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San Diego International Airport Master Plan Preliminary Concepts.

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1 San Diego International Airport Master Plan Preliminary Concepts

2 Page 2 Presentation Overview San Diego International Airport today Planning for the future Airport Master Plan facility requirements Preliminary concepts Next steps

3 Page 3 San Diego International Airport Today Nations busiest single-runway commercial airport Nations 29 th busiest airport in passengers served 3 rd busiest in California (after LAX & SFO) 16.4 million annual passengers in ,000 annual flight operations in 2004

4 Page 4 San Diego International Airport Today Airlines: 18 passenger airlines 8 cargo airlines Largest airlines by passenger share: Southwest – 35% United – 12% American – 10% Delta – 8%

5 Page 5 Economic Engine Airport & affiliated enterprises contribute some $4.5 billion annually to the regional economy… …& employ some 4,900 people Visitors arriving by air to San Diego spend $2 billion a year in the region

6 Page 6 Aircraft Operations Passenger airlines generate the primary demand for runway operations at SDIA Future growth in passenger traffic & airline operations will be the driving factor in determining SDIAs ability to accommodate future demand

7 Page 7 Aircraft Operations Source: SDIA Airport Operations Department, Scheduled Passenger Airlines 89% Scheduled Passenger Airlines 89%

8 Page 8 Passenger Mix at SDIA Understanding characteristics of San Diego passengers will influence future demand forecasts

9 Page 9 Sources: US DOT, O&D Passenger Survey, YE 3Q 2002; San Diego 1998 Customer Satisfaction Survey; San Diego 1998 Total Airport Experience Survey. Resident (45%) Business (44%) Visitor (55%) Non-Business (56%) Connecting (4%) International (2%) Local (96%) Domestic (98%) Passenger Characteristics at SDIA

10 Page International Domestic (in millions) * US growth based on preliminary 2003 traffic statistics from Air Transport Association. Sources: San Diego Unified Port District Statistics; SDIA Master Plan Update; and SH&E Analysis. Avg. Annual Growth 1980–2004 SDIA4.9% U.S. *3.4% 5.1 M M M Annual Passengers at SDIA Since 1980, passenger traffic at San Diego International Airport has tripled.

11 Page 11 San Diego International Airport Today San Diego International Airport includes: 614 acres Single 9,400-foot runway 41 gates at Terminals 1 and 2 10 commuter aircraft positions at Commuter Terminal

12 Page 12 Incompatible land use encroachment is challenging Lindberghs capacity and operational capability (video) San Diego International Airport Today

13 Page 13 Note: Video will not play in this show, but is available by clicking hereavailable by clicking here

14 Page 14 Planning for the Future Long-Term Airport Site Selection Program (click on Site Selection) Short-Term Airport Master Plan Capital Improvement Program

15 Page 15 Long Term: Airport Site Selection Program Nine program sites

16 Page 16 Short Term: San Diego International Airport Master Plan Measured, incremental improvements to SDIA… …to ensure the Airport continues to serve the region well for as long as its needed

17 Page 17 Improve air service offerings Improve customer service amenities Improve tenant facilities Improve access to the Airport Improve regional economy Involve stakeholder & community input Complement Airport Site Selection program Airport Master Plan Goals & Objectives

18 Page 18 Conduct Environmental Review Airport Master Plan Process Forecast Passengers and Operations Develop Facility Requirements Develop Concepts for Airport Master Plan Prepare Cost Estimate & Finance Plan

19 Page 19 Forecast Passengers and Operations Airport Master Plan Process How will SDIA grow?

20 Page 20 Passenger Growth Forecast through 2030 Sources: SH&E Analysis; San Diego International Airport Master Plan Final Report – June 2001; HNTB Airport Economic Analysis (AEA), HR&A with Landrum and Brown, January Historic SH&E High SH&E Low Master Plan / AEA Average Annual Growth (Base 2002 – 2030) SH&E High2.8% SH&E Low2.2% Annual Passengers (in millions) M M 2004 Actual 16.4 M 16

21 Page 21 Annual Operations Forecast for SDIA Note:Operating Thresholds Based on SH&E Capacity/Delay Analysis and FAA Guidelines. Source: SH&E Analysis. 0 50, , , , , , ,000 operations Severe congestion ActualHigh Forecast Low Forecast Aircraft Operations 300,000 operations

22 Page 22 Conduct Environmental Review Forecast Passengers and Operations Develop Facility Requirements Develop Concepts for Airport Master Plan Prepare Cost Estimate & Finance Plan Airport Master Plan Process

23 Page 23 Develop Facility Requirements How will SDIA prepare for its projected growth? Airport Master Plan Process

24 Page 24 Developed using constrained forecast Airport Support Facility Requirements Airfield Facility Requirements Terminal Facility Requirements Ground Transportation Facility Requirements Facility Requirements

25 Page 25 Single 9,400-foot runway (9-27) Taxiways Taxiway B – south of runway Taxiway C – north of runway Aircraft aprons Safety areas Navigational aids (NAVAIDS) Potential Improvements Taxiway B upgrade for Group V aircraft (i.e. Boeing 777) Expanded apron for additional remain-over-night (RON) aircraft parking Dual taxiways in congested areas Airfield Facility Requirements

26 Page 26 Taxiway B Upgrade for Group V aircraft Potential for parallel taxiway north of T2 West Additional RON positions Airfield Implementation Plan

27 Page 27 Terminal gates and holdrooms Passenger processing Ticketing & check-In Passenger and baggage screening Concessions Baggage claim carousels Improve levels of service in terminals Terminal Facility Requirements

28 Page 28 Terminal Facility Requirements 787, , , , , , , , , ,000 1,000,000 1,200,000 1,400,000 1,600,000 1,800,000 Existing 2004 High Level of Service Additional Existing 1,367,425 1,637, ,425 Square Feet Terminal Space Requirements (square feet)

29 Page Terminal Facility Requirements Notes: 1. In any given year, real need for gates may vary by one or two because of year-to-year variations in airline schedules & operations. 2. Gate requirement estimates do not include spare gates Existing Additional Existing Gates + 5 Commuters Commuters Gate Requirements (number of gates)

30 Page 30 Build-out of T2 West or New terminal constructed east of existing T1 Terminal Implementation Plan

31 Page 31 Curbside congestion Terminal 1 East: Existing congestion Terminal 2: Congested by 2015 Parking Rental car facilities Airport access / public transit Ground Transportation Facility Requirements

32 Page 32 (+ 5 Commuters) ,411 10,534 6,012 Terminal area short- & long-term public parking stalls Note: The existing 4,055 stalls include the NTC Lot. Ground Transportation Facility Requirements

33 Page 33 (+ 5 Commuters) ,130 8,190 Feet Terminal curb frontage (in feet) Congestion at Terminal 1 East Ground Transportation Facility Requirements

34 Page 34 Expanded Surface Parking Expanded Rental Car Facilities Ground Transportation Implementation Plan

35 Page 35 Air cargo buildings & apron Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF) Airport maintenance Airline maintenance & support Fuel storage & dispensing Flight kitchen General aviation Fixed Base Operator (FBO) - Jimsair Airport Support Facility Requirements

36 Page 36 Expanded & improved cargo facilities on former General Dynamics (GD) & Teledyne-Ryan (TDY) properties Potential expansion of FBO facility at former GD or TDY properties Airport Support Implementation Plan

37 Page 37 Airport Master Plan process Conduct Environmental Review Forecast Passengers and Operations Develop Facility Requirements Develop Concepts for Airport Master Plan Prepare Cost Estimate & Finance Plan What are the next steps?

38 For more information: Click on Airport Master Plan

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