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LTL (Less-than-Truckload)

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1 LTL (Less-than-Truckload)
FREIGHT SERVICES LTL (Less-than-Truckload) FTL (Full-Truckload) Air Freight

2 LTL Service LTL - Less-Than-Truckload.
Guideline -Usually under 7,500 lbs or 10 pallets. Coverage - Nationwide within carrier networks. Prices - Depend on class, weight, distance. Pick ups - Generally require 2-3 hour window. Delivery - Monday-Friday during business hours Guaranteed Services - Available with up charge. Service - Available to AK, HI, PR, MX, CN.

3 LTL Classification There are 18 Classes. Range between 50-500.
Lower Classes: More Dense, Less Expensive, Lower Risk. Higher Classes: Less Dense, More Expensive, Requires More Space During Transport.

4 NMFC National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC#) ensures every commodity has an assigned Class depending upon four characteristics: Density Liability Handling Stow ability

5 Accessorial Fees Saturday Sunday Holiday Inside Lift-gate Residential
Tradeshow (always class 125) Delivery Notification Hazardous Material (Hazmat) Limited Access Delivery

6 Truckload Service Guideline – Usually over 7,500 lbs or 10 pallets.
Coverage – Nationwide & Cross Border. Quotes - Class and NMFC irrelevant. Price - Availability & Price depend on supply & demand, space used on truck, and weight. Transit - Moves 7 days per week / 365 days per year. Equipment - Vans, Flatbeds, Refrigerated, Step-deck.

7 Airfreight Services Expedited – 1 to 2 transit days.
Ground - 3 to 5 transit days. Mode - Moves on passenger and/or cargo aircraft. TSA – Known Shipper to move via passenger aircraft. Passenger Aircraft - No can be over 300 lbs (unless it can be broken down) and no dimension can be greater than 60.” Price - Depends on weight and/or dimensions. Dimensions – Can increase transit time and mode.

8 Who are Possible Freight Prospects (?)
Manufacturers Distributors/Suppliers Warehouses Companies who make bulk purchases Printing Companies Who Else? ________________________

9 Pricing Most competitive, on average, in the Small to Medium Sized Market Segment ($5k/month and less). Circumstantial Pricing can be obtained from some carriers for larger customers (minimum of $7.5k/month in revenue to carrier).

10 Basic Info Required for Pricing
Standard Components of Rating a Shipment: Origin Zip Code Destination Zip Code Class of Freight Shipment Weight Dimensions of Packaging Number of Handling Units

11 Shipment Documentation
Bill of Lading (BOL): Determines how shipment is handled, rated, & invoiced to customer. Accompanies shipment during transit. Accuracy of content is critical. Customer must always use a INXPRESS generated BOL. If not, they will be charged directly by the carrier.

12 Setting-up Customer Rates
You determine the customer’s discounts and input them at Always ask them who they ship with and what their discounts are…they will tell you. Always ask customer for invoices!

13 Pickup & Delivery Customer inputs shipment information at Customer selects which carrier he/she would like to ship with. Customer calls carrier and schedules pick-up. Customer prints BOL or faxes, or s the BOL to the shipments origin location.

14 Key to Success Don’t worry about being a freight expert…it will happen. Contact corporate office with questions. Find the business Always ask for invoices and always ask about customer’s discounts. Demo website on the spot to customers. Always ask for the business.

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