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Salina, Kan. Salina Airport Authority 3237 Arnold Ave. Salina, KS 67401 785.827.3914.

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1 Salina, Kan. Salina Airport Authority 3237 Arnold Ave. Salina, KS 67401 785.827.3914

2 The Salina Regional Airport features a 12,300-foot primary runway; 6,500-foot crosswind runway; 2.7 million square feet of ramp space; & over 100 thousand square feet of hangar space available for lease & occupancy.

3 KSLN can be accessed via Interstate-135 by using one of four interchanges that provide access to the Airport and Airport Industrial Center. KSLN is located 60 miles west of Ft. Riley via Interstate I-70. 90 miles north of McConnell AFB and the 22nd ARW via I-135. Adjacent to the Smoky Hill Weapons Range. Home to the Kansas ARNG Army Aviation Support Facility #2.

4 KSLN primary runway, taxiway & aircraft parking apron can support all USAF transport aircraft that are in the AMC fleet. The C5, C-17, C-130 all use the Salina Airport on a routine basis. Civilian air carrier aircraft range in size from a B-737 to B-747 & can use KSLN for troop transport.


6 Adjacent to KSLN it is the largest & busiest Air National Guard weapons range in the nation, encompassing 51 square miles, including more than than100 tactical targets & an electronic warfare range. Complex provides 36,000 acres, allowing active & reserve military units to train in a realistic environment using ground & air assets in operational training possible at only a few sites nationally. Provides airspace within an FAA sanctioned Military Operations Area, allowing active and reserve units to operate both piloted and unmanned aircraft in training scenarios.

7 For questions or to rent GSE or Logistics Services, please contact Shelli Swanson at 785.827.3914 or email

8 GMC Box Van Chevy Blazer International Semi Flatbed Truck Chevy 12 Passenger Van 1986 International Series Stake Bed Truck

9 Hobart AC Ground Power Unit 400 Hz Solid State 460 VAC 50-60Hz Hobart AC Ground Power Unit 28 VDC Solid State, 3ph/208-230- 460V/60Hz Passenger Air Stair, Towable S&S Tug, Mobile Belt Loader AM 266 Boom Lift Self-propelled, Passenger Air Stair

10 25K-Loader (Qty 2) Grey 2K Forklift 10K Forklift 12, Tri-max wheeled fire extinguishers

11 Landoll Deicer Mil & Civ AC Up to B757 Aircraft Tug Bobtail tug

12 Rates include delivery and return of equipment to any facility on the Airport. Equipment will be positioned fueled. Any refueling, refilling or recharging required will be the responsibility of the lessee. Multiple day FOL activities qualify for the $150 per day logistics rate which includes access to all equipment on this schedule.

13 Avflight Salina Corporation holds a current DoD fuel contract. Allowing easy and hassle free fueling of all military aircraft. The FBO regularly fuels all military aircraft types- fixed wing and rotary wing.

14 The airports close proximity to Smoky Hill Weapons Range allows for immediate debrief with soldiers training in the field and the pilots flying the aircraft. This allows for a more beneficial training environment and a closer relationship between the troops on the ground and in the air.

15 Canadian Air Force TFS 409 and 425 TFS, CF-18s NAS Meridian T-45 squadron training 2008 Hawgsmoke A- 10 competition 160 th SOAR Kansas UH-60 ARNG operations, AASF #2 1 st ID CAB, Kiowa, Blackhawk, Chinook & Apache training 442 nd FW, A-10s JSOC- Jaded Thunder Extensive previous military experience with various unit deployments ranging from:

16 Nickell Hall is central Kansas' most comfortable billeting facility. With WiFi throughout the building, single and double occupancy rooms, an in-house dining facility and many restaurants within walking distance, Nickell Hall is an easy place to plan your next training engagement.

17 Army National Guard Range Scheduling: 785.822.3297 Air National Guard Range Scheduling: 785.827.9611 x141 Salina Airport Authority: 785.827.3914 Crisis City: 785.826.3733 Avflight Salina (DoD Contract Fuel & Ground Support) 785.825.6739 Nickell Hall Lodging: 785.822.3296 Salina Chamber of Commerce: 785.827.9758

18 The best off-station location for JTAC, ALO, TACP and CAS training. Access to Smoky Hill Range Team with resident ASOS units 12,300-foot runway DoD contract for fuel and aircraft services On site ground equipment to support cargo aircraft Military hangar available


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