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Proposed 2011-12 Preliminary Budget March 2, 2011 Jefferson Township Public School District.

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1 Proposed Preliminary Budget March 2, 2011 Jefferson Township Public School District

2 What are the numbers? Preliminary budget reflects: 2% cap increase NO request for adjustment for cost of benefits NO request for a cap waiver A 2% tax levy increase = $714,325 General fund budget for = $53,653,554 IMPORTANT NOTE: These are preliminary budget figures. The BOE and Administration will strive to look for additional savings as work on the budget continues.

3 What has impacted revenue sources? State Aid : $ 14,574,220 Increase of $531,417 State Aid : $ 14,042,803

4 Priorities considered as the budget was developed… Instruction and Student Achievement State Mandates Safe and Secure Schools Efficiency and Savings

5 This is a Maintenance budget… Strives for a level of service consistent with Many items cut from the budget not restored

6 What staffing needs are included in the proposed budget? Middle School 4 Teachers - $ 186, th Grade (Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science) – restoration of 3 rd team based upon enrollment Special Education LLD class at high school $46,715 - To meet state mandate Job coaches/ MD transition program at high school $32,000 – To meet state mandate In Class Support (p/t) at middle school - $23,357 – To meet state mandate

7 What are the elementary class sizes? Elementary Schools Proposed class sizes: = 5/23 K Milton = 6/21 1 st Briggs = 6/211 st Cozy Lake = 6/22 2 nd Briggs = 6/222 nd Cozy Lake = 5/23 3 rd Stanlick = 7/20 3 rd White Rock = 6/21 4 th Stanlick = 5/234 th White Rock = 6/23 5 th Stanlick = 6/21 5 th White Rock = 6/24

8 What program needs are being addressed? District New Social Studies textbooks/materials Elementary NO impact on class size Middle School RESTORATION of 3 rd team for Grade 7 High School ADDITION of American Sign Language, Psychology AP, Family and Consumer Finance (all with existing staffing)

9 What are some program needs that will have to wait? Rotating block schedule - HS –delayed in and still being delayed No restoration of elementary guidance counselor and other support staff - cut in Technology No restoration of non-competitive field trips - cut in No restoration of HS coaching positions - cut in (Asst. Ice Hockey, Asst. Wrestling, Asst. Indoor Track, Asst. Fall Cheerleading, Asst. Spring Track )

10 Middle School -Roof repairs – $297,000 Milton - Window replacement – $374,456 district cost 60% = $224,674 (state grant) District - Replacement of 4 Buses $348,000 2 Vans $125,000 (lease purchase – annual cost over 3 years $121,220) What are the facilities needs included in the budget?

11 What are some projects that will have to wait ? Replacement of 300 Student HS - $60,000 Replacement of auditorium house HS - $65,000 Refurbish PE MS – $90,000

12 Some critical points to consider… Budget – within NJ mandated 2% Cap Maintenance budget - addresses critical district issues/needs Budget still being impacted - $2.6M loss in state aid and additional $300 cut last year Budget has NO impact - courtesy busing Budget includes NO pay to participate fees - athletics or clubs & activities Budget has NO impact - elementary class size Budget includes restoration - 7 th grade middle school team and elementary librarian The BOE and administration will continue to review budget- looking for additional savings

13 Important budget-related dates… March 4 - Preliminary budget to Executive County Superintendent for review/approval March 22 – Last day for Executive County Superintendent to approve preliminary budget March 24 – BOE meeting - Public Hearing and Adoption of Final Budget April 6 – Last day to register to vote in school elections April 20 – Last day county clerk to receive application for mail in (absentee) ballot April 26 – Last day to apply in person for mail in (absentee) ballot

14 Budget Vote - April 27th (polls open 2-9PM)

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