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Proposed 2010-2011 School Budget Rockaway Borough Board of Education 1.

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1 Proposed School Budget Rockaway Borough Board of Education 1

2 How we created the budget Budget Creation In October the Business Administrator sends a timeline to the staff advising them when the budget requests are due. The Superintendent and Business Administrator prioritize requests and remove those not educationally or fiscally responsible. The individual requests account for less than 10% of the budget. The remaining 90% consists of fixed costs, such as salaries, utilities, insurance, lease payments, etc. The Superintendent and Business Administrator submit a preliminary budget to the Board by the first Board Meeting in January. Rockaway Borough Budget - First Edition The First Edition of the budget was going to include a 3% tax increase. After all numbers were complied the budget was more than $818,000 over the 3% tax increase goal. Superintendent and Business Administrator make preliminary deductions. Budget presented to the Board in January

3 How we created the budget Rockaway Borough Budget Second Edition The Second Edition of the budget was going to include a 3% tax increase In order to make this possible. After all numbers were complied the budget was still $419,272 over the 3% tax increase goal. Additional reductions were discussed. Budget presented to the Board in January The Business Administrator prepares the new budget including/subtracting things discussed at the Board Meeting. 3

4 Rockaway Borough Budget Third Edition The County Business Administrator instructed Morris County School Districts to anticipate a 15% reduction in State Aid. This would equal roughly a $100,000 reduction. The Board discussed increasing the tax levy to 4%. Superintendent and Business Administrator go behind closed doors to discuss additional reductions. How we created the budget

5 5 Rockaway Borough Budget Fourth Edition On March 17, six days before the preliminary budget is due to the County Office, State Aid notices are released. Rockaway Borough lost $362,736 or 58% of State Aid.

6 How we created the budget Rockaway Borough Budget Final Edition The final edition was approved by the Board on March 25.

7 How did we get here? S1701 – Legislation that limits how a school district can increase their budget. Zero tax levy - Increase in the school year. Health Insurance - Rockaway Borough Board of Education sees a $140,000 increase in benefit costs. Increase in Special Education – Expenses increase by $150,000. 7

8 PUBLIC NON TOTAL PUBLIC FEDERAL AID: No Child Left Behind40,722 20,436 61,158 IDEIA Part B77,903 18,274 96,177 STATE AID: Nonpublic Aid 241, , , , ,210 Special Revenue Fund 8

9 How Do We Pay For The School Budget? 9

10 2009/2010Proposed APPROPRIATION CATEGORY: Budget2010/2011 Special Revenue Fund 419, ,210 General Fund7,263,440 7,293,438 Total7,682,697 7,692, /2010Proposed REVENUE CATEGORY: Budget2010/2011 Federal & State Grants 419, ,210 Tuition 49,000 35,150 State Aid 678, ,241 Surplus – General Fund 80, ,000 Withdrawal From Capital Reserve 0 90,000 Miscellaneous Revenue 10,010 10,100 Local Tax Levy – General Fund 6,444,711 6,766,947 7,682,697 7,692,648 SCHOOL BUDGET COMPARISON 10

11 Presented by: Patrick Tierney, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools/ Principal 11 General Fund Breakdown

12 Regular Program – Instruction Includes salaries of teachers, textbooks and general teaching supplies Budget $2,743, Proposed $2,537,175 Difference -$206,565 Special Ed. Programs – Instruction Includes salaries for Resource Room teachers and general teaching supplies Budget $405, Proposed $454,623 Difference $48,796 Basic Skills – Salaries of basic skill teachers and related supplies Budget $131, Proposed $136,071 Difference $4,510 12

13 General Fund Breakdown ESL/Bilingual Education Includes salaries for staff and any supplies required for the program Budget $60, Proposed $60,779 Difference $147 Co–Curricular Activities and Athletics Stipends for advisors and coaches and related supplies Budget $47, Proposed $35,407 Difference -$11,600 Special Education Tuition Costs associated with students placed in schools outside of Rockaway Borough Budget $282, Proposed $393,575 Difference $110,655 13

14 General Fund Breakdown Health Services - Includes salaries for school nurses and supplies for the department Budget $123, Proposed $127,831 Difference $4,177 Related and Extraordinary Services – Special Education - Costs for Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy, personal aides and supplies Budget $259, Proposed $336,023 Difference $76,389 Guidance - Services and any other activities, supplemental to the teaching process, that are designed to assess and improve the well being of the students Budget $52, Proposed $0 Difference -$52,262 14

15 General Fund Breakdown Child Study Teams - Includes salaries for the Child Study Team, other services related to the classification of students and program supplies Budget $198, Proposed $195,312 Difference -$3,533 Improvement of Instructional Services - Activities primarily for assisting instructional staff in planning, developing and evaluating the process of providing learning experiences for students Budget $32, Proposed $49,761 Difference $17,368 Educational Media Services – School Library and Staff Training - I ncludes salaries for Librarian, purchase of books, reference materials, library resources, audio visual and supplies classroom technology Budget $120, Proposed $163,508 Difference $43,369 15

