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London 2013 Parent Information Evening. You childs safety is our primary concern -Risk Assessments -Code of conduct -Trip Information -Medical Information.

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1 London 2013 Parent Information Evening

2 You childs safety is our primary concern -Risk Assessments -Code of conduct -Trip Information -Medical Information -Itinerary

3 Risk Assessments All activities and visits have been comprehensively risk assessed and these risk assessments have been approved by Dorset County Council. If the level of risk is perceived as high, then the activity will not take place. Relies on the co-operation of the children and their compliance with the agreed Code of Conduct.


5 Code of Conduct -Do not run anywhere indoors -Do not go outside without an adult -Stay with your group and group leader when outside -Think about what you do and say at all times -Do not go downstairs in the hotel without an adult -Do not go into any room except your own -Keep your room clean and tidy at all times -Be kind, helpful and considerate to your room mates -When an adult asks you to listen, do so immediately -Take care of everyone -Be silent after lights out and until a member of staff wakens you in the morning (Poor behaviour from a pupil affecting the success of the visit and the well-being of others, may result in his/her visit being terminated. Parents will be responsible for the immediate collection of their child.)

6 Medical Forms

7 Medical Information -Children should not carry their own medication other than inhalers for asthma. -Medicines should be given to Mrs Shepperd (Trip A, Wednesday departure), Mrs Donaldson (Trip B, Monday departure) or Mr Lear (Trip C, Wednesday departure) for safe keeping. These staff will ensure that children take medicines according the times and dosages given on the written instructions provided by parents. -Children should carry their own inhalers however a backup inhaler is recommended in case of loss or damage. -It is advisable for children who suffer from travel sickness to be given some sort of preventative measure. -You will be contacted if we are concerned about the general health or well-being of your child or if professional medical assistance is required. -In emergencies, we will of course call an ambulance.

8 Coach Travel -Serving the south coast for the last 45 years. -High quality, on-going driver training programme. -All drivers are criminal records bureau (CRB) checked. -Comply with the requirements of the DfES guidance on health & safety. -Comprehensive insurance. -New coaches – fleet regularly updated. -24 hour breakdown assistance. -Seat belts fitted. -Anti-lock brakes & secondary braking system. -Speed limiter. -Full air conditioning. -Anti-tilt function. -Coach remains with the group throughout the stay.

9 Accommodation -Located in Putney Bridge Approach. -Multi-bedded, en-suite rooms. -Comfortable and clean. -Includes continental breakfast. -Group together, on the same floor with staff allocated rooms interspersed between childrens. -Communication via mobile phone, hotel phone system and two way radios.

10 Itinerary – Day One 09.00Coach arrives at Cranborne Middle School 09.30 Coach leaves, travel to London (with halfway stop) 12.30Straight to Natural History Museum 16.30Collect from museum. 17.00Drop off at Planet Hollywood for meal 18.30Collect from Planet Hollywood and take to hotel (Premier Inn, Putney Bridge)

11 Itinerary – Day Two 09.40Leave for Hamleys, Regent Street 12.30Pick up from Hamleys and drop off at London Eye 13.00Lunch 14.00London Eye flight 14.454D experience 16.30Collect from London Eye and take to Rainforest Café 17.00Meal booked at Rainforest café 18.30Collect from Rainforest café and take to Lyceum Theatre 19.30Lyceum Theatre – Lion King 22.30Collect from theatre and return to hotel

12 Itinerary – Day Three 09.30 Pick up from hotel, leave for HMS Belfast 10.00Leave hotel and drop off at HMS Belfast 10.30/45(Staggered arrival in two groups) Visit HMS Belfast 12.30Lunch on top deck on river embankment 13.00Leave London with stop half-wa 16.00Approximate arrival time at CMS

13 What should my child bring? -Comfortable & smart clothing for wear throughout the visit – be prepared for all weathers! -A waterproof jacket, sensible shoes, hat and sun cream – you never know!. -Any medication including travel sickness tablets, named and with written instructions. -A holdall or small case – its only three days! -Packed lunch for the day of departure in disposable bag & water for the journey. Sweets in moderation. -Camera, (travel games, book, iPod – to be used in bedrooms & when travelling only). -Pocket money – I suggest around £25 - 30. -Nightwear and toiletries (plus teddy / night-time cuddly – theyll all have them!) -NO MOBILE PHONES or JEWELLERY. -PLEASE NAME ALL PERSONAL EFFECTS. -THESE WILL BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF YOUR CHILD AT ALL TIMES AND LOSSES WILL NOT BE REPORTED TO THE POLICE.

14 Insurance Our insurance is provided by Dorset County Council Insurer - AIG

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