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RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION Lauren Shackleford & Stephanie Michalik.

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1 RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION Lauren Shackleford & Stephanie Michalik


3 List the top three reasons why you joined your organization?


5 WHY RECRUIT NEW MEMBERS?  The future of the organization  Needed for the organization to survive  Meet new friends  Bring in new ideas and talents  Help the organization grow and improve

6 KNOWING YOUR ORGANIZATION  What is the purpose of your organization? (i.e. missing statement, values, goals)  What do you contribute to campus and the local community?  How does your organization help enhance ones college experience?

7 RECRUITMENT PLAN  Make assessment as to where your organization currently stands and where you intend for it to go?  Long term vs. short term goals.  Action plan  Practice makes perfect!

8 FIRST IMPRESSIONS First impressions Eye contact Body language Facial expressions Non-verbal cues Greetings/introductions

9 ANSWERING QUESTIONS  Be sure to answer HONESTLY! Do not “beat around the bush” when telling what is required of them.  Share personal experiences with them and benefits you received from joining.  Be sure to know all information regarding our org such as time requirements, money, expectations of its members, etc. You should all know this already but sometimes we all need a refresher!

10 ACTIVITIES  Worthwhile activities  Pick activities to do that allow you to get to know new members  Bring them to events you're already going to or organizing.  Give them a “snapshot” of the typical day in your organization

11 SOCIAL MEDIA  Present the best versions of your self's and your organizations  Utilize social media to promote events and recruitment  Support one another

12 GRAPE PHILOSOPHY  Five most common reasons student join orgs.  Understand your members needs  Reevaluate your member’s needs every year

13 GROWTH  Having opportunities to increase your skills and competencies, personal skill development opportunities, becoming more competent, experienced, and confident.

14 RECOGNITITION  Gaining respect from others you admire, receiving recognition and praise for a job well done, receiving feedback on your work within the organization.

15 ACHIEVEMENT  Having the opportunity to solve problems, seeing the result of your efforts, being given meaningful responsibilities, seeing your feedback and ideas become reality.

16 PARTICIPATION  Planning and scheduling work, given the opportunity and being allowed to make or contribute in important decision making, being "active", not just a member

17 ENJOYMENT  Having fun, working as part of a team, feeling a part of something important


19 ESTABLISH RELATIONSHIPS  Establish rapport with members  Build relationships with mutual respect-be someone they can count on

20 CLARIFY RESPONSIBILITIES  Let members know how they can contribute  Ensure that you're not doing all the work  Create an accountability system

21 RECOGNIZE EFFORTS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS  Meaningful  Frequent  Creative

22 How do your organizations promote retention?

23 RETENTION  Good experience = more likely to remain in your organization and communicate positively about your organization and their experience to others!  Satisfied members are your biggest asset.  Being inclusive from the beginning will have a huge impact!

24 MATTERING & MARGINALITY  Mattering Others are interested in what happens to you, empathize with you, and/or appreciates you.  Marginality Not belonging to the group: characterized by feeling unnoticed, ignored, unrecognized, and disconnected from others. - Scholssberg

25 RETENTION – KEEPING YOUR MEMBERS  Provide new member training  Create a mentoring plan for new members or those moving into a board or committee chair position  Have involvement opportunities or tasks ready for all members  Offer validation and praise to members who exceed expectations

26 KEEPING YOUR MEMBERS CONT.  Use social activities to create bonds between all members. Maintain a regular meeting schedule.  Recognize individual achievements  Provide opportunities for all members to give input and feedback.

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