16 General Fund Breakdown General Administration - Activities concerned with establishing and administering policy for the school district. This includes the salary of the superintendent, the superintendent’s secretary, liability insurance, postage, telephones and office supplies Budget $369, Proposed $300,907 Difference -$68,411 School Administration - Activities concerned with the overall administration of the school. This includes principal’s salary, principals secretary’s salaries and office supplies Budget $319, Proposed $295,637 Difference -$23,445 16

17 Central Services and Administrative Technology - Includes salaries of the Business Administrator, Technology Coordinator, business office staff and office supplies Budget $189, Proposed $174,364 Difference -$14,934 Operation and Maintenance of Plant - Salaries for maintenance and custodial staff, aides, repair and maintenance services, supplies and materials Budget $670, Proposed $647,635 Difference -$22,694 Student Transportation - Salaries for bus drivers, transportation costs for sporting events and field trips, special education transportation costs and bus leases Budget $158, Proposed $165,217 Difference $6,320 General Fund Breakdown 17

18 General Fund Breakdown Employee Benefits - Includes medical benefits, worker’s compensation, etc Budget $1,040, Proposed $1,126,685 Difference $86,293 Capital Expenditures - Equipment The purchase of computer equipment and facility upgrades Budget $57, Proposed $92,928 Difference $35,418 TOTAL GENERAL FUND $7,263,440 $7,293,438 $29,998 18

19 Budget Reductions 19 Eliminate TJ/Lincoln Summer School-$15, RIF Elementary Spanish Teacher-$27, RIF 3 Lincoln Teachers-$139, Saving from Lincoln nurse to 4/5-$9, Restructure Computer Program-$61, Aides paid from IDEIA-$113, Aides paid from Title I, NCLB-$43, Reduced Tech Budget-$100, Remove DC Chaperones-$2, Remove Teacher in Charge-$1, Cancel DC Trip-$10, RIF Guidance Counselor-$52, Remove NJSBA Conference-$3,200.00

20 Budget Reductions Remove CSA Workshops-$1, Alpaugh takes a 2% salary increase-$1, CSA takes 0% salary increase-$5, RIF TJ secretary-$31, SBA takes 2% salary increase-$1, Health Insurance Reductions: 3 Lincoln Teachers-$28, Guidance Counselor-$6, Lincoln Nurse-$10, TJ Secretary-$13, Savings from Art, Music, Instrumental Music, and Library going to 4/5-$41, Eliminate Sim City-$ Eliminate Willow Tree-$ Eliminate Art Club-$889.92

21 21 Eliminate Newspaper Printing-$ Eliminate Cheerleading-$1, Eliminate Guidance Counselor Conference-$ Eliminate Guidance Counselor Supplies-$1, Eliminate Guidance Counselor Memberships-$ Reduce Library Book Budget-$1, Reduce Estimated Transported AIL Students-$2, Pay for Personnel Program in $6, Surplus added to budget to reduce tax impact-$100, RIF Part Time Speech Teacher-$10, Eliminate Principal Medical Reimbursement-$1, Teacher Mentoring-$ Family Math/Family Science-$1, Estimated increase in health insurance was 15%, reduced to 12.5%.-$25, Budget Reductions

22 Assemblies-$1, Eliminate Family Math and Science Consultant-$ Reduction in TJ classroom supplies-$2, Reduction in Lincoln classroom supplies-$8, Do not replace Health textbooks-$2, Do not replace LAL textbooks-$2, Do not replace Music Textbooks-$3, Do not replace Writing and Grammar-$2, G&T Dues and Memberships-$ Resource Room Supplies-$1, Reduction in CST evaluations funds-$1, Remove nurse's replacement furniture-$1, Reduce Fixed Asset Report-$ Reduce Minutes Book Binding-$ Budget Reductions

23 Remove Capital Projects-$50, RIF Custodian-$34, CST Team-$40, Art, Music, Instrumental Music, Librarian Reduced to 4/5 -$47, Eliminate Assistant Director of Musicals-$2, Eliminate Athletics$29,944 Reduction in Superintendent’s Office Supplies-$1, Reduce A/P Clerk-$4, Business Administrator will not attend Conference-$1, Remove floor replacements-$4, Hope for the best with boilers-$4, Hope for the best with the fire alarms-$2, Reduce Summer Helpers by one-$3, Received renewal rates for liability insurance. Rates are lower. -$27, Reduce Contracted Non-Special Education transportation -$2, Budget Reductions

24 Total Budget Reduction= $1,159,132 24

25 On April 20 th We Are Asking You to Vote on the Following Question: RESOLVED, that there should be raised for general funds $6,766,947 for the ensuing school year (2010/2011). If approved, the school budget will increase taxes by approximately $ for the 2010/2011 school year on a house assessed at $300,


27 Allowable /Actual Increases Maximum Allowable Tax Levy Increase: Allowable by Law4.00% Waiver allows us to exceed CAP by the amount of aid we lost $362,736 (9.6%) Tax Increase: Allowable at 5.00%$

28 Enrollment Figures School Year Enrollment Change ??? (3/26/10) Total Increase 91 Students 28


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