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Computer Upgrade or Replacement Dr. Ringo Lam HKIE Electronic Division 25 / 9 / 2004.

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1 Computer Upgrade or Replacement Dr. Ringo Lam HKIE Electronic Division 25 / 9 / 2004

2 Upgrade / Replacement Components Hardware Software E-learning tool consideration Network Why need consideration ? => to be discussed later

3 Existing School Facilities Hardware P2, P3 : Student PCs, HTTP server P3, P4 : Staff PCs, WebSAMS server and Web Server, etc Software OS : Windows, Linux Other Software : Office, Dreamweaver, Flash, Logo, Pascal compiler, etc. Network Switch (Intel 510, 550), Router Should be configured properly with VLAN or Subnet in order to reduce Broadcast influence 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet

4 Upgrade / Replacement Concern Budget $ Assume to replace 50 PCs to P4 Each PC Hardware : $5,000 Software : $5,000 Total requires HK$500,000 Human Resources (Installation and Maintenance) Internal TSS, Teacher with IT / Computer experience External Outsourcing Vendor Non-profit organization cooperation : such as HKIE, AITLE, HKACE, etc Data Hard disk failure, Backup

5 Hardware Performance Hardware performance depends on CPU Hard disk RAM The speed of CPU and RAM should be compatible E.g. FSB800 + 2 x DDR400 (PC3200) RAM

6 System Upgrade Direct hardware upgrade Hardware cost : HK$2,000 – HK$5,000 Straightforward but how to deal with the old PCs and limited budget ? P2 to P3 add-on upgrade broad (E.g. Sirius Tech) Performance is not high enough compared with a direct replacement to P4, especially for multimedia applications Hardware life cycle is extended shortly Is it justified ? Upgrade to the cheapest Celeron CPU + new mainboard + 256MRAM = HK$1,100 Performance is close to the upgrade broad Can support new peripherals New warranty

7 System Upgrade (Cont) Network Computing (Diskless PCs) OS Windows Based System Options Citrix : Metaframe Presentation Server, Price is about HK$60,000 for 25 users Tarantella : Based on Microsoft® RDP protocol, about HK$500 for each user Concerns Additional software license cost, such as Microsoft Windows Terminal Server CALs (Client Access Licenses) Linux Based Shaolin Microsystems

8 System Upgrade (Cont) Network Computing (Diskless PCs) Concern Need powerful server (about HK$5,000, better to use P4 2.8G or up) Network performance is important Network design should be optimized to reduce broadcast or multicast inside the school Slower interactive response Advantages Cost effective Ease of maintenance (Data stored and configuration in the server only) Possibly suitable for MMLC or other computer rooms.

9 PC Sharing Devices Share 1 PC with a number of users Users can fully access the processor, drives, Windows applications, Internet and the peripherals at the same time Products MagicPros MagicTwin IKonnect Concern : Number of additional PCs is limited, usually up to 4 PCs 30 – 40 local schools are using such device Software License Violation ? System Upgrade (Cont)

10 Better Approach (IMHO) Coordinated purchase with other schools Listen and learn more before making decision E.g. attend related seminars organized by HKIE, AITLE or other non-profit making organizations in coming future.

11 Possible Decision (IMHO) Purchase some new P4 computers, including servers (~10 pieces, HK$50,000) Set up Network Computing for computer rooms or MMLC (Assume HK$100,000 for 50 PCs) Reserve funding for purchasing E-learning tool and upgrade the software Use more open source software

12 Thank You and See You in the coming seminars organized by HKIE – EN division : and AITLE :

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