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Wiley Post By Kevin.

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1 Wiley Post By Kevin

2 About Wiley Born on November 22, 1898. Van Zandt County, Texas
Also a scientific inventor.

3 How he became interested
When he saw his saw his first air show and loved it. Age 11 Mid 1920s he bought first airplane.

4 Aircraft inventions Post Developed the pressure suit so that you could fly into the stratosphere. Also developed the first “auto pilot.”

5 His Plane Wiley Post flew a Lockheed Vega nicknamed Winnie Mae.
Amelia Earhart and Ruth Nichols also flew that type of plane.

6 Contributions to aviation
Flew around the world twice. -Once with navigator Harold Gatty (1931) -Another time solo (1933)

7 His Death Died in Point Barrow, Alaska on August 15, 1935.
Was taking off in bad weather with little fuel and crashed and died. Wife sold his plane.

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