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I - Intelligent V - Valve P - Pack.

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1 i - Intelligent V - Valve P - Pack

2 iVP Function The iVP is an integrated family of components offering:
Operation at depths up to 3000 metres. Remote control of hydraulic and electrical equipment. Collection and transmission of instrumentation data from the remote location, including video. Function control, data display and storage at a control console. Available from stock parts – fast deliveries.

3 iVP Family

4 iVP Applications Remotely operated vehicle (ROV) equipment.
Intervention tooling equipment. Remotely operated tools (ROTs). Manifold, pipeline & other underwater structures. ROVs requiring additional or upgraded capability (e.g. 5-function manipulator enhancement). Tether Management Systems (TMS).

5 Major component options
Valve Pack hydraulic modules for flow & pressure control. Valve Pack electronics module. Simple Power Pod for valve pack power supplies. Intelligent Power Pod for enhanced power & control.

6 System Block Diagram Showing All Major Options.

7 Valve Pack physical Lightweight aluminium construction, fully optimised to reduce size & weight Modular design – configured for only the required number of functions. Oil-filled pressure compensated internals (including electronics) – with depth rating of 3000 metres. Hydraulic connections to suit host system requirements. Hard anodised and CP bonded for corrosion protection. Module lids removable quickly & separately for fast service. Orientation insensitive.

8 Typical iVP configuration

9 Hydraulic Features Modular design - 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 valves per valve pack. Proportional directional valves give flow control from surface during operations without the need for fixed flow throttles. Flexible hydraulic specification offering: Proportional or fixed flow directional valves in 2 flow sizes. 1 or 2 separate pressure inputs, up to 315 bar. Pressure control stages. Service line relief valves for actuator / equipment protection. Optional pilot operated check valves. Optional hydraulic pressure transducers.

10 Electronics features Embedded processors for instant boot-up and reliability. Integrated communications link over 5.5km of twisted pair. Software configurable mapping of console inputs to remote underwater outputs (valve pack or power pod). External sensors on both valve pack and power pod are supported (e.g. analogue, digital, CP, tacho, Torque Transducer). Integrated embedded PC in console for display and user interface. Video text overlay built into console. System settings can be stored for configured operations. Task specific settings can be saved and recalled. Scaleable and upgradeable control system – from ‘dumb’ valve pack to complete control system. Fully self contained system that does not rely upon the use of external computers.

11 Available iVP Modules Electronics Module. NG3 Directional Module.
Pressure Reducing Module. NG6 Directional Module. Torque Control Module. Relief Valve Modules. Mid Section Blanking Plate. End Blanking plate.

12 Electronics Module Proportional control of up to 12 directional valves & 1 pressure reducing valve. +24V DC power input (700mA per valve). External sensor interfaces as standard (analogue 12 & 16 bit, digital, water ingress) 2 x Torque Tool sensor interfaces (turns, RPM & torque – software calibrated). Optional depth transducer. Fully protected circuits & status display LEDs Embedded processor & integrated telemetry with Console and iPP. Full diagnostics.

13 Electronics Module circuit board stack

14 NG3 Directional Module 3-position or 2-position directional valves
Proportional control (up to 8 lpm). ‘bang/bang’ control (up to 15 lpm). P.O. Check Valves – sandwich mounted (optional if required). Service Line Relief Valves – externally mounted (optional if required). Pressure Transducer Option. Status LEDs & valve identification. 2 x Water Ingress sensors

15 NG3 Directional Module Modules with interface PCBs and Lids removed

16 NG3 Directional Module NG3 Module Interface PCBs

17 Pressure Reducing Module
Reduces pressure to all downstream modules Proportional Pressure Control (7 to 207bars) Maximum flow 57 lpm Upstream Pressure Transducer. Downstream Pressure Transducer. Status LEDs for valve drive & sensor outputs.

18 NG6 Directional Module Proportional control (up to 40 lpm)
‘bang/bang control (up to 80 lpm) Service Line Relief Valves externally mounted (if required). Pressure Transducer Option. Status LEDs & valve identification. Applications – High flow functions (e.g. rotary tools, thrusters, motors). Valves can be paralleled for double flow output.

19 Torque Control Module Proportional directional valve for tool speed & direction control (up to 40 lpm) Proportional Pressure Control for precise closed or open loop pressure or torque control (0-207bar) High flow service-line relief valves (if required) – for interface protection. Upstream Pressure Transducer. Downstream Pressure Transducer.

20 Torque Tool Controller iVP configuration

21 Pressure Relief Modules
Fit below all directional valve or torque control modules. Adjustable pressure relief to tank. High and Low Flow Options. Used to protect actuators & equipment.

22 Mid-section Blanking Plate
Inserted between two directional modules in the iVP stack. Allows multiple pressure inputs or separate oil supplies. Two types available – common return gallery & isolated return gallery.

23 End Blanking Plate Completes the iVP stack.
Hydraulic connections for split supplies.

24 12-station stack-up

25 iVP Control Console Features
2U 19” rack mounted unit, only 135mm behind panel. 2 x 3-axis analogue joystick controllers. 6 x Pushbutton & potentiometer pairs. Any console control can be assigned to any valve (via software). Insertable printed legend for pushbuttons. Embedded processor for reliability & speed. Instant start-up. Embedded PC in console for graphics display of sensor & system status – running on robust OS. PSX Pad hand-controller assignable to valve or power pod functions. Integrated video overlay.

26 iVP Control Console

27 iVP Control Console rear panel

28 iVP Control Console Flexible controllers

29 iVP Control Console Software
Console Status – shows valve allocations & status

30 iVP Control Console Software
iVP Status – shows valve allocations & status

31 iVP Control Console Software
Torque Tool Control

32 iVP Control Console Telemetry Options
iVP Control console is ‘topside master’ one iVP or iPP is ‘subsea master’ Additional iVPs can be ‘subsea slaves’ Telemetry between console and ‘subsea master’ options: U-Interface 5.5km full duplex over 1 twisted pair RS232 (via host system comms multiplexer) RS422 (via host system comms multiplexer) Arcnet – compatible with Tritech Arcnet infrastructure Fully isolated & protected telemetry. Robust error-checking methods.

33 Intelligent Power Pod Electrical Input 90-135v ac 50-60Hz @ 10A
2 x Valve Pack outputs 2 x 7A Video Camera Supplies 2 x 24V, focus & zoom 2 x 24V with focus 2 x 24V fixed focus Lighting 6 x dimmable switched 250W, 110Vac Video switching 6 x 6 cross-point matrix Electrical Pan & Tilts 110V ac – with sensors 24V dc External Sensors (analogue, digital, CP etc.) Embedded processor, integrated telemetry, vacuum valve & sensor, full diagnostics.

34 Intelligent Power Pod

35 Simple Power Pod Dual output: Single output:
Electrical Input v ac 5A 2 x Valve Pack outputs 2 x 7A Water ingress & vacuum sensors Single output: Electrical Input v ac 2A Valve Pack outputs 1 x 6.5A Water ingress & vacuum sensors

36 Intelligent Power Pod Console
2U 19” rack mountable console. Operates as ‘slave’ to iVP console. Directly controls all iPP functions.

37 Contacts Tritech International Ltd., Peregrine Road,
Westhill Business Park, Westhill, Aberdeen AB32 6JL. Tel. +44 (0) Fax +44 (0)

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