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Implementing the Idaho Core Standards: an Extraordinary Opportunity.

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1 Implementing the Idaho Core Standards: an Extraordinary Opportunity

2 SDE Welcome and Update A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. -Emerson Pre-test Synergy and Coherence in Idaho Core PD for 2013-14 Post -test

3 A Sea Change: not nibbling around the edges Old School, Cliff Notes version [the 12 day, 15 city European Tour]: One class session on Transcendentalists, summary, no primary texts, tested by matching: Who wrote Walden? I think its about some dude who went fishing. Idaho Core: Read actual writings of Thoreau on civil disobedience and trace the lineage of this movement through Gandhi's work in India, the civil rights movement [MLK] in the US, and the Arab Spring. Research and collaborate with a partner to create and deliver an oral presentation, strategically using digital resources, and standing for questions. Individuals write an organized, detailed analysis on this topic, citing relevant text reference. Peer revise/edit. Final draft. How is this lesson connected to the big shifts in the core? Must reach the classroom and change instructional practice

4 English Language Arts and Literacy: Core Concepts Need increase in text complexity K-12, foster close reading of these texts [literary and informational], perseverance, and literacy owned across all content areas Writing is primary, not secondary. Students should write about complex texts, not their summer vacation. Goal: foster fluent, flexible, rhetorically agile writers Creation and delivery of material orally highly valued as is collaboration with peers Strategic use of digital resources, including research skills, is highly valued Need to provide deeper learning opportunities to highest cognitive level: Creation

5 Mathematics: Core Concepts Fewer concepts, deeper dive into each [more rigor] Emphasis on conceptual and procedural understanding-not rote memorization of formulas Clear Learning Progression across grades Emphasize Math Practices-skills needed to indicate proficiency: Make sense of problems and persevere in solving Model with mathematics Construct viable arguments, critique others reasoning Reason abstractly and quantitatively

6 PD Opportunities in 2013-14 SDE Integrated Professional Development Modules Six 6 interlocking modules intertwine Idaho Core, Discovery Learning and Data driven instruction; 43 districts onboard Broad-based understanding of key concepts and shifts to building lesson plans and assessments for learning, EQUip Rubric, classroom look-fors, backward design, SBAC; all resources available for replication 6 Onsite site visits for up to 25, can build to suit groups of smaller districts, can begin now in phase 2, $15,000 cost- DISTRICTS CAN STILL JOIN!

7 Second Round of Funding…. To receive $150.00 per instructional FTE…complete a three year PD plan for next fiscal year by June 30, 2014 Including, a.Detailed plan to reach all instructional staff – integration of content, Idaho Core and SBAC, data driven instruction b.Roles and responsibilities of key district and school personnel a. Scope and sequence of activities, goals, objectives, outcomes b.A clear and concise budget

8 Onsite work with diverse team of district stakeholders; principal/teacher strand offering broad based understanding of key shifts and concepts @ 66 districts; regional meetings; interlocking modules Intro to deeper work on lesson planning, assessment, relationship building, and change management All resources used available for replication! Idaho Leads

9 Idaho Core Coaches [ELA/Literacy]-Building Human Capital Deep training in instructional design and delivery based on EQuIP rubric by 8 Idaho Core Coaches Two Strands: Teacher Leaders [TL] highly trained through onsite work and online course; replicate in home districts in spring 2014 and beyond, sub- reimbursement of $500 and $1000 stipend paid by SDE Parallel Administrator training: creating and reinforcing a common language about what the core looks like in classroom - Sustainability: Deeply trained TLs remain in Districts!

10 Educators Evaluating Quality Instructional Materials Embeds key ELA/Literacy shifts in rubric: Proper Text complexity Close reading and text dependent questioning Writing to sources and academic vocab Instructional supports for all students Formative and summative assessments Builds capacity centered on changing instructional design and delivery; help for curriculum mapping What is EQuIP?

11 Building on Math initiative… 7 regional specials devoted to Serving districts with targeted PD/ like needs and geographic pods- 4 Regional Directors at ISU, BSU, LCSC and U of I. Connection to higher ed faculty to influence pre-service programs and consistency across the k-21 spectrum Training for in-service teachers, training of fellow for continuity and sustainability of program Region wide gatherings open to all in Oct, Nov, Feb MTI Phase Two: Math Regionals Centers

12 Implementing the Idaho Core Standards means change management for all schools: transforming instructional design and delivery while building a positive culture of learning are tall orders. Ongoing focused work on strategic planning and implementation led by Mel Riddile. Onsite meetings in two locations throughout the year, with follow up in webinar and chat rooms. Details coming soon at this link for all PD centered on the core at our Idaho Core landing page: Building a Principal Implementation Workgroup

13 Post test My sons favorite teacher… Name the connections to the big shifts in the Core-chat box…

14 Infuse CCSS training/concepts in all existing programs: PTE Schoolnet School improvement efforts Capacity Builders Response to Intervention After school programs Curricular Materials This is a marathon, not a sprint! Creating Synergy in Existing Programs

15 Scott Cook, Director of Content Diann Roberts, Language Arts and Reading Coordinator Chris Avila, Mathematics Coordinator Contacts

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