004
Est. Time spent in France = 4 years Time spent in Tahiti= TBA (but I’ve lived in Hawaii…) Years teaching French = 6 1/2 (from 1st grade- college!)

4 Syllabus (boring but necessary)
Book and Code Key Tests, Quizzes*, Work (Lab), Final ATTENDANCE!!!! (Très Important!) You have to drop your own classes. Use your UTA (mymav) address! Don’t Cheat! (see Online Translators) Note Keen Calendar of Events!! Questions? *Types of Quizzes

5 About Quizes/Tests Let me know if you can’t make it! (In advance)
You can take it next class day free of charge. Otherwise, it’s -5% per class day until you finally make it up!!! E.g. 5 class 75% highest grade possible

6 LEARNING TYPES Audio Visual Kinesthetic Invert Extrovert Reading
Speaking Accommodations

7 On Se Presente! FORMALITIES! Monsieur, Madame,Mademoiselle
Daytime: Bonjour, (Madame)! Evening: Bonsoir (Monsieur)! La Bise -vs- Handshakes VOUS= Y’all OR Formal “You” Tu= “you” for one person only; Informal.

8 On Se Présente (suite) Bonjour, Mademoiselle! Comment tu t’appelles?
Je m’appelle Sandrine. Et toi? Je m’appelle Marc. Enchantée, Marc! Enchanté. (Formal) CHALLENGE! Use this dialogue to find the names of THREE CLASSMATES! .

9 Tu es d’où? Tu es d’où? Je suis de Lyon. Et toi? Tu es de Paris?
Non, je suis de Dakar.

10 Comment Ça-va? (How’s it going?)
Salut, Marc! Comment ça-va? Ça-va bien! Et toi? Pas Mal, Merci! Salut, Marc! Ça-va? Oui! Ça-va bien! Et toi? Pas Mal, Merci! Ça-va très bien Ça-va bien Ça-va Ça-va mal (ça ne va pas) Bof!

11 Ways to say Good Bye! Au revoir! (Allez- au revoir) Salut!
À tout à l’heure! À bientôt! À plus! (Adieu) (You better mean it)

12 Challenge! Spell-a-Celebrity
L’Alphabet! Challenge! Spell-a-Celebrity

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