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Traveling and Luggage.

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1 Traveling and Luggage

2 Dimensions Approximately 22" x 14" x 9”

3 What do the dimensions mean?
Overhead compartments Those dimensions should fit most compartments Why so small? We are moving around to a lot of places and we want to limit how much we are carrying.

4 Packing List As we get closer to departure, I will give you a suggested packing list. Taking into consideration: Weather Bag size Needs

5 This is nearly impossible.

6 Good traveling Suit case and a messenger bag

7 What you can do To maximize your space, if needed, you can do the following: a carry-on luggage (suit case) a bag, or book bag of some sort on your back (second piece) a messenger bag (a “purse”)

8 What works?

9 Messenger Bags work best

10 The Night Train

11 Hallways

12 Night trains

13 Night trains

14 Night trains

15 Night trains




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