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Replacement Rooftop 2009 Product Training.

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1 Replacement Rooftop 2009 Product Training

2 OVERVIEW History of Multizone
The multizone unit was very prevalent in the 1960’s and 1970s. They had the ability to heat and cool different spaces within a common building. These units were very energy inefficient. Many of the major manufacturers built multizone equipment like Nesbitt, Lennox, Trane, Carrier, Mammoth. Plus there were a few others who produced equipment. These units were very inefficient due to the components they used. Each manufacturer built there units little differently. Since these units are reaching the end of their life cycle, how do you replace the unit without a lot of field labor? Also, how does a customer get better efficiency?

3 How does RMZ help solve this issue?
The RMZ product matches the footprint of several manufacturers.

4 RMZ Business 18+ Model Types, 10 - 55 Tons Replacement Units
Schools are % of our sales Multizone, Vari-Zone New Construction Growth Potential is Great Single Zone VAV Make-up Air Air Handlers

5 Why Replace? Worn Out Equipment Most Existing Multizones 20+ Years
Reduce Maintenance Costs Inefficient Designs Improve Indoor Air Quality Increase Capacity Cure Sick Buildings

6 Why Direct Replacement?
Minimize Installation Costs Existing Curb And Ductwork Remains Limit Disruption To Occupants Nearly All Work Confined To Roof Reduced Down-time Installation Can Often Be Completed In One Day

7 Why Mammoth? Innovation Quality Experience Value

8 Multizone History / 2-Deck Design
Market Schools Community Centers 1 & 2 Story Office Buildings + - Constant Air Volume Mixed Hot & Cold Air Not Efficient Draw-Thru Coils Total Control & Comfort by Zone Maximized Floor Space Quiet Easily Serviced

9 Multizone History / 3-Deck Design
Market Schools Community Centers 1 & 2 Story Office Buildings - Constant Air Volume Adds Cabinet Height & Length Costly Damper For Replacement - Does Not Match Existing Ductwork Does Not Fit Many Models Heavier + Total Control & Comfort by Zone Does Not Mix Hot & Cold Air Quiet Easily Serviced

10 1 & 2 Story Office Buildings
Vari-Zone Market Schools Community Centers 1 & 2 Story Office Buildings Meets or Exceeds all Federal, State, & Local Codes for Energy Efficiency & Indoor Air Quality Meets IAQ Std Meets ASHRAE 90.1 Std For Replacement - Matches Existing Ductwork Matches Existing Curb + + Variable Air Volume Total Control & Comfort by Zone Does Not Mix Hot & Cold Air Quieter at Part Load Easily Serviced

11 STANDARD FEATURES Welded Frame 2” Double-Wall Construction
Airfoil Plenum Fans Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers High Turndown Burners Match Existing Curbs Dual Refrigerant Circuits Scroll Compressors (Digital Scroll on Lead) EPiC Controller Tooled Access GFI Outlet Control Panel Light

12 FUTURE CHANGES Low Sound Condenser Fans

13 FUTURE CHANGES MicroChannel Condensing Coils

14 FUTURE CHANGES 3 Inch Foam Panels R values in the 20’s

15 Competition Major Players Minor Players Seasons 4 Engineered Air
Nesbitt Haakon Airwyse Lennox Innovent Petra

16 Get Specified! How do you beat them?
Chase the Engineer, not the Contractor Unit Weights Go to school board meetings Visit the School Superintendent Put more in the Mammoth units Pre-piped valves for CW, HW, Steam Applications


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