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Kristina Bobe Outreach Librarian, Education & Outreach unit U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) DC SLA and the SLA Government Information.

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1 Kristina Bobe Outreach Librarian, Education & Outreach unit U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) DC SLA and the SLA Government Information Division Sponsored by LexisNexis - September 14, 2011 Welcome FDsys, So Long GPO Access

2 Getting started… What types of libraries or information centers do you work in? How many of you are in a Federal Depository Library? How many of you have used Fdsys?

3 What is FDsys? - FDsys provides free online access to official Federal Government publications. 3 components: i.FDsys is a Content Management System ii.FDsys is a Preservation Repository iii.FDsys is an Advanced Search Engine FDsys provides enhanced searching and access features for Congressional materials, Presidential materials, and materials from Federal agencies.

4 FDsys Collections Currently around 40 collections, which are: Primarily comprised of legislative and executive branch publications; light on judicial, for now. Available from around 1994 to present – some begin earlier, others later (currently mirrors content on GPO Access). Not uniform; some collections are only available for a fixed time frame, for example Commerce Business Daily (ceased in 2001) GAO Reports (1994-2008)

5 Status of FDsys On December 20, 2010, FDsys became GPOs official Web site for Government information. What about GPO Access? –FDsys and GPO Access are still updated. –GPO Access will be sunsetted…… FDsys development is on hold; future development is contingent upon funding. Content updates continue.

6 FDsys and Open Government FDsys - based on concepts of interoperability and reuse. XML data allows for new ways to use the content (, govpulse). FDsys content available in major search engines. Other government sites rely on FDsys to enrich their user experience: FR 2.0 (

7 e-CFR and FDsys For 2011, the e-CFR will continue to reside at; accessible in the list of available FDsys collections in the "Other Resources" section of the FDsys collection browse page: ctiontab.action -- nothing has changed with the e-CFR at this time. ctiontab.action The Office of the Federal Register (OFR), National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is working with GPO on a replacement for the entire e- CFR publishing platform with a public access component that will be incorporated into FDsys in a later release.

8 Authentication GPO Seal of Authenticity = Collection has undergone the Authentication process Blue ribbon = Means the document being viewed has not been altered since GPO made it available on FDsys 8

9 GPO AccessFDsys System Design Information storage system Content management system capable of managing, authenticating, preserving, and providing access to content in multiple formats Simple Search Multiple search boxes (e.g. one for each collection) Search all collections from a single search box Advanced Search Multiple advanced search pages Advanced search against robust metadata from a single search page Query Capabil ity Rigid query language using basic Boolean operators with a legacy search engine Construct complex search queries using advanced Boolean and field operators with a world- class search engine Search Results Basic search results with no filtering, sorting, or query refinement capabilities Refine searches by applying filters, sorting search results, and searching within results Performan ce Legacy information retrieval system Access documents in seconds

10 GPO AccessFDsys File Format s Limited file formats and summary information about documents View document summary information and access additional file formats (e.g. XML) from a More Information page Metadata Full-text search without access to metadata Access metadata in standard formats such as MODS XML Content Packag es Documents must be downloaded individually Download documents and metadata packaged together as single ZIP file. For example, an issue of the Federal Register or Congressional Record can be downloaded in a single click Browse Limited static browse capabilities Dynamically browse collections of documents or browse within a document using its table of contents User Help Separate help page for each collection Utilize context-specific, field-level help information and a consolidated, searchable online help system

11 FDsys Search Options… Browse Simple (Basic) Search Advanced Search Retrieve by Citation

12 Browse From the home page at

13 Browse options: By Collection, Committee, or Date

14 Select by year

15 Expand Title to drill down to desired level

16 Click on Download to access full text of parts

17 Simple Searc h

18 Simple Search results

19 1,767 results… To 698 results… To 586 results… To 31 results… Refine using Within Results checkbox

20 More Information: File formats and options for retrieval

21 PDF examp le

22 More Information: Document in Context

23 (My highlighting in yellow)

24 Boolean and Other Search Operators *default operator is AND (in GPO Access it was OR) Normal Boolean operators: and, or, not (or - sign) Exact phrase: use double quotes Find the words, use parentheses: (in any order) Proximity: near/# "Health care" near/10 Obama Ordered proximity: before/# (Bill Clinton) before/50 (Hillary Clinton) Truncation/wild cards: * to replace multiple characters, congress* for congressional or congressmen ? to replace a single character: helpful for alternate spellings ?addafi, ?sama

25 Relevance Tweaking + sign adds weight to a term – use it to tweak the relevancy of the search results There are differences in the search results for the following searches: "tea party" job +education vs. "tea party" +job education

26 From the home page, next to Simple Search: Click here and this takes you to advanced options Advanced Search

27 Searches full text and metadata like Simple Search Results are presented similar to results for simple search Advanced search makes it possible to construct more focused queries and narrowed search results Tip: Learn how to construct proper syntax or a search string using the Help guides that are available

28 Search on Publication Date…


30 Select one or more collections to search, then Add or Remove as needed

31 Retriev e by Citation

32 Retrieve by Citation option: Retrieves the smallest piece (granule) of the document. Presents in PDF format in a new window. Requires turning off pop-up blockers or changing settings to allow pop-ups from

33 Fill in fields for citation…

34 Allow search across the Metadata. Are specific to individual collections. Are recommended for frequently repeated searches in a specific collection. Advanced Search Options from the Simple Search Box: Field Operators

35 Click on Help to find Metadata, Field Operators, and search examples…

36 …then click on Whats Available to find Field Operators specific to each Collection

37 Use one or more Field Operators to customize your search

38 Current/Historical Editions Sort Option Find older versions of documents where it says Historical editions have been hidden from results. Show all editions.

39 Search in: Additional Government Publications collection Use the Advanced Search feature to search within publications located in the Additional Government Publications collection. o Select the Additional Government Publications collection. o Under Search in:, select Publication Name. o Use the additional drop down box to select the desired publication to search within.

40 What is Metadata? MODS: data about the publication –Metadata Object Description Schema PREMIS: preservation data –Preservation Metadata: Implementation Strategies

41 What is the big deal with metadata? Relevant search results GPO Access vs. FDsys Zero in on captured metadata for precision searching Different metadata is captured for different collections, this allow you to do very specific searches over collections

42 MODS Metadata Example

43 Metadata Field Display Name = upper case Field Operator = lower case, no spaces

44 erators.htm

45 Search Results Example

46 Browse example

47 More Information Example

48 Contact Education and Outreach Questions Thank you!

